May 08, 2005

yay!!!!!bole tulis blog...

huhuu...allo everybody..
lame dah tulis blog..sbbnye...
internet kat cni mcm ****..
tp arini oklak..
so kena la cepat2 sblm terlmbt..
bukan nye leh caye sgt nih.. far..test sume dah abis..
next week dah start final..
all da best to all!!!
nak score this sem!!!
i can do it!!!
then ermm...esk ade presentation cnm..
that's da last presentation for dis sem..
so kena siapkan arini gak
hci pun tak siap lg..
malas tul nak wat hci..
huhuhuhu this tuesday kena confirm kan company yg nak gi training...
big decision to make...
takde lagi ke offer lain???
then i think that's all..
happy mother's day to all mothers in da world!!!!
pastu...some sad story...
tinggal about 1 month je i'll be here..
then takde dah kat utp...
so this is like the last moments to spend my life as being a utp student
later i'll be doing my intern for 8 months...
wont be able to see my friends and my baby.. =(
okla...nak wat keje lain lak..
have a nice day to all...
tata =D

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