April 05, 2005

whatta day....

skang ni jam di dinding menunjuk kan kul 0930..
hehe..arini adalah ari yg cerah..
birds chirping outside.
no cars..just people walking back n forth to go to class.
aaakkk..one car just passed by..ehehe..
arini ade T.E.C.
it's like a career day..where companies ome and open up booth for
any inquiries..ehehe..nnt leh la cari tempat nk gi internship.
since arini ade event..heheh..class pun byk cancel. yay!!!
suke2..best2..takde class..leh dok bilik n sleep.

ari tu kan me n baby gi dinner.
nyum2 sedap..
i ate claypot yee mee and baby mkn fish grill with mint sauce..
sume sedap..
berbaloi la bayar byk..ehe..
tempat ni name nye..topone
thanks to adzril for intro kan tempat ni..
n not forgetting to fuz..for lending her car to us
thanks a bunch guys.. =D
baby baby nnt kite gi mkn kat cni lagi kay.. =p

pastu aritu kan..ehe..kan gi shopping kan..
waaaa..mmg byk gile brg beli..
i bought hdd, bj baru n erm..ape ntah..
but i think mostly beli brg utk org lagi byk la.
ehe..i like to shop for others..
it feels like i'm buying but without spending any money

dis weekend maybe nak balik kot.
i kinda feel a bit homesick..
i miss my DAD la..huhuhu
lame dah tak jumpe..
and also i miss my BROS..lame tak gado ngan dieorg..
n not forgetting missing the FOOD!!!

baby baby..dis week jgn tension2 ek..
sy tau baby busy..
wat leklok kay..nnt nak tgk ur final product kay..
love ya lots!!

hm...ape lagi ek??
haa..smlm kan i guess it was an embarassing day for one of my bestfriend..
cian tau die smlm...maybe kena tulah Tok kot..
cian tul..lain kali jgn wat jahat ngan Tok..
nnt kena tulah.huhu...takot la ....
for my friend tu..i'm sooo damn sure that she knows who i mean..
hope u have a better day today. =D
thanks for making my day as a laughing day yesterday... =p
sorry..but it was so funny..if ade camera sure best..ehe.
keskeskes.. =)
no matter how embarassed it was yesterday or how clumsy u r..
i still love you!.ehe...jgn nangis tau...kang terharu kang nangis lak.
nnt kite gi cari kasut kay..jgn seday lagi tau..
cheer up...

okla nak gi wat keje...dbase for project tak wat lagi..
sori pm..ooo..lupe lak...to one of my friend..*****
jgn la seday..every relationship ade ups n downs..
that's the best part of falling in love right..ehe..
go n talk to him and sort out ur problems..
all da best..and i pray for all my friends happiness..
when u guys are hepi..i'm also hepi =)..

kay..that's all

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