February 08, 2005


haha..never thot dat i'll be breaking da rules...hehe.it feels kinda sucks.but it was funny.i'm surprised by my ownself.hehehe.it still feels weird.breaking da rules n gettin caught.huhuhu.bile lg nak wat kan?nvr underestimate one's attitude or better yet nvr judge a book by its cover.i'm just an angel in disguise who likes to cause trouble.muahahaha.this is one of da most stupidest things i ever did.tak tau lak i'll be caught red- handed.good thing i only got a warning.fuh.
this is another story of my life n my surrounddings...
why da heck are they cutting down da trees in front of my room.dah la panas.lagi nak tambahkan kepanasan.ape la.dah la bising.ganggu my concentration.hehehe.mcm la i wannna study.hehehe.but still it's noisy.u know what it's like.with all da big trucks, big machines...(my roomate's cousin calls it 'dokdok') hehehe.cute la.but tak sesuai langsung.a big machine with a cute name. :p
ok cite pasal bende lain lak...cite bout myself goin to internship.hahaha.resume tak siap lagi.application letter pun tak siap lg.sume tak siap.sume separuh jalan jer..tempat pun tatau nak gi mane.takut nye...tkut tak dpt tempat n takut tak dpt perform da best during that time.balik ni nak discuz ngan parents n my friend, ija. i hope dat we'll get da same place so dat i don't feel awkward n scared.hehe.okla gtg.ade meeting lak.lapa la plak.mkn dulu la.....bye!!

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