December 30, 2005


the black cloud shadowed most of my life today
it's pulling me to this sadness, unhappiness
it's draining me energy
it's taking all my smiles and warmth that i have
i feel so coldtried to run but i'm tied up
tied up
i feel like being locked up in a dark world
where there's no air breathe, no light to guide da way
only da feeling of sadness
where have all my happiness gone too?
please come back
please come back
please come back
please..........need my strength, need my smiles n laughter
need my life back
sumone help me.........dont let me drowned into this pool of sadness

December 23, 2005


This is a test post from

new place new mood

today is my first day working at tpm..
yesterday we came here just to reserved our own place..hahah..
i got the best place of all!!!!!!!
da place where everyone wants to be ...
da cormer of the's spacious..
hmmmmm..i like my new place
but it's far from my home is way up to the north n dis place is like way down to the south.
i guess am gonna stay at my ofismate's house. far from my bros..
yesterday we went out for a movie..
at last i got to watch was lotta fun.
i went with kak mira, dejah, abg samad, shah and of course my baby.
the muvi was great..then after the muvi lepak at kak mira's house then we turned out to be hungry.
at first we only ate bread and jem
then it was not enuff therefore we went out n buy maggie goreng.
sedap sgt coz we were so damn hungry.
after feeling up our perut we head straight for bed.tak senonoh kan kiteorg ni..
hahahha...nevermind it was just us.
dis morning we were havin trouble waking up...blame it all on the maggie goreng.
i think we woke up like at 730 then endingup in da office 835..hahah..nasib madam tade..eheheheh..
then we started to unpack n clean up da place..
thank god my stuff ckit need to kemas that much.
i helped da others to unpack their stuff.
now i can more boxes blockin the way..and oso my sight.
now i have da time to blog.ehehehe..
in few more weeks am headin back to utp.
gotta think bout my fyp clue what to do...huhuhu..
hopefully i will get ideas soon. week i'll be goin on holiday with my lovely family..yea!!!!
am outta here...i need to rest and find a piece of mind...need to refresh my mind n soul.huhu..cant wait...
ok people am outta here.need to help others..have a nice day n daa~~~~


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December 21, 2005


morning everyone
on monday i had my final presentation for the training
to say that i did ok..well not some errror here n there
my supervisor from utp was nice..she's so nice..aaaaa..terharu
my supervisor here oso think it was okay la eventhough i'm not sure if i answered da questions correctly...
then another thing that's happening in my life...we are packing our stuff here at da office.
got to move out from hla..gonna move to tpm.. far away from the city..eheheh..
gonna miss klcc...gonna miss all da pretty cars here..gonna miss all da handsome guys here..
gonna miss eating....waaa.....sedaynye...nnt kena dok sane dah takleh nk tgk movie ari jumaat..
lots of memory here...
nnt jauh dr kl....waaaaaaaaaaaa
asal la nk seday sgt ni...bkn nye lame pun dok tpm..kejap jer.about 2 weeks..
yesterday bought choc indulgence..blnja PI n dejah blanje..
waa...sedap nye...slalu sgt mkn kek..abis la berat bdn ku....semakin bertambah la.
need to buy a gift for en.mahizzan...
still dunno what to so clueless....
orait..that's it..need to regain my energy...need to eat bfast..daaa~~~

December 13, 2005

Heart 2 Heart

Maybe my heart told your heart
It had a parking place outside
Or that we both like taking walks
And doing things at night
Maybe our hearts have the same favorite colors
And found each other that way
Or maybe it was because
They both like sunshine the best
And always tell the summer to stay
Maybe your heart sent my heart a secret message
that says:
I've been waitin for you,
Let's go love..
Or maybe when it comes to things like this..
There aren't reasons
Hearts just know


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December 06, 2005

whutta a day...

bummer...early in da morning i got some scary well as a terrifying incident..
there's these two guys wondering outside my house.yesterday one of my neighbors saw them peeking thru the gates and scolded them was at night. then on da way to office this morning, my dad got a call from my brother saying that the two guys just 'powed' the paper man..he saw that those two have knives. my dad called the police to watch the neighborhood..hopefully this time they will take it seriously..
last time when my house got caught in fire neither the police nor the firefighter came..
so much for the help..huhu...
then on da way to work...we were in a minor accident...gosh..i tell's frightening...
it's like waking up from a nightmare...
there was this proton saga driving besides us when it suddenly overtake us without any warning..
then my dad had to swerve to the left to avoid hitting that stupid car...luckily we managed to avoid it but there were 2 motorcycles that didn't manage to avoid and then came hitting onto the car and came flying out from their motors...gosh!!!!!!!stupid proton saga..idiot!!!how can he drive so recklessly?????and then of course..jalan kucing became congested...just because of that idiot..
poor motorcyclists...i think one of them had broken his arm and the other two have some cuts and bruises...there was one motor that managed to avoid and he stopped to tell the whole story..
he said that the proton saga was overtaking other car just the same..recklessly...dangerously....what an lost your mind hah??!!!???luckily there was no motorcyclists at that time..
what a day to start with..hmmm...

December 01, 2005

time out..

hi everyone. i think i havent blog for like a week now.
actually i wasnt so sure what i want to blog this time.
my mind is completely drained out..eventhough it's like early in da morning.
yesterday nite i was having trouble sleeping so this is how i would end up da next day. damn sleepy..and to make it worst..
i bought nasi lemak for breakfast..
gosh...i dunno how am i goin to face da day today..
aaahhhh...i need sweet...nak candy...ngantuk la.
oh yeah yesterday i went to tpm.
there's a training for adsl training.
we were supposed to learn sumthing but we end up becoming a receptionist.
haha..another job that i can do other than becoming sumeone's secretary..
orait.i'm off to go "jalan2".
need to get rid of this sleepiness..

cute baby!!!!!


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