February 14, 2005


"Frenz are like diamonds..
They shine..they glitter..
Frenz are like angels..
They guide u all the way
Frenz are like parents..
They love u..they care for u..
True frenz will always be there..
In sickness or in health..
When ur depressed..when ur lonely..
Frenz will comfort u..
When u feel insecure..If u feel sad..
Frenz will cry tears of sadness..
When ur happy..
Frenz will cry tears of joyness..
Frenz will always be proud of u..
No matter how deep u have fallen..
They will help u rise..
To the highest peak..Of the highest mountain..
Frenz will always..
Be by ur side..
Frenz are ur strength..
They are ur courage..
Frenz will always forgive u..And forget ur mistakes..
They would lie..sacrifice their happyness..For urs..
Soon u will realise..U will be lost without frenz..
No man on earth..Can survive alone..
That’s where frenz..
Are important to everyone.."

I love all my frenz!!!!!!!

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