January 25, 2018


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September 12, 2015

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December 04, 2012

Sophia 9 months

She's grown!!! I can't believe she's grown..she used to be small n fragile...oo..how time flies..my dear baby..may you grow to be a good girl..mama n abah loves you so much!

May 17, 2012

2 months 2 weeks

Sophia is already 2 months and 2 weeks already. Alhamdullilah she is growing strong and healthy. Leaving Sophia for the first time was horrendous but I'm getting used to it slowly. On the first day, all the way to work I was crying while driving. It's pretty dangerous because tears starts to fill your eyes and your vision becomes blurry.hehehe..

I think I have adjusted myself to being a working mother already and I'm grateful that my lil Sophia is such an angel. Never really gives me a hard time especially when it's the weekdays. Yes she's bright enough to know when it's the weekends and when is the weekdays. During the weekends she will be extra manja, which I love to layan..eheheh..oh.writing this entry is making me missing her more.Nasib dah nak abis keje dah. Maybe I will be travelling soon. Oh god knows where they will send me. There's a plan to send me off for training in JKT...am I ready to be away from Sophia???? I need to prepare mental and emotional for this. My boss was telling me that it is just a 2 days course...hehe.I said to myself..yeah..2 days..not that long.But after I've come to my senses....which was like 5 minutes after the news..oh no...2 days?????LAMA nye!!!!!huhuhuhuhuhu...ok kena kuat kan semangat and fikir positive. Cari duit yg halal untuk membesarkan Sophia. YES!!! I can do this!

On another note...I need to renew my passport. Company oh company...bole claim kan?heheheh.

Petua utk kurangkan kembung perut pada baby: Ambil beberapa helai daun mengkudu...basuh and lalukan atas api. then balut perut baby with daun tersebut. InsyaAllah kembung perut bole dikurangkan.

Sophia...mama loves you!!!

March 14, 2012


Welcome this lil baby girl of mine to the family and the world. She was born on 1st of March.

My lil angel likes to sleep sideways now as you can see...yes with the hands below her chubby cheeks.

My dear angel..may you grow up to be a solehah and good girl. Mama n abah loves you very much.

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