March 20, 2005

back to my hectic life

welcome back to all my friends
how's da hols?
i spend most of it 'lepaking' at home.
malas nak kuar or do nything..
saving my energy for another hectic life after da hols..
i think it's gonna be worst..huhu..
God, pls give me all da strength to face it..
actually i came back a day early..
i thought i wanna finish some of da work but then...
ehem..ehem...i occupied it with some other stuff
hehe..well...what can i do...i'm still a human being..
can't resist all the temptations =D muahahaha...
so many excuses rite??hihih...nvrmnd just ignore it..
it is still early in da peaceful..haaa.......calm... la...i wont sleep..
i had enuff rest yesterday already..
honey, thanks for coming back early too
thanks for being patient with me yesterday..
sori..sakit pinggang la baby..huhu.. to seeing ur smile...mcm smlm...
happy jer...=D
okla gtg...hehe..ade org tu can not sleep
so die ajak breakfast..kwangkwangkwang :D
jom mandi!!!buhbye!!!

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