December 30, 2005


the black cloud shadowed most of my life today
it's pulling me to this sadness, unhappiness
it's draining me energy
it's taking all my smiles and warmth that i have
i feel so coldtried to run but i'm tied up
tied up
i feel like being locked up in a dark world
where there's no air breathe, no light to guide da way
only da feeling of sadness
where have all my happiness gone too?
please come back
please come back
please come back
please..........need my strength, need my smiles n laughter
need my life back
sumone help me.........dont let me drowned into this pool of sadness

December 23, 2005


This is a test post from

new place new mood

today is my first day working at tpm..
yesterday we came here just to reserved our own place..hahah..
i got the best place of all!!!!!!!
da place where everyone wants to be ...
da cormer of the's spacious..
hmmmmm..i like my new place
but it's far from my home is way up to the north n dis place is like way down to the south.
i guess am gonna stay at my ofismate's house. far from my bros..
yesterday we went out for a movie..
at last i got to watch was lotta fun.
i went with kak mira, dejah, abg samad, shah and of course my baby.
the muvi was great..then after the muvi lepak at kak mira's house then we turned out to be hungry.
at first we only ate bread and jem
then it was not enuff therefore we went out n buy maggie goreng.
sedap sgt coz we were so damn hungry.
after feeling up our perut we head straight for bed.tak senonoh kan kiteorg ni..
hahahha...nevermind it was just us.
dis morning we were havin trouble waking up...blame it all on the maggie goreng.
i think we woke up like at 730 then endingup in da office 835..hahah..nasib madam tade..eheheheh..
then we started to unpack n clean up da place..
thank god my stuff ckit need to kemas that much.
i helped da others to unpack their stuff.
now i can more boxes blockin the way..and oso my sight.
now i have da time to blog.ehehehe..
in few more weeks am headin back to utp.
gotta think bout my fyp clue what to do...huhuhu..
hopefully i will get ideas soon. week i'll be goin on holiday with my lovely family..yea!!!!
am outta here...i need to rest and find a piece of mind...need to refresh my mind n soul.huhu..cant wait...
ok people am outta here.need to help others..have a nice day n daa~~~~


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December 21, 2005


morning everyone
on monday i had my final presentation for the training
to say that i did ok..well not some errror here n there
my supervisor from utp was nice..she's so nice..aaaaa..terharu
my supervisor here oso think it was okay la eventhough i'm not sure if i answered da questions correctly...
then another thing that's happening in my life...we are packing our stuff here at da office.
got to move out from hla..gonna move to tpm.. far away from the city..eheheh..
gonna miss klcc...gonna miss all da pretty cars here..gonna miss all da handsome guys here..
gonna miss eating....waaa.....sedaynye...nnt kena dok sane dah takleh nk tgk movie ari jumaat..
lots of memory here...
nnt jauh dr kl....waaaaaaaaaaaa
asal la nk seday sgt ni...bkn nye lame pun dok tpm..kejap jer.about 2 weeks..
yesterday bought choc indulgence..blnja PI n dejah blanje..
waa...sedap nye...slalu sgt mkn kek..abis la berat bdn ku....semakin bertambah la.
need to buy a gift for en.mahizzan...
still dunno what to so clueless....
orait..that's it..need to regain my energy...need to eat bfast..daaa~~~

December 13, 2005

Heart 2 Heart

Maybe my heart told your heart
It had a parking place outside
Or that we both like taking walks
And doing things at night
Maybe our hearts have the same favorite colors
And found each other that way
Or maybe it was because
They both like sunshine the best
And always tell the summer to stay
Maybe your heart sent my heart a secret message
that says:
I've been waitin for you,
Let's go love..
Or maybe when it comes to things like this..
There aren't reasons
Hearts just know


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December 06, 2005

whutta a day...

bummer...early in da morning i got some scary well as a terrifying incident..
there's these two guys wondering outside my house.yesterday one of my neighbors saw them peeking thru the gates and scolded them was at night. then on da way to office this morning, my dad got a call from my brother saying that the two guys just 'powed' the paper man..he saw that those two have knives. my dad called the police to watch the neighborhood..hopefully this time they will take it seriously..
last time when my house got caught in fire neither the police nor the firefighter came..
so much for the help..huhu...
then on da way to work...we were in a minor accident...gosh..i tell's frightening...
it's like waking up from a nightmare...
there was this proton saga driving besides us when it suddenly overtake us without any warning..
then my dad had to swerve to the left to avoid hitting that stupid car...luckily we managed to avoid it but there were 2 motorcycles that didn't manage to avoid and then came hitting onto the car and came flying out from their motors...gosh!!!!!!!stupid proton saga..idiot!!!how can he drive so recklessly?????and then of course..jalan kucing became congested...just because of that idiot..
poor motorcyclists...i think one of them had broken his arm and the other two have some cuts and bruises...there was one motor that managed to avoid and he stopped to tell the whole story..
he said that the proton saga was overtaking other car just the same..recklessly...dangerously....what an lost your mind hah??!!!???luckily there was no motorcyclists at that time..
what a day to start with..hmmm...

December 01, 2005

time out..

hi everyone. i think i havent blog for like a week now.
actually i wasnt so sure what i want to blog this time.
my mind is completely drained out..eventhough it's like early in da morning.
yesterday nite i was having trouble sleeping so this is how i would end up da next day. damn sleepy..and to make it worst..
i bought nasi lemak for breakfast..
gosh...i dunno how am i goin to face da day today..
aaahhhh...i need sweet...nak candy...ngantuk la.
oh yeah yesterday i went to tpm.
there's a training for adsl training.
we were supposed to learn sumthing but we end up becoming a receptionist.
haha..another job that i can do other than becoming sumeone's secretary..
orait.i'm off to go "jalan2".
need to get rid of this sleepiness..

cute baby!!!!!


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November 25, 2005

out of fuel...

hectic like crazy..
life is so tiring this past few weeks..
not enuff sleep..
i can doze off to sleep anywhere n anytime..feel like wanna do it now.
pity my collegue...she's in a dilemma..
what la..changing plan last minute..cian die..vendor takleh nk wat presentation dah..
so how????
i dunno...kena paksa gak la..huhu
i wanna go back already n sleep.. idea...suddenly my brain stopped...i dunno what to write anymoe..
where's da gas station???why so far away???
need it so out of fuel...


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November 10, 2005

updating MY life

orait peeps...sorry long time no write.
let's see what has been happenings in my life for the past few weeks..
ooo..last week was da best week of all..
all week i dont have to go to work..
but on Monday i went because i was only working half day..
another half of da day, i went to midvalley with dejah..
the real plan was to watch movie -CORPSE BRIDE
then bile pegi rmi plak org...what da heck..beratur je la..
kat screen kata movie tu blom full so why not..
so beratur la kiteorg..tunggu about a few minutes till it was our turn...
pegi la at the window to buy the tickets..
huhuhuhu.... TIKET ABIS!!!!!
arghhh tertekan yg amat sgt pd time tuh....
then nak tgk cite lain pun cam dah tade mood..
spoil je plan..seday jer...
so we end up buying sushi n then head back home.
on tuesday, spent da day at home..
helped my mom cleaned da house n packing baju
tonite nak blk melaka..
raya kat sane..
bertolak kul 10 mlm...arrived at 1am..
smpi2 trus tdo.
thursday came...RAYA!!!!!!!
yay collection of $$$$...not so bad..
i thot tak dpt dah duit still dpt..ehehe..
pegi merata melaka beraya..
then went back to kl on friday night...
before balik..ade wat bbq...SEAFOOD!!!!
sedap ...dpt mkn sotong goreng tepung ngan byk skali!!!
nyummmy!!!!  if only can turn back time...then can eat some more...
bertolak dr mlk kul 10pm smpi kl about 1am
next day bgn2 mama dah sibuk2..
"nape ma?"
"cepat siap nak gi pahang lak"
"hah???pahang???raya kat sane??"
"bfast ape ma?"
"mcD" beli bfast on da way nak gi phg..
mkn sausage n egg burger..
ape ntah name die..
eeheheh...lupe la..
gi umah paklong...smpi kul 12pm..
smpi2 mkn lunch...yay!! dpt mkn nasi...ehehe..
rase cam dah lame tak mkn nasi ehehe..
then jln gi umah org lain...
pastu smpi blk umah paklong..
jumpe budak utp...ehehe..rupe2nye saudara..hahah
name die nurul...dak it batch jan..ehehe..
klaka tul...kiteorg cam terkejut tgk masing2..
pastu stat gelak2 n then ckp non- stop..
then kul 5pm stat balik...smpi umah gi ampang park.
ingat nk mkn kat cosy corner...
tp sedaynye end up kiteorg mkn pizza..
ahad turn org dtg umah...dr pagi smpi mlm ade org dtg..huhu..
letey nk melayan..
then monday....YAY!!!!
gi umah makngah..dpt jumpe hana, adam, iman, danial, syaqil...
rindu sgt kat diroeg ni!!!!
iman dah besar n very cute!!!!!!!geram sgt..ehehe
da whole day there...i spent da day layan all of them..
best sgt!!!!
then da next day..have to go back to work...
huhuhu...dah bermula hari2 yg membosankan...
well..that's about it...
to all my friends in UTP: ALL DA BEST IN UR FINALS!!!
to baby: i love you!!!


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October 27, 2005

The words of a lover

The words of a lover
Can be as soothing and calming
Like a cup of hot tea on a cold blistery day.
They can be as tender as a petal
Or as loving as a tender caress
A drop of water in a parched land.

Yet the words of a lover
Can be like a sting of a bee,
A sharp slap on your face,
A roar and growl of savage beast,
A piercing of a nail into the palm of your hand,
Or like a prick of a spindle.

Thus are the words of lovers
That can build you up
And then tear you down.
The words that can fill your heart
The words that can also make you drown.

adapted from: the Star
by : RedSugar

lost HoPe

i was totally excited..
i couldn't wait for that day to come..
i kept on counting da days..
i was so excited..

but with one call..
everything is burnt..
everything that was planned..

it was planned so that everything went well..
it was planned so that all can have a good time..
it was planned so that no one feels hurt..

but now it's all gone..
gone with da wind..

people say there's always another day..
people say you can always plan again..
people say don't get too frustrated..'s easy to be saying it rather than doing it..

what ever it is, it won't be the same...

October 26, 2005

beFoRe Da LonG HoLiDays..

i hope it's not too late to wish all da people out there selamat berpuasa..
n not forgetting to wish all of you
SeLAmAt HaRi RaYa AiDilFitRi

so far, my life is goin on as usual.
went back to Gopeng last weekend n bbuka with atok, makngah's family, auntie, uncle, emmy, kak rini, kak lina, uncle z and sgt..
sblm smpi Gopeng we went to jusco n bought baju raya..
got a blouse n jeans...
on the followinr day, went to o.u
bought nothing coz didn't feel like buying anything..
erm..what else....

oh yeah...planning to go out n bbuka with ija, huda n fuz this saturday.
hopefully jadi..please la jadi..wanna sit down n chat..
then erm...nak gi amik gmba kat klcc..
i think grace n maybe ija will be joining..

my roomate n me plan nak gi makan baskin robbins after raya..sbb ade coupun yg byk skali.
dis one ija n fatin mesti join..takleh if tak nk join..

dis coming weekend, i'll be spending time at home baking cookies...nyummy nyummy cookies..
this time around, my mom n i will only bake two favourite, arab, n my bros' favourite, choc. chip..
my lil' bro, aziq is really looking forward to this..ehehe..he likes making the arab cookies...
aaaaaa..sedapnye!!! feeling hungry already...huhuhuh

to baby: can't wait for you to get back here...missin ya...

well that's about it...


October 18, 2005

~~all about us~~

They say, they don't trust,
You, me, we, us,
So we'll fall if we must,
Cause it's you, me,
And it's all about,
It's all about

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love * (It's all about us)
In you I can trust * (It's all about us)
It's all about us *

If they hurt you,
They hurt me too,
So we'll rise up,
Won't stop,
And it's all about,
It's all about,

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
Run away if we must
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love * (It's all about us)
In you I can trust * (It's all about us)
It's all about us *

They don't know,
They can't see,
Who we are,
Fear is the enemy,
Hold on tight,
Hold on to me,
'Cause tonight,

It's all about us,
It's all about, all about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
Run away if we must
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love* (It's all about us)
In you I can trust* (It's all about us)

It's all about us!
It's all about us *

October 14, 2005


today i'm in sad mood.
i dunno why.
i tried to cheer up but deep inside i feel sad.
so sad.

just now, during lunch hour,
me n dejah went for a movie.
we watched flight plan.
best!!!sume feelings ade.ehe.
watching movie this time is in a totally different environment.
first of all, it is in a fasting month...
second, it's a friday...
third, i was wearing baju kurung...
baju kurung..can you imagine goin to da movie with baju kurung..
so totally not about appropriate attire..
i ignore it totally..ehehe..who cares..
am happy that i got to ignore my sad mood for awhile.
but i was wrong about that..i cried during the show.huhu.i feel like cryin'.

i feel sad.
sumthing's missin' but i have no idea
i dunno where to look
what to do..

i want to hang out with my sistas..
i miss da tears n laughters that we shared.
i miss da shouting and yelling.
i miss da crazy time we've been thru..

baby..rindu baby..
but can't do anything about it.
u'r far away.. sory..i'm so emo today.huhu.forgive me for this sad blog.

October 12, 2005


olla...trying this out from my email.have a nice day ya all!!


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October 06, 2005

a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i n da alphabets go on n on..

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder i was up there
up above da world so high
just to find a peace of mind...

eheheh...apela yg sy mengarut ni??i feel so lazy to do any work.tade semangat.dejah also feels da same.both of us are tired.tired of being bullied.

td mase lunch, we went to klcc to release tension.ehe.guess what? i finally have a white sandal!!!yay!!i really wanted a white sandal so that i can wear it with my white handbag.eheh..happy!!!!

after beli sandal, jln2 kat Isetan..skang ni fashion pleaded damn nice..wish i could wear skirts..huhu..sume comel2 td.skang ni tgh cari jacket yg bole pki for formal n unformal far..dah jumpe satu kat U2.cantik!tp mahal.out of budget la.tunggu sale la.

ape lagi...oo..lupe lak.on monday, my big boss treat us lunch.i naik kete ngan Pn. Mariam, Kak Ila n Dejah.kiteorg mkn nasi kandar kat jln yap kwan seng==>hope the spelling is right.sedap.byk gile lauk die pesan.ingat kan mkn kat luar tp kak An dah book bilik yg berhawa dingin.ehe.bile lauk smpi..mak ai..byk nye..abis ke sume ni??then the most special dish of all is da kari kepala ikan..damn it's sooo n dejah just stared at one another bcoz both of us dont know how to eat we ask kak Ila to do it for us..nyum..sedap!!ikan tu kan siap ade die nye lidah lagi.ehe..gigi jgn ckpla.byk n tajam.mata pun ade.kak An pro gile mkn ikan ni.boss mkn kari kambing.abg M.S mkn byk sgt. die yg tulon abiskan lauk.ehe.terkejut tgk die mkn.sume die mkn.daging ikan.sotong.ayam.huhu.abg Firdaus mkn ckit jer.abg Firdaus mmg mkn ckit..dat's what he die minum air smpi dua glass.tak aci tul.lauk tak abis so tapaula.tak baik membazir.ehe..

then on da way back me n dejah ngantuk kiteorg gi tapau drinks at Starbucks.ehe.pastu kak An pun nak.kiteorg pun beli kan skali.hmm...nyummy...rhumba yg sgt sedap.we bought kak An caffe latte..die kata die teringin sgt nak try.nasibla die suke.we had no idea what to buy for her.

skang ni dah stat now i have to go back on my own.very tiring.smpi jer umah trus bukak office takleh balik awal.huhu.ade yg pukul 5 nye tp kena masuk keje kul 8. i cant make there will only be 3 people here at da office after 5. abg Firdaus, Dejah n me.time plg best.sbb bole nyanyi kuat2 n psg lagu kuat2.

esok baby balik.hooray!hope bole jumpe baby coz i miss you so damn much.n then plan nak bukak pose same huda n ija.ija nak mkn kat johnny' tak sure laie bole ke tak coz huda busy skang.hope jadi.lame tak hang out ngan huda n ija.nama je dok dekat tp jarang giler jumpe.huhu.

okla nak gi bace some stuff on linux n radius.daa~~

October 04, 2005

just a thought n experience

reading other people's blog is a lotta fun.not only it's about da people but it's also about da world..every blog that i have read is different from one another.some use it as a way to express their feelings, some just to share their day with da world,and even got some to sell products.eheh..what a way to make business..sometimes reading blogs can help you realize on how lucky u are that u are not dat person.sometimes u r wishin dat u can be that matter what, u urself is da best. no matter what people say,only we can make it a happy life for ourselves..not forgetting havin ur love ones by ur side.dis is what i have been telling myself for almost da whole may not be perfect and who says dat life is easy.u gotta earn it. make it work.just like gettin respect..u have to learn how to respect other people first, then only u will be respected.but i guess some people just don't understand it..they keep being rude n want people to respect them..oh pleeaasee...for heaven's my way out is never start a business with them unless you have to.but's impossible to run away from it bcoz u r stuck in dat place..gotta wait 5.30 then only u r free.huhu...what a place i tell ya..then there's another kind of people that stabs u in da back..n some even more cruel people just stabs u in front of ur face..what da heck is goin on with da world???never to trust people...even ur best friends.take it from hurts soooo bad...eventhough we alredy forgive n forget but the scar is still there..huhu..i tell ya..our friendship have never been da same again since dat day..there's like a huge space blocking da two of, i'm trying to improve da friendship n myself..never look back in da past but only glance at it for awhile..let da scars remind me of how people so close to u can be ur worst enemies...

Image hosted by

September 26, 2005

misunderstanding... i am..back at work..
monday blues is what i'm feelin rite now..
huhu...monday bluessssss...
my weekend was so tiring..
i thot that i would be spending my weekends with doin sumthin relaxin but nah..
my mom drag me out to follow her..
on saturday, my lil bro have dentist appoinment..he's sooo lookin foward to go to da dentist.
i dunno why until i went with him...haha..what a good deal my dad made with him.
everytime he goes to da dentist, he's gonna get to eat McD..not just one but two burgers of his choice.
and being himself totally, he asked for Mc Chicken and Fillet..i dont really mind coz i'm not into all dis fast food thing.thank god for that.eheheh.
then after his dentist and McD appoinment, went to Giant to buy all the food supplies..
ehehe...lots of was tiring a bit because i have to do the shopping by myself cause my dad sakit kaki n my mom pegi shop for her things. so there was me n my lil bro left.we went shoppin together. even though it was tiring, it was so FUN...i split the list into 2 and we raced. who ever got all da things first wins.ehehe...abis Giant..
of course la i won...eheh..
in da car, we both slept. when we reached home, suddenly both of us were fresh again.haha.slept late that nite.tgk movi with all my bros..but i think i fell asleep during the movi and didnt realize when did i get up and sleep in my room..huhu..
on sunday morning, made breakfast for my bros
then kemas rumah then prepared lunch.
then ingat kan bole rest but takleh lagi sbb baju for da week tak gosok lagi.huhu..
lps gsk baju..mkn lunch.
after lunch my mom ajak gi jln TAR..haiyoo...
ehehe..takpe2...bole beli baju raya..
tahun ni dua pasang baju kurung.
ape ntah name kain sgt..ehehe..
smpi umah dah mlm..mandi then trus tdo...
not actually tdo...that's when da misunderstanding happened.
my ego was there and his ego was also there.
no one wants to give ended up like dis.. sad...
it's so hard to settle out problems when u r far apart..
dunno how this will be settled, i'm just hoping that it will be soon..
nway thanks to ainul for this advice :-
"dont succumb to anger. should never give up hope n must keep trying. have the confidence that you can be together no matter what."

September 15, 2005

am bored

hai everyone.
dis week have been one a heck of a week.
got lots to do and i'm so damn lazy.
but there's the sweet part for this week.ehehe.
my baby is here in kl..hoooray!!!
already met him twice.
he's goin back already.huhu.sad..sob..sob..

my point of view of practical:

1. no life
2. exhausting
3. dull
4. $$$
5. gettin fatter

another point of view of practical:

1. meet new ppl
2. get some new knowledge
3. suddenly turned into a tech- savy...huhu..yeah right!
4. know new places to eat
5. exciting - only for site visit n booth visit. =p

now i'm like so into dis song...bad day- daniel powter..hahah..suites me perfectly.
the vclip is nice..
i feel like i want to eat wan tan mee...aaaaa....SEDAPnye!!!

ooo...i forgot i haven't bought bday present for lots of ppl....haiyaaa....when to go shopping???
very busy la on weekdays...weekends full already...eheheh...lepak at home n relaxing.

in August, i went to Aquaria with Dejah.
last minute planning...see that's the thing when i'm with her,,always have dis crazy last minute thing goin on..ehehe.
at that time, it cost for rm20 now like rm expensive
really nice in a blue lots of sharks and of course fishes...
got to see seahorse n stingGray...there's even snakes, tarantula, lizards!!! talk about underwater adventure heh??
more like both onland n underwater adventure..ehehe

sometime in september,
i had a really bad day on Friday. uaually there's no way that i have a bad friday bcoz da lunch hour is like 2 hours..ehe.but that particular friday it was bad bcoz we went to klcc for lunch n it was raining yeah..we got wet but the most bad part was that on the way we got splashed by a car.huhu..imagine wearing baju batik n got splashed..huhu..we stopped at da loo to dry our clothes off..gune hand crazy n wet afternoon.

last week, my lecturer came to was nice.told her bout all da stuff here.solved all da problems and bla2.
i almost went into tears when she said take care and dont worry u'll do fine here..huhu.
it was so sad to watch her leave.wished that i could follow her back to utp..

last week also, i got to eat secret recipe..nyum..nyum..nyum....sedap..blueberry wonderla am getting fatter n fatter.ehehe.went to buy it with baby at jusco.thanks baby for accompanying was great n so nice that i got to see you.ape lagi ek???

ermmmm...i went to asean communication n multimedia expo at da mines. it was fun.bought batteries n baju kimono...hahaha..then took a lot of pix.had a great time i remembered that it was on da same day as the lecturer's visit.we went there with Dejah's SV, Pn. Mariam and also Kak to back home early.the best part of all...eheheh..

August 12, 2005

lets spell it out.. F.R.I.D.A.Y

oooo...what a day today is..
the haze is chokin me
but i think da condition today is better than yesterday.
at least today i can see klcc from da office
another thing today is that it's friday..
da best day of all..coz weekend is here
haahhh..da day for rest n relax
this week nothing much happened
except that i went back to utp
got to see my friends..miss them totally
n not forgetting my one n only man..
a surprise for him it is..glad that i made him happy :D
spend time with him coz he got no classe about good timing :)
lots of changes in utp..especially in v5
the cafe it??
yeah compared to other cafe in utp
then lots of restaurant there had been closed alredi..
they say coz of bankrupt..
how true is it??
i dunnola

movies that i wanna see...
1. herbie
2. charlie n da chocolate factory
3. ungu violet
4. gol n gincu

presents that i have to buy for...
1. ayah
2. my sis- huda
3. my baby- faiz

what to buy i also dunno...aaaaaa...
okla wanna go pack alredi...oh yah...
my fren here..Djah is sick
hope that she will feel better soon..
so lonely here..hope she will be back soon
coz i have nobody to kaco..ehehe..
miss ya gal..get well ya..

August 08, 2005


can anybody help me???
tade pepun sj jer..
aritu gi pc fair..
ramai sgt org..
sesak..nasib tak pengsan..
gi pc fair jumpe la ngan beberape org..spt
fa, ju, dzal, shafiq, wad, n neng..
rase cam best gak..
rindu kat bile jumpe rase cam ade kat utp eventhough jauh lagi..

baby...rindu kat baby la....
huhu..take it easy kay
skang baby dah byk keje kan..
so do ur best aite..
take care

to others...have a nice ya all

August 03, 2005

another day in paradise????

izzit true???
izzit another day in paradise??
have i ever felt it before???
i think i'm missing it.
i think i've been soooo dull lately.
my brain feels sick and tired.
dunno how much longer i can handle it.

aarghhhh...i wanna have some fun
nak lepak n study like dulu
missing it sooo bad

letey la training ni..
have to be sumone yg really sabar
apela dieorg ni..ingat kiteorg ni ape?
robot pun kena rest gak.
bgla mase or timeline yg berpatutan
ni tak..
br bg..then nak roll out by independence day..
what da ****??!!!???!?!?
ingat benda tu senang??
if tak kena deal ngan vendor takpela..bole la wat cepat2
if dah pakar okla..bole la wat.

to all my friends...I MISS YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!!

July 21, 2005

sounds in kl

ari ni ari khamis..
pagi td
"berhenti..berhenti....gerak ke kanan..beri laluan.."
pagi2 dah bunyi siren yg sgt bising
yesterday morning...
dgr anjing menyalak
on tuesday morning..
"kok kok kok kok kok"
ayam tgh berkokok
this is what happen
this is real life
this is Kuala Lumpur
this is what i have to listen to every morning on da way to work
of course the sounds of vehicles everywhere
the sounds of birds chirping
n not forgetting the sounds of makcik n pakcik jual kuih n nasi lemak
nyum..nyum...nasi lemak with sambal sotong

July 04, 2005

feelin' sick

ola everyone...
today am at da office again...just finished testing some equipment..'s so cold in da office
huhuh..rase cam nak demam lak..
sakit tekak dah..huhuhu...
rumet sy kebosanan...hehehehe
cian die...
i miss you baby.
love ya

June 29, 2005


how's ur prac?
da most asked question for da last few weeks..
boring la..
nasib la dis ptg can go shopping.
need to lpskan tension.
arini nak gi sogo.
i hope my fren tak cancel...
huhu..if tak then sure down..
tatau nk watpe lagi..
lalalala~~~~okla nak gi jln2 kaco org lain..

June 24, 2005


oh my so glad it's friday alreadi....
tak larat la...sejuk dok kat ofis ni...
pastu asyik kena dok dpn com jerk..
then have to do research jerk..
mentang2 org research assistant....cet... =
com ni...lembab la...apela..bgla com yg okay ckit..huhu..but then better ade then dont have rite???
nway cant wait til lunch...lapa gile..
arini djah blanje sempena my bday arituh..yay! =D
smlm for da 1st time masuk meeting..
ehehe..jumpe client..wahh...bosan.... =p
n smlm CEO wat spot check...nasib mase tu tgh btul2 wat keje..
if tak kantoi....
miss you baby...
bile nak jumpe?????
heheheheheh =D
okla nak cont keje...daa~~~~~

June 14, 2005

my first day of practical...

800 am =>arrived at menara hla
815am => masuk..waited at the lobby..lvl 18
945am =>briefing..n tour around da building
1000am=>sit n chatted
1245pm=>my assistant sv ajar me sumthing
230pm=>test software n install
300pm=>dunno what to do...sit n chat
530pm=>ready to go back n waited for friend
600pm=>go home!!!!

May 08, 2005


tulis lagi blog..sbbnye...internet laju
actually tatau nk tulis ape...
jap la..

Will I always be there for you?
When you need someone, Will I be that one you need?
Will I do all my best to, to protect you?
When the tears get near your eyesWill I be the one that's by your side?
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promiseI promise I will
Will I take tender tender care of you?Take your darkest night and make it bright for you
Will I be there to make you strong and to lean on?
When this world has turned so cold
Will I be the one that's there to hold?
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promiseI promise I will
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promiseI promise I will
And I love you more every day
And nothing will take that love away
When you need someoneI promise I'll be there for you (there for you)
I promise
Will I be there when you call me in the middle of the night?
Will I keep the rain from falling down into your life?
I promise, I promiseI promise I will
And I promise (and I promise)
I promise (oh I promise you)
I will be there when you call me (when you call me)
I promise (I promise)
I promise I will

*~*I Promise*~*Stacie Orrico*~*

yay!!!!!bole tulis blog...

huhuu...allo everybody..
lame dah tulis blog..sbbnye...
internet kat cni mcm ****..
tp arini oklak..
so kena la cepat2 sblm terlmbt..
bukan nye leh caye sgt nih.. far..test sume dah abis..
next week dah start final..
all da best to all!!!
nak score this sem!!!
i can do it!!!
then ermm...esk ade presentation cnm..
that's da last presentation for dis sem..
so kena siapkan arini gak
hci pun tak siap lg..
malas tul nak wat hci..
huhuhuhu this tuesday kena confirm kan company yg nak gi training...
big decision to make...
takde lagi ke offer lain???
then i think that's all..
happy mother's day to all mothers in da world!!!!
pastu...some sad story...
tinggal about 1 month je i'll be here..
then takde dah kat utp...
so this is like the last moments to spend my life as being a utp student
later i'll be doing my intern for 8 months...
wont be able to see my friends and my baby.. =(
okla...nak wat keje lain lak..
have a nice day to all...
tata =D

April 25, 2005

hepi anniversary =)

arini nak wish hepi anniversary to my baby..
sori sbb lupe smlm...
i'll try to remember it next time dear.
have a nice day to all!!!

April 18, 2005

lagi lagi CNM...

arini testing CNM lagi..
tok tein letak name file panjang2..letey kiteorg nak type
ni tgh test yg still takleh.
tatau la...nape la byk sgt masalah bile nak connect to server nih..
bile server leh..client lak xleh..
huhuhu =(
bile la nak siap sume projek..
tak larat dah nk pk
baik stadi for final.
risau nih..byk tak stadi lg..
actually tak start pun pepe lagi..
macam mane nih...
bile nak start???!$?!#%@
okla running out of ideas..
letey la..
cuaca panas la skang nih..dah la ade noise pollution kat depan bilik
huhuu =(
pening kpala doh...

April 15, 2005

testing project CNM

yay!!kat lab ni best..
wanna know why??
sebab...cepat je dpt access bolg nih.
if kat bilik..satu jam pun tak dpt access lagi.
arini rumet sy akan balik..
tdo la sy sorang2 mlm nih..
to my rumet..have a nice hols..n drive carefully
jgn lupe bc cvid..nnt ade labtest.
skang ni kiteorg tgh testing cnm nye project.
kat bilik takleh nk try sbb server bengong.
seday tul..
ape lagi ek??
ooo..lupe lak..skang ni kat lab there's only ija, fiena, fatin n me
da lab is ours!!!! =D
okla gtg..nak cont wat keje..
baby..yay!!mlm ni tgk movie ngan awk!!
kite tgk sape yg akan menjerit..hihihi
ok la..buhbye..
have a nice day to all!

April 14, 2005

lame tak tulis..rindu last dpt pun tulis blog.
lame gile tak leh tulis..
satu, sbb lambat sgt nak bukak blog nih.
dua, sbb byk keje nak wat.
tiga, takde idea nak tulis ape.
empat, erm...bile dah tulis lak bile nak post.
so far my life iz juz normal.
project here n there.
eat, sleep, play..sume cukup.
tp rase cam byk main jer..camne ni??
kena kurang kan main nih..nnt abis sume stadi kantoi. friends n i masak.
sedap la..maybe sbb lapa kot.
kiteorg masak chicken soup n daging masak kicap n grg telur.
sedap.lame dah tak masak..
at last dapat pun masak.
arini tatau lagi nak mkn ape.
but there's no worries coz nnt nak mkn lmbt lagi.
so takyah la nk pk2.
okla running out of ideas already.
p/s: to my baby: jgn tension2 wat etp tuh..
to my friends: jgn tension2 wat project yg berlambak and love you lots!
to all: have a nice day! =D

April 07, 2005

thanks a bunch =D

arini blog ni sume pasal nak say thanks to certain people
org- org ni sume telah byk menolong me dlm hidup..
hehehe..mari start

~~WonDerFuL FaMily~~
to all my family members..thank you for the non-stop loving
that all of u gave...dunno how am i ever goin to pay it back..
if i add everything in this still wouldn't be enuff
ur unconditional love can't be compared to anything else
love all of you soooo much!!!

~~My FrIeNDS~~
eija, fuz, huda, dyna, syatul, fiena, fatin, arina==>sume telah byk bersabar ngan my kerenah
i know i'm so stubborn and a pain to you guys..
thanks for being patient n taking care of me
i'll cherished our friendship foreva..

~~ChEf AhMAd FaiZ~~
baby...eheheh..thanks for cooking dinner yesterday..
sedap baby nye nasi goreng cina..
kenyang sangat smlm..nasib gi jln2..if tak balik sure tido.
hehe..lain kali bole la masak lagi ek..
nnt sy masak utk awak pulak.. =)

hehehe...that's all utk blog this time.
have a nice day ya all!!
enjoy ur life as if it is ur last day
make every dreams possible n
remember to cherish all ur loved ones..
coz u'll miss them once they are gone..


p/s==> hEpi buFfday to RoSS n UdeNg =D

April 05, 2005

whatta day....

skang ni jam di dinding menunjuk kan kul 0930..
hehe..arini adalah ari yg cerah..
birds chirping outside.
no cars..just people walking back n forth to go to class. car just passed by..ehehe..
arini ade T.E.C.
it's like a career day..where companies ome and open up booth for
any inquiries..ehehe..nnt leh la cari tempat nk gi internship.
since arini ade event..heheh..class pun byk cancel. yay!!!
suke2..best2..takde class..leh dok bilik n sleep.

ari tu kan me n baby gi dinner.
nyum2 sedap..
i ate claypot yee mee and baby mkn fish grill with mint sauce..
sume sedap..
berbaloi la bayar byk..ehe..
tempat ni name nye..topone
thanks to adzril for intro kan tempat ni..
n not forgetting to fuz..for lending her car to us
thanks a bunch guys.. =D
baby baby nnt kite gi mkn kat cni lagi kay.. =p

pastu aritu kan..ehe..kan gi shopping kan..
waaaa..mmg byk gile brg beli..
i bought hdd, bj baru n erm..ape ntah..
but i think mostly beli brg utk org lagi byk la.
ehe..i like to shop for others..
it feels like i'm buying but without spending any money

dis weekend maybe nak balik kot.
i kinda feel a bit homesick..
i miss my DAD la..huhuhu
lame dah tak jumpe..
and also i miss my BROS..lame tak gado ngan dieorg..
n not forgetting missing the FOOD!!!

baby baby..dis week jgn tension2 ek..
sy tau baby busy..
wat leklok kay..nnt nak tgk ur final product kay..
love ya lots!!

hm...ape lagi ek??
haa..smlm kan i guess it was an embarassing day for one of my bestfriend..
cian tau die smlm...maybe kena tulah Tok kot..
cian tul..lain kali jgn wat jahat ngan Tok..
nnt kena tulah.huhu...takot la ....
for my friend tu..i'm sooo damn sure that she knows who i mean..
hope u have a better day today. =D
thanks for making my day as a laughing day yesterday... =p
sorry..but it was so funny..if ade camera sure best..ehe.
keskeskes.. =)
no matter how embarassed it was yesterday or how clumsy u r..
i still love you!.ehe...jgn nangis tau...kang terharu kang nangis lak.
nnt kite gi cari kasut kay..jgn seday lagi tau..
cheer up...

okla nak gi wat keje...dbase for project tak wat lagi..
sori one of my friend..*****
jgn la seday..every relationship ade ups n downs..
that's the best part of falling in love right..ehe..
go n talk to him and sort out ur problems..
all da best..and i pray for all my friends happiness..
when u guys are hepi..i'm also hepi =)..

kay..that's all

April 03, 2005

where's my money gone to????

morning everyone =D
nice day today..
dunno what to do today..
haven't plan it yet.
nak pasang hard disk.

alamak..fatin dah dtg.
nak pasang hard disk ni
so kena tutup com.
okla..nnt la cont balik..
adios amigos!

April 01, 2005

miss my guy

tak suke this week..
due2 busy..
takde time pun nk chat or anything..
nak jumpe...lagi la tipis..
~~~MissinG HiM~~~
nak gi beli hard disk..
com dah slow..
cian com..saba kay..nnt i fix u kay..
love my com..ehehe..
actually kena stadi ni..
ptg ni ade test bcl..
mls la..tatau la nape
maybe byk sgt section kena ingat kot...
okla nak try stadi...
~~~U CaN do iT SarAh~~~

March 31, 2005


When you think of your past love,
you may view it as a failure.But when you find a new love,
you view the past as a teacher.
In the game of love, it doesnt really matter who won or who lost.
What is important is you know when to hold on and
when to let go!

You know you really love someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if his or her happiness means that you are not part of it.
Everything happens for the best.

If the person you love doesnt love you back,
dont be afraid to love someone else again,
for you will never know unless you give it a try.
You will never love a person you love unless you
risk for love.

Love strikes in hurting.If you dont get hurt, you dont learn how to love.
Love doesnt hurt all the time.
Though the hurting is still there to test you, to help you grow.

Dont find love, let love find you.
That is why it is called falling in love because you dont force yourself to fall.
You just fall.
You cannot finish a book without closing its chapters.
If you want to go on, then you have to leave thepast as you turn the pages.

Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress.
It is a lifetime venture in which we are always learning, discovering and growing.
The greatest irony of love is letting go when you need to hold on and

holding on when you need to let go.
We lose someone we love only when we are destined

to find someone else who can love us even more than we can love ourselves.
On falling out of love, take some time to heal and
then get back on the horse.
But dont ever make the same mistake of riding the same one
that threw you the first time.

To love is to risk rejection;
to live is to riskdying,
to hope is to risk failure.
But risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is risking nothing!
To reach for another is to risk involvement,

to expose your feelings is to expose true self.
To love is to risk not to be loved in return.

How to define love;
fall but not stumble,
be constant but not too persistent,
share and never be unfair,
understand and try not to demand,
hurt but never keep the pain.

Love is like a knife.
It can stab the heart or it can carve wonderful
images into the soul that always last for a lifetime.

Love is supposed to be the most wonderful feeling.
It should inspire you and give you joy and strength.
But sometimes the things that give you joy can also hurt you in the end.

Loving people means giving them the freedom that
they choose to be and where they choose to be.
Loving someone means giving him or her the freedom
to find his or her way, whether it lead towards
you or away from you.

Love is a painful risk to take but the risk must be taken, no matter how scary or painful,
for only then you will experience the fullness of humanity and that is love.
Only love can hurt your heart,

fill you withdesire and tear you apart.
Only love can make you cry and only love knows why.

If you are not ready to cry,
if you are not readyto take the risk,
if you are not ready to feel the pain,
then you are not ready to fall in love.

There was a time in our lives when we became afraid to fall in love
because every time we do,
we get hurt, then I figured that is why it is
called falling in love.

Whatever happened, dont give up!
It is just a trial.
Have faith in yourself and cheer up.
When you decide to love, allow it to grow.
When you promise to love, refuse to let it die!

May all my friends find their true love and be with their loved ones forever.
Life is short, just do whatever you want or feel like to...

Just don't regret it later...

Take the risk
Face the consequences
Then only you know how =D

March 28, 2005

cnm lab = browse internet lab

hello...skang ni kat dlm lab cnm..
takpenah pay attention dlm lab ni
tatau la knape..
maybe sbb tak phm kot..
kadang2 tu kesian gak kat tutor yg mengajar
mesti dieorg tension dpt student like me..
nak wat camne..dah mmg i'm like this..
tp kan..
takdela slalu wat camtu..kadang2 jer..
bile aku terasa bosan n ngantuk n tak phm jer..
smlm kan..main tuka2 hadiah
best2! =D
i got a beg from Fa..
i love it!
hihi..tq Fa..
pastu smlm kiteorg due rumah..v3bt1 n v3bt2 gi kuar mkn
mkn ramai2..nyum..nyum..sedap
total of ppl = 22 no. of cars = 5
hehehe..ramai kan..tu yg best tu..
kiteorg sume mkn kat tempat yg mkn steamboat ari tu
owner kedai tu pun dah knal.. =)
smlm mkn smpi sakit best la..
puas ati la sbb sgt kenyang..
balik dr mkn tu..bc cvid jap then tdo ngan gembira nye..
hihihi..sbb...bkn sbb kenyang tp sbb dapat dgr suara baby..
thanks for calling last nite baby..
suke dgr suara starting to miss you already =(
okay la...takmo ckp lebey2..nnt kang rindu..bahaya la.
hihi...gtg..chow...adios..buhbye =D

March 26, 2005

mistake..mistake...sori everyone

another mistake had been made..
what a day..
everything seemed to go on well
but then something happened
my mistake my fault
cian kat org tu
mesti die dah byk bersabar
i think one day sure die meletup
abis lai
dunno la what to do
tried to change
i guess i need more time
more time to know myself n others
sumtimes ade conflict ngan diri sendiri
ntah la..i need to change
susah nye nak berubah
take it slow..n steady..
hope bole gembira kan org lain
ape ntah arini nye blog..
diri sendiri pun tak phm..

March 24, 2005

power of love?!@##1?

ni cite bout a very interesting nite-->19/3/05. like any other saturday nite, i spend it with baby, so mlm sakit pinggang yg amat sgt. huhu..okla pegila turun n meet baby. then decide nak mkn kat mane. i told him then ija n her bf mkn kat v1. so kiteorg pun pegila v1.
jauh sgt..letey..pinggang pun bertambah sakit. huhu... =(
jln..jln..jln...byk kali gak stop sbb tak larat. huhu... =(
jln la lagi. then mase smpi kat old irc tu..tibe2 angin kuat. mcm nak hujan. guruh pun ade gak..
so i told him.."nak hujan la".."kang basah..then demam.."
he said.."takpe..leh wat cite hindustan.."huhu.. =(
kiteorg continue gak perjlnan ke v1
jln..jln..jln. then bile smpi kat sane..
what a surprise?!!?!?!
cafe v1 tutup...
hmm...nape ija tak bgtau ek?????nape tak selisih ngan die ek?????
~~~i wonder why???~~~~ =(...
ngan perut yg lapa, pinggang yg sakit n kaki yg letey..
jln la balik=(
pastu gi la mkn kat cafe usm. huhu..disbbkan tak larat sgt.
i didn't eat...just drank. then kiteorg pun balik..
huhu..tak larat nye...byk kali gak stop...stop kat lembaran
then continue lagi
jln..jln..jln.. last..~~~~
smpi pun..
we said gudbyes n i went up
naik2 jer trus prepare diri utk tdo
~~~~next morning~~~~
"ija...ija mkn katne smlm??"
"v1 tutup tau...nape tak bgtau v1 tutup?"
"penat tau smlm jln jauh2.."
ija said..."lor aku mkn kat v1 la"
"bukak jer..mane ade tutup..ko ni gi mane?"
"alamak....v1= jaya la....bkn v5 lame"
wrong place!!!!!
malu gile!!!!!!!
i wonder why baby pun tak realize...huhuhuu....
interesting....ija kata smlm panas..
but then i told her smlm mane ade panas
sejuk jer...angin kuat jer...then ija said..
"kuasa cinta...."
~~~~~the end~~~~~~

March 22, 2005


hepi day!!why??
ape lg if it's not spending time with baby=)
hehe..arini gi irc ngan baby
nak cari journal for DC
then jumpe la one book ni
ade byk journal dlm tu
skang ni tinggal nk pilih jer
assignment ni due lmbt lagitp rase nk wat gak
eh..takde la lmbt sgtnxt wk jer...hikhik
nway gi irc then gi mkn.
arini kejap je..
due2 letey...

March 20, 2005

back to my hectic life

welcome back to all my friends
how's da hols?
i spend most of it 'lepaking' at home.
malas nak kuar or do nything..
saving my energy for another hectic life after da hols..
i think it's gonna be worst..huhu..
God, pls give me all da strength to face it..
actually i came back a day early..
i thought i wanna finish some of da work but then...
ehem..ehem...i occupied it with some other stuff
hehe..well...what can i do...i'm still a human being..
can't resist all the temptations =D muahahaha...
so many excuses rite??hihih...nvrmnd just ignore it..
it is still early in da peaceful..haaa.......calm... la...i wont sleep..
i had enuff rest yesterday already..
honey, thanks for coming back early too
thanks for being patient with me yesterday..
sori..sakit pinggang la baby..huhu.. to seeing ur smile...mcm smlm...
happy jer...=D
okla gtg...hehe..ade org tu can not sleep
so die ajak breakfast..kwangkwangkwang :D
jom mandi!!!buhbye!!!

March 10, 2005

a few more hours till freedom for a week

yay!!test dc dah abis..skang ni kena focus cnm n cvid lak...
cepat la dtg esk..huhuhu.tak larat dah nak stadi sume ni.
byk gile nak bace.letey.rase cam otak dah tepu.
arini rasenye tense sbb kena stadi byk..bkn sbb lain kot
i hope not..pls tired of feelin guilty, fed-up, bored n yg sewaktu dgn nye..
ermm...tatau la nak blog ape kali ni.
idea kering sbb byk sgt knowledge dlm otak ku ini...huhu.
saba ek brain..cian die..letey ek.takpe nnt i bg u rest lame2 kay.. =)
aarggghhhh...aaaakkkk..huhu...seriously cepat la abis sume test.
abis cepat2 n then leh rilex2. br la best.
okay la end kat cni.
cont stadi jom!!!
i can face this!!!!!!!!
baby....bgn la...tak aci die bole tdo..huhuh..
bgn la baby...bgn..bgn...
esk baby ade test gak kan.
all da best!
wat leklok ek.
muahhhss n hugs for you...=)
babai......the end?!#$#%$^%&%^