December 01, 2005

time out..

hi everyone. i think i havent blog for like a week now.
actually i wasnt so sure what i want to blog this time.
my mind is completely drained out..eventhough it's like early in da morning.
yesterday nite i was having trouble sleeping so this is how i would end up da next day. damn sleepy..and to make it worst..
i bought nasi lemak for breakfast..
gosh...i dunno how am i goin to face da day today..
aaahhhh...i need sweet...nak candy...ngantuk la.
oh yeah yesterday i went to tpm.
there's a training for adsl training.
we were supposed to learn sumthing but we end up becoming a receptionist.
haha..another job that i can do other than becoming sumeone's secretary..
orait.i'm off to go "jalan2".
need to get rid of this sleepiness..

cute baby!!!!!


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