February 21, 2005

ooo..thank you so much for being such a great friend!!!

thank you for being such a great friend when you can easily forget me
thank you for being such a great friend when you can easily ignore me
thank you for being such a great friend when you can easily forget that i have feelings
thank you for being such a great friend when you can easily forget that i am a human being
thank you so much ...
thanks for making me realize what kind of friendship we have
a great one..????
this feeling will be over soon..
and i just wanna remind myself what kind of friendship we have
a great one..????
i tried to ignore it but i just can't
i wasn't born to be a super human
i am just a normal human
everytime this happens i tried to ignore it..
i let you win..
i let you to have a happy life..
i ignore my own feelings..
i ignore myself just for your sake..
am sori that we have this kind of friendship.
to tell ya the truth i feel hurt...

February 20, 2005


why is it so hard to understand...
i thought that i understood you but i don't..
i really don't..
the more i get to know you...
the more i don't understand
i don't really know what you want
i don't really know what you need
do i really know you???
do i???
do i???
should i cry over this??
or should i just ignore it...

February 18, 2005


finally i made my decision already.
dah tau nak mintak training katne..
byk tul keje kena wat.nasib sume dah beres.
arini tinggal nk pos je..yes..FINALLY!!!
kertas utk nak print pun dah abis...
ni sume sbb print resume..over n over again...
membazir tul! lepas satu2 kena edit...
tu tak termasuk printer yg wat hal lagi...
hohoho...menguji kesabaran btul!
skang ni tinggal nak tunggu answer from da company jer..
n kena rajin contact n ask about it..
hmm...ape lagi yg telah berlaku???
rase nye cam byk je berlaku tp tak ingat la
hohohoh...having a short term memory loss
smlm best chat ngan baby =)
thanks teman sy sahur ek.
cian baby kena tdo lambat.
sori ek.
td pagi miscall baby..pastu trus baby kantoi kan sy.huhuhu
cian die..pagi2 lagi dah kena kaco.
nasib awkla kan... =D
okla i guess this is it for now..
if sumthing happens later on in da day..
maybe it's gonna be in here..
have a nice day everyone

February 14, 2005


"Frenz are like diamonds..
They shine..they glitter..
Frenz are like angels..
They guide u all the way
Frenz are like parents..
They love u..they care for u..
True frenz will always be there..
In sickness or in health..
When ur depressed..when ur lonely..
Frenz will comfort u..
When u feel insecure..If u feel sad..
Frenz will cry tears of sadness..
When ur happy..
Frenz will cry tears of joyness..
Frenz will always be proud of u..
No matter how deep u have fallen..
They will help u rise..
To the highest peak..Of the highest mountain..
Frenz will always..
Be by ur side..
Frenz are ur strength..
They are ur courage..
Frenz will always forgive u..And forget ur mistakes..
They would lie..sacrifice their happyness..For urs..
Soon u will realise..U will be lost without frenz..
No man on earth..Can survive alone..
That’s where frenz..
Are important to everyone.."

I love all my frenz!!!!!!!

February 08, 2005

stARry NiTe

wah!!mlm ni banyak bintang...
awak if u were here u could see all of it...
so beautiful baby!
yay..mlm ni tak panas macam mlm smlm.
arini cool ckit la...
actually i'm bored sebab baby dah balik
huhuhu...i wish u were here honey.. =(
missing u already.
td mase pagi we had a nice brunch.
makan sampai muak...maybe sebab pumpkin tu kot..
hehehe.thanks for spending time with me.
love you lots..hugs n kisses for you


haha..never thot dat i'll be breaking da rules...hehe.it feels kinda sucks.but it was funny.i'm surprised by my ownself.hehehe.it still feels weird.breaking da rules n gettin caught.huhuhu.bile lg nak wat kan?nvr underestimate one's attitude or better yet nvr judge a book by its cover.i'm just an angel in disguise who likes to cause trouble.muahahaha.this is one of da most stupidest things i ever did.tak tau lak i'll be caught red- handed.good thing i only got a warning.fuh.
this is another story of my life n my surrounddings...
why da heck are they cutting down da trees in front of my room.dah la panas.lagi nak tambahkan kepanasan.ape la.dah la bising.ganggu my concentration.hehehe.mcm la i wannna study.hehehe.but still it's noisy.u know what it's like.with all da big trucks, big machines...(my roomate's cousin calls it 'dokdok') hehehe.cute la.but tak sesuai langsung.a big machine with a cute name. :p
ok cite pasal bende lain lak...cite bout myself goin to internship.hahaha.resume tak siap lagi.application letter pun tak siap lg.sume tak siap.sume separuh jalan jer..tempat pun tatau nak gi mane.takut nye...tkut tak dpt tempat n takut tak dpt perform da best during that time.balik ni nak discuz ngan parents n my friend, ija. i hope dat we'll get da same place so dat i don't feel awkward n scared.hehe.okla gtg.ade meeting lak.lapa la plak.mkn dulu la.....bye!!

February 03, 2005

life as it is

my life as it is...
everyday da same old routine.
da same things over n over.
study, friends, families, my boyfriend.
talking bout my bf...hmmm...having problems with him.
dunno how it happened.
maybe it's my fault.
huhuhu.sad :(....
i miss him but i dare not to tell him.
maybe it's better we spent some time apart.
maybe it's best this way.
i still love him.
i love him sooo much.heheh.
then as for my friends...
today seems like a good day.
everything is okay so far.
and i hope it remains as it is.
everybody's smiling n enjoying themselves..
haaa....this is life....relaxed n happy as ever..
i dare not to talk bout my families now coz am afraid that i'm gonna be homesick.
takut jer....nnt kang banjir lak UTP ni..
susah lak.. :P
lain kali je la cite..smlm dah tepon mama.
everything's fine back home.
my mom said it is as normal as it can be..
my lil' bro is still whining when it's time to go to skool..
biase la...anak bongsu...manje gile!!!heheh.
aaaargh...better stop talkin bout it...ni dah terase homesick.. :)

February 01, 2005

ma friends

me n friends

ni gambar sblm nak gi class.sume hepi jer.tp sebenarnye behind da smiles there is sadness.waaa!!
hepi times are not hepi times anymore.everything will end up in a fight.n we will hurt people's feelings.it sucks.it really sucks.i dunno how to say it.i just wish that we could be like before.
maybe we are too close...just like a saying ur closes friends can be your worst enemy..better watch out before sumone get hurts.i guess this is da only way to solve this prob.