February 03, 2005

life as it is

my life as it is...
everyday da same old routine.
da same things over n over.
study, friends, families, my boyfriend.
talking bout my bf...hmmm...having problems with him.
dunno how it happened.
maybe it's my fault.
huhuhu.sad :(....
i miss him but i dare not to tell him.
maybe it's better we spent some time apart.
maybe it's best this way.
i still love him.
i love him sooo much.heheh.
then as for my friends...
today seems like a good day.
everything is okay so far.
and i hope it remains as it is.
everybody's smiling n enjoying themselves..
haaa....this is life....relaxed n happy as ever..
i dare not to talk bout my families now coz am afraid that i'm gonna be homesick.
takut jer....nnt kang banjir lak UTP ni..
susah lak.. :P
lain kali je la cite..smlm dah tepon mama.
everything's fine back home.
my mom said it is as normal as it can be..
my lil' bro is still whining when it's time to go to skool..
biase la...anak bongsu...manje gile!!!heheh.
aaaargh...better stop talkin bout it...ni dah terase homesick.. :)

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