October 26, 2005

beFoRe Da LonG HoLiDays..

i hope it's not too late to wish all da people out there selamat berpuasa..
n not forgetting to wish all of you
SeLAmAt HaRi RaYa AiDilFitRi

so far, my life is goin on as usual.
went back to Gopeng last weekend n bbuka with atok, makngah's family, auntie, uncle, emmy, kak rini, kak lina, uncle z and ateh..best sgt..
sblm smpi Gopeng we went to jusco n bought baju raya..
got a blouse n jeans...
on the followinr day, went to o.u
bought nothing coz didn't feel like buying anything..
erm..what else....

oh yeah...planning to go out n bbuka with ija, huda n fuz this saturday.
hopefully jadi..please la jadi..wanna sit down n chat..
then erm...nak gi amik gmba kat klcc..
i think grace n maybe ija will be joining..

my roomate n me plan nak gi makan baskin robbins after raya..sbb ade coupun yg byk skali.
dis one ija n fatin mesti join..takleh if tak nk join..

dis coming weekend, i'll be spending time at home baking cookies...nyummy nyummy cookies..
this time around, my mom n i will only bake two kinds..my favourite, arab, n my bros' favourite, choc. chip..
my lil' bro, aziq is really looking forward to this..ehehe..he likes making the arab cookies...
aaaaaa..sedapnye!!! feeling hungry already...huhuhuh

to baby: can't wait for you to get back here...missin ya...

well that's about it...


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