April 07, 2005

thanks a bunch =D

arini blog ni sume pasal nak say thanks to certain people
org- org ni sume telah byk menolong me dlm hidup..
hehehe..mari start

~~WonDerFuL FaMily~~
to all my family members..thank you for the non-stop loving
that all of u gave...dunno how am i ever goin to pay it back..
if i add everything in this world..it still wouldn't be enuff
ur unconditional love can't be compared to anything else
love all of you soooo much!!!

~~My FrIeNDS~~
eija, fuz, huda, dyna, syatul, fiena, fatin, arina==>sume telah byk bersabar ngan my kerenah
i know i'm so stubborn and a pain to you guys..
thanks for being patient n taking care of me
i'll cherished our friendship foreva..

~~ChEf AhMAd FaiZ~~
baby...eheheh..thanks for cooking dinner yesterday..
sedap baby nye nasi goreng cina..
kenyang sangat smlm..nasib gi jln2..if tak balik sure tido.
hehe..lain kali bole la masak lagi ek..
nnt sy masak utk awak pulak.. =)

hehehe...that's all utk blog this time.
have a nice day ya all!!
enjoy ur life as if it is ur last day
make every dreams possible n
remember to cherish all ur loved ones..
coz u'll miss them once they are gone..


p/s==> hEpi buFfday to RoSS n UdeNg =D

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