October 14, 2005


today i'm in sad mood.
i dunno why.
i tried to cheer up but deep inside i feel sad.
so sad.

just now, during lunch hour,
me n dejah went for a movie.
we watched flight plan.
best!!!sume feelings ade.ehe.
watching movie this time is in a totally different environment.
first of all, it is in a fasting month...
second, it's a friday...
third, i was wearing baju kurung...
baju kurung..can you imagine goin to da movie with baju kurung..
so totally not suitable..huhu...talk about appropriate attire..
i ignore it totally..ehehe..who cares..
am happy that i got to ignore my sad mood for awhile.
but i was wrong about that..i cried during the show.huhu.i feel like cryin'.

i feel sad.
sumthing's missin' but i have no idea
i dunno where to look
what to do..

i want to hang out with my sistas..
i miss da tears n laughters that we shared.
i miss da shouting and yelling.
i miss da crazy time we've been thru..

baby..rindu baby..
but can't do anything about it.
u'r far away..

aaa...so sory..i'm so emo today.huhu.forgive me for this sad blog.

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