October 27, 2005

The words of a lover

The words of a lover
Can be as soothing and calming
Like a cup of hot tea on a cold blistery day.
They can be as tender as a petal
Or as loving as a tender caress
A drop of water in a parched land.

Yet the words of a lover
Can be like a sting of a bee,
A sharp slap on your face,
A roar and growl of savage beast,
A piercing of a nail into the palm of your hand,
Or like a prick of a spindle.

Thus are the words of lovers
That can build you up
And then tear you down.
The words that can fill your heart
The words that can also make you drown.

adapted from: the Star
by : RedSugar

lost HoPe

i was totally excited..
i couldn't wait for that day to come..
i kept on counting da days..
i was so excited..

but with one call..
everything is burnt..
everything that was planned..

it was planned so that everything went well..
it was planned so that all can have a good time..
it was planned so that no one feels hurt..

but now it's all gone..
gone with da wind..

people say there's always another day..
people say you can always plan again..
people say don't get too frustrated..
yeah...it's easy to be saying it rather than doing it..

what ever it is, it won't be the same...

October 26, 2005

beFoRe Da LonG HoLiDays..

i hope it's not too late to wish all da people out there selamat berpuasa..
n not forgetting to wish all of you
SeLAmAt HaRi RaYa AiDilFitRi

so far, my life is goin on as usual.
went back to Gopeng last weekend n bbuka with atok, makngah's family, auntie, uncle, emmy, kak rini, kak lina, uncle z and ateh..best sgt..
sblm smpi Gopeng we went to jusco n bought baju raya..
got a blouse n jeans...
on the followinr day, went to o.u
bought nothing coz didn't feel like buying anything..
erm..what else....

oh yeah...planning to go out n bbuka with ija, huda n fuz this saturday.
hopefully jadi..please la jadi..wanna sit down n chat..
then erm...nak gi amik gmba kat klcc..
i think grace n maybe ija will be joining..

my roomate n me plan nak gi makan baskin robbins after raya..sbb ade coupun yg byk skali.
dis one ija n fatin mesti join..takleh if tak nk join..

dis coming weekend, i'll be spending time at home baking cookies...nyummy nyummy cookies..
this time around, my mom n i will only bake two kinds..my favourite, arab, n my bros' favourite, choc. chip..
my lil' bro, aziq is really looking forward to this..ehehe..he likes making the arab cookies...
aaaaaa..sedapnye!!! feeling hungry already...huhuhuh

to baby: can't wait for you to get back here...missin ya...

well that's about it...


October 18, 2005

~~all about us~~

They say, they don't trust,
You, me, we, us,
So we'll fall if we must,
Cause it's you, me,
And it's all about,
It's all about

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love * (It's all about us)
In you I can trust * (It's all about us)
It's all about us *

If they hurt you,
They hurt me too,
So we'll rise up,
Won't stop,
And it's all about,
It's all about,

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
Run away if we must
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love * (It's all about us)
In you I can trust * (It's all about us)
It's all about us *

They don't know,
They can't see,
Who we are,
Fear is the enemy,
Hold on tight,
Hold on to me,
'Cause tonight,

It's all about us,
It's all about, all about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
There's a theme that they can't touch
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
Run away if we must
'Cause you know (us)*

It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about love* (It's all about us)
In you I can trust* (It's all about us)

It's all about us!
It's all about us *

October 14, 2005


today i'm in sad mood.
i dunno why.
i tried to cheer up but deep inside i feel sad.
so sad.

just now, during lunch hour,
me n dejah went for a movie.
we watched flight plan.
best!!!sume feelings ade.ehe.
watching movie this time is in a totally different environment.
first of all, it is in a fasting month...
second, it's a friday...
third, i was wearing baju kurung...
baju kurung..can you imagine goin to da movie with baju kurung..
so totally not suitable..huhu...talk about appropriate attire..
i ignore it totally..ehehe..who cares..
am happy that i got to ignore my sad mood for awhile.
but i was wrong about that..i cried during the show.huhu.i feel like cryin'.

i feel sad.
sumthing's missin' but i have no idea
i dunno where to look
what to do..

i want to hang out with my sistas..
i miss da tears n laughters that we shared.
i miss da shouting and yelling.
i miss da crazy time we've been thru..

baby..rindu baby..
but can't do anything about it.
u'r far away..

aaa...so sory..i'm so emo today.huhu.forgive me for this sad blog.

October 12, 2005


olla...trying this out from my email.have a nice day ya all!!


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October 06, 2005

a.b.c.d.e.f.g.h.i n da alphabets go on n on..

twinkle twinkle little star
how i wonder i was up there
up above da world so high
just to find a peace of mind...

eheheh...apela yg sy mengarut ni??i feel so lazy to do any work.tade semangat.dejah also feels da same.both of us are tired.tired of being bullied.

td mase lunch, we went to klcc to release tension.ehe.guess what? i finally have a white sandal!!!yay!!i really wanted a white sandal so that i can wear it with my white handbag.eheh..happy!!!!

after beli sandal, jln2 kat Isetan..skang ni fashion pleaded skirt.aaa...so damn nice..wish i could wear skirts..huhu..sume comel2 td.skang ni tgh cari jacket yg bole pki for formal n unformal occassion.so far..dah jumpe satu kat U2.cantik!tp mahal.out of budget la.tunggu sale la.

ape lagi...oo..lupe lak.on monday, my big boss treat us lunch.i naik kete ngan Pn. Mariam, Kak Ila n Dejah.kiteorg mkn nasi kandar kat jln yap kwan seng==>hope the spelling is right.sedap.byk gile lauk die pesan.ingat kan mkn kat luar tp kak An dah book bilik yg berhawa dingin.ehe.bile lauk smpi..mak ai..byk nye..abis ke sume ni??then the most special dish of all is da kari kepala ikan..damn it's sooo big..me n dejah just stared at one another bcoz both of us dont know how to eat it.so we ask kak Ila to do it for us..nyum..sedap!!ikan tu kan siap ade die nye lidah lagi.ehe..gigi jgn ckpla.byk n tajam.mata pun ade.kak An pro gile mkn ikan ni.boss mkn kari kambing.abg M.S mkn byk sgt. die yg tulon abiskan lauk.ehe.terkejut tgk die mkn.sume die mkn.daging ikan.sotong.ayam.huhu.abg Firdaus mkn ckit jer.abg Firdaus mmg mkn ckit..dat's what he said.tp die minum air smpi dua glass.tak aci tul.lauk tak abis so tapaula.tak baik membazir.ehe..

then on da way back me n dejah ngantuk giler.so kiteorg gi tapau drinks at Starbucks.ehe.pastu kak An pun nak.kiteorg pun beli kan skali.hmm...nyummy...rhumba yg sgt sedap.we bought kak An caffe latte..die kata die teringin sgt nak try.nasibla die suke.we had no idea what to buy for her.

skang ni dah stat pose.so now i have to go back on my own.very tiring.smpi jer umah trus bukak pose.ehe.my office takleh balik awal.huhu.ade yg pukul 5 nye tp kena masuk keje kul 8. i cant make it.so there will only be 3 people here at da office after 5. abg Firdaus, Dejah n me.time plg best.sbb bole nyanyi kuat2 n psg lagu kuat2.

esok baby balik.hooray!hope bole jumpe baby coz i miss you so damn much.n then plan nak bukak pose same huda n ija.ija nak mkn kat johnny's.tp tak sure laie bole ke tak coz huda busy skang.hope jadi.lame tak hang out ngan huda n ija.nama je dok dekat tp jarang giler jumpe.huhu.

okla nak gi bace some stuff on linux n radius.daa~~

October 04, 2005

just a thought n experience

reading other people's blog is a lotta fun.not only it's about da people but it's also about da world..every blog that i have read is different from one another.some use it as a way to express their feelings, some just to share their day with da world,and even got some to sell products.eheh..what a way to make business..sometimes reading blogs can help you realize on how lucky u are that u are not dat person.sometimes u r wishin dat u can be that person..no matter what, u urself is da best. no matter what people say,only we can make it a happy life for ourselves..not forgetting havin ur love ones by ur side.dis is what i have been telling myself for almost da whole life.life may not be perfect and who says dat life is easy.u gotta earn it. make it work.just like gettin respect..u have to learn how to respect other people first, then only u will be respected.but i guess some people just don't understand it..they keep being rude n want people to respect them..oh pleeaasee...for heaven's sake..so my way out is never start a business with them unless you have to.but then...it's impossible to run away from it bcoz u r stuck in dat place..gotta wait 5.30 then only u r free.huhu...what a place i tell ya..then there's another kind of people that stabs u in da back..n some even more cruel people just stabs u in front of ur face..what da heck is goin on with da world???never to trust people...even ur best friends.take it from me...it hurts soooo bad...eventhough we alredy forgive n forget but the scar is still there..huhu..i tell ya..our friendship have never been da same again since dat day..there's like a huge space blocking da two of us.now, i'm trying to improve da friendship n myself..never look back in da past but only glance at it for awhile..let da scars remind me of how people so close to u can be ur worst enemies...

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