March 05, 2005


today i can say that i spend da whole day my baby
it was a lot of fun..
pagi2 dah gi bfast ngan die.
then we went to da talk about society..
i wonder why da heck did i go..hmm?????
tatau la ape yg masuk cz i was busy remembering some notes
i have tonnes of test next week..huhuhu...kena prepare myself..
nak score nih!!!
after da talk..kiteorg gi jln2 then had last makan..
dlm hall td perut dah berbunyi- bunyi..hihi..nasib la pelan if tak malu jer..
dah kenyang perut then kiteorg pun balik...
arini da main activity is E.A.T.I.N.G =D
then nite came...
very lookin forward to it.. :)
my first formal dinner with baby..
eventhough hujan lebat giler..
i enjoyed it every single second..
this might be da last formal dinner with him so better enjoy
da food was so- so
ainul was there too
it was grreaaatt!!
zaty ade...zeara ade..wafi...emmm...ade lg org kat meja tu..
sume my batch..
a day to remember????

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