November 10, 2005

updating MY life

orait peeps...sorry long time no write.
let's see what has been happenings in my life for the past few weeks..
ooo..last week was da best week of all..
all week i dont have to go to work..
but on Monday i went because i was only working half day..
another half of da day, i went to midvalley with dejah..
the real plan was to watch movie -CORPSE BRIDE
then bile pegi rmi plak org...what da heck..beratur je la..
kat screen kata movie tu blom full so why not..
so beratur la kiteorg..tunggu about a few minutes till it was our turn...
pegi la at the window to buy the tickets..
huhuhuhu.... TIKET ABIS!!!!!
arghhh tertekan yg amat sgt pd time tuh....
then nak tgk cite lain pun cam dah tade mood..
spoil je plan..seday jer...
so we end up buying sushi n then head back home.
on tuesday, spent da day at home..
helped my mom cleaned da house n packing baju
tonite nak blk melaka..
raya kat sane..
bertolak kul 10 mlm...arrived at 1am..
smpi2 trus tdo.
thursday came...RAYA!!!!!!!
yay collection of $$$$...not so bad..
i thot tak dpt dah duit still dpt..ehehe..
pegi merata melaka beraya..
then went back to kl on friday night...
before balik..ade wat bbq...SEAFOOD!!!!
sedap ...dpt mkn sotong goreng tepung ngan byk skali!!!
nyummmy!!!!  if only can turn back time...then can eat some more...
bertolak dr mlk kul 10pm smpi kl about 1am
next day bgn2 mama dah sibuk2..
"nape ma?"
"cepat siap nak gi pahang lak"
"hah???pahang???raya kat sane??"
"bfast ape ma?"
"mcD" beli bfast on da way nak gi phg..
mkn sausage n egg burger..
ape ntah name die..
eeheheh...lupe la..
gi umah paklong...smpi kul 12pm..
smpi2 mkn lunch...yay!! dpt mkn nasi...ehehe..
rase cam dah lame tak mkn nasi ehehe..
then jln gi umah org lain...
pastu smpi blk umah paklong..
jumpe budak utp...ehehe..rupe2nye saudara..hahah
name die nurul...dak it batch jan..ehehe..
klaka tul...kiteorg cam terkejut tgk masing2..
pastu stat gelak2 n then ckp non- stop..
then kul 5pm stat balik...smpi umah gi ampang park.
ingat nk mkn kat cosy corner...
tp sedaynye end up kiteorg mkn pizza..
ahad turn org dtg umah...dr pagi smpi mlm ade org dtg..huhu..
letey nk melayan..
then monday....YAY!!!!
gi umah makngah..dpt jumpe hana, adam, iman, danial, syaqil...
rindu sgt kat diroeg ni!!!!
iman dah besar n very cute!!!!!!!geram sgt..ehehe
da whole day there...i spent da day layan all of them..
best sgt!!!!
then da next day..have to go back to work...
huhuhu...dah bermula hari2 yg membosankan...
well..that's about it...
to all my friends in UTP: ALL DA BEST IN UR FINALS!!!
to baby: i love you!!!


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