August 12, 2005

lets spell it out.. F.R.I.D.A.Y

oooo...what a day today is..
the haze is chokin me
but i think da condition today is better than yesterday.
at least today i can see klcc from da office
another thing today is that it's friday..
da best day of all..coz weekend is here
haahhh..da day for rest n relax
this week nothing much happened
except that i went back to utp
got to see my friends..miss them totally
n not forgetting my one n only man..
a surprise for him it is..glad that i made him happy :D
spend time with him coz he got no classe about good timing :)
lots of changes in utp..especially in v5
the cafe it??
yeah compared to other cafe in utp
then lots of restaurant there had been closed alredi..
they say coz of bankrupt..
how true is it??
i dunnola

movies that i wanna see...
1. herbie
2. charlie n da chocolate factory
3. ungu violet
4. gol n gincu

presents that i have to buy for...
1. ayah
2. my sis- huda
3. my baby- faiz

what to buy i also dunno...aaaaaa...
okla wanna go pack alredi...oh yah...
my fren here..Djah is sick
hope that she will feel better soon..
so lonely here..hope she will be back soon
coz i have nobody to kaco..ehehe..
miss ya gal..get well ya..

August 08, 2005


can anybody help me???
tade pepun sj jer..
aritu gi pc fair..
ramai sgt org..
sesak..nasib tak pengsan..
gi pc fair jumpe la ngan beberape org..spt
fa, ju, dzal, shafiq, wad, n neng..
rase cam best gak..
rindu kat bile jumpe rase cam ade kat utp eventhough jauh lagi..

baby...rindu kat baby la....
huhu..take it easy kay
skang baby dah byk keje kan..
so do ur best aite..
take care

to others...have a nice ya all

August 03, 2005

another day in paradise????

izzit true???
izzit another day in paradise??
have i ever felt it before???
i think i'm missing it.
i think i've been soooo dull lately.
my brain feels sick and tired.
dunno how much longer i can handle it.

aarghhhh...i wanna have some fun
nak lepak n study like dulu
missing it sooo bad

letey la training ni..
have to be sumone yg really sabar
apela dieorg ni..ingat kiteorg ni ape?
robot pun kena rest gak.
bgla mase or timeline yg berpatutan
ni tak..
br bg..then nak roll out by independence day..
what da ****??!!!???!?!?
ingat benda tu senang??
if tak kena deal ngan vendor takpela..bole la wat cepat2
if dah pakar okla..bole la wat.

to all my friends...I MISS YOU ALL SOOO MUCH!!!!