September 26, 2005

misunderstanding... i am..back at work..
monday blues is what i'm feelin rite now..
huhu...monday bluessssss...
my weekend was so tiring..
i thot that i would be spending my weekends with doin sumthin relaxin but nah..
my mom drag me out to follow her..
on saturday, my lil bro have dentist appoinment..he's sooo lookin foward to go to da dentist.
i dunno why until i went with him...haha..what a good deal my dad made with him.
everytime he goes to da dentist, he's gonna get to eat McD..not just one but two burgers of his choice.
and being himself totally, he asked for Mc Chicken and Fillet..i dont really mind coz i'm not into all dis fast food thing.thank god for that.eheheh.
then after his dentist and McD appoinment, went to Giant to buy all the food supplies..
ehehe...lots of was tiring a bit because i have to do the shopping by myself cause my dad sakit kaki n my mom pegi shop for her things. so there was me n my lil bro left.we went shoppin together. even though it was tiring, it was so FUN...i split the list into 2 and we raced. who ever got all da things first wins.ehehe...abis Giant..
of course la i won...eheh..
in da car, we both slept. when we reached home, suddenly both of us were fresh again.haha.slept late that nite.tgk movi with all my bros..but i think i fell asleep during the movi and didnt realize when did i get up and sleep in my room..huhu..
on sunday morning, made breakfast for my bros
then kemas rumah then prepared lunch.
then ingat kan bole rest but takleh lagi sbb baju for da week tak gosok lagi.huhu..
lps gsk baju..mkn lunch.
after lunch my mom ajak gi jln TAR..haiyoo...
ehehe..takpe2...bole beli baju raya..
tahun ni dua pasang baju kurung.
ape ntah name kain sgt..ehehe..
smpi umah dah mlm..mandi then trus tdo...
not actually tdo...that's when da misunderstanding happened.
my ego was there and his ego was also there.
no one wants to give ended up like dis.. sad...
it's so hard to settle out problems when u r far apart..
dunno how this will be settled, i'm just hoping that it will be soon..
nway thanks to ainul for this advice :-
"dont succumb to anger. should never give up hope n must keep trying. have the confidence that you can be together no matter what."

September 15, 2005

am bored

hai everyone.
dis week have been one a heck of a week.
got lots to do and i'm so damn lazy.
but there's the sweet part for this week.ehehe.
my baby is here in kl..hoooray!!!
already met him twice.
he's goin back already.huhu.sad..sob..sob..

my point of view of practical:

1. no life
2. exhausting
3. dull
4. $$$
5. gettin fatter

another point of view of practical:

1. meet new ppl
2. get some new knowledge
3. suddenly turned into a tech- savy...huhu..yeah right!
4. know new places to eat
5. exciting - only for site visit n booth visit. =p

now i'm like so into dis song...bad day- daniel powter..hahah..suites me perfectly.
the vclip is nice..
i feel like i want to eat wan tan mee...aaaaa....SEDAPnye!!!

ooo...i forgot i haven't bought bday present for lots of ppl....haiyaaa....when to go shopping???
very busy la on weekdays...weekends full already...eheheh...lepak at home n relaxing.

in August, i went to Aquaria with Dejah.
last minute planning...see that's the thing when i'm with her,,always have dis crazy last minute thing goin on..ehehe.
at that time, it cost for rm20 now like rm expensive
really nice in a blue lots of sharks and of course fishes...
got to see seahorse n stingGray...there's even snakes, tarantula, lizards!!! talk about underwater adventure heh??
more like both onland n underwater adventure..ehehe

sometime in september,
i had a really bad day on Friday. uaually there's no way that i have a bad friday bcoz da lunch hour is like 2 hours..ehe.but that particular friday it was bad bcoz we went to klcc for lunch n it was raining yeah..we got wet but the most bad part was that on the way we got splashed by a car.huhu..imagine wearing baju batik n got splashed..huhu..we stopped at da loo to dry our clothes off..gune hand crazy n wet afternoon.

last week, my lecturer came to was nice.told her bout all da stuff here.solved all da problems and bla2.
i almost went into tears when she said take care and dont worry u'll do fine here..huhu.
it was so sad to watch her leave.wished that i could follow her back to utp..

last week also, i got to eat secret recipe..nyum..nyum..nyum....sedap..blueberry wonderla am getting fatter n fatter.ehehe.went to buy it with baby at jusco.thanks baby for accompanying was great n so nice that i got to see you.ape lagi ek???

ermmmm...i went to asean communication n multimedia expo at da mines. it was fun.bought batteries n baju kimono...hahaha..then took a lot of pix.had a great time i remembered that it was on da same day as the lecturer's visit.we went there with Dejah's SV, Pn. Mariam and also Kak to back home early.the best part of all...eheheh..