January 17, 2006

to fulfil ija's request

this morning i woke up..
i actually had to forced myself out of bed.
lazily..went to take a bath n dress up.
start da car..then i was on my way to work..
i wonder what my day would be like today.
yesterdy was silent...quiet..because we just got a bit of 'nasihat' from boss
she said that we were making a lot of noise...huhu..
it's not noise...it's laughter...laughing makes people happy
when people are happy, they perform better at work
but then again i'm not blaming her for being in a bad mood..
sometimes i pity her because of da work that she has to do.
tender...research...seeing doc....huhu..
actually now i'm trying to complete my final report.
i still have 2 topics to do on.the rest done already.
i finally completed my weekly report..after leaving it for like 4 whole months...i think it took me ages to complete that one..
huhu...FINALLY i'm so PROUD that i managed to get it done!!!!! hey..i gotta treat myself for this achievement...
oh yeah..forgot to tell ya..
i went shopping with my rumet..yerp my rumet..arina.
went to one utama...this was like da longest i was there...from 12 pm to 7 pm..hahah
when the shopping mood is there..well what can we do..
don't blame us for being girls..
bought a blanket n wallet..
my rumet bought jeans n a very feminine shirt.
i was great!! i miss it so much..we used to do it when we were in UTP..but then when we started out intern..it's been left out because we were tired and busy..thanks rumet for da great time..
then during raya haji, ija, fuz, fatin, my boo and me went to my rumet's open house.
makan nasi dagang...sseedddaaapppp sangat
and da funny thing was...mase pegi tak sesat tp mase blk sesat..hahahah..
pelik kan? we didn't get da chance to go to fatin's house coz it was late n everyone got plans of their own.
guess what????this wednesday gonna watch muvi..cite thai yg seram..longkhong...
who's going????
1. kak mira
2. abg firdaus
3. abg samad
4. dejah
5. shah
6. my boo
7. me...
what's da price???free!!!!yay!!!! abg samad gonna treat us there..ehehe..thanks abg samad...
then after the muvi , we're goin to sleep at kak mira's house..
this is da last time to hang out with all these nice peeps..
huhuh..gonna miss you all...huhuh
ok...need to rejuvenate n re energized myself..time for breakfast everyone!!!
nasi kerabu...jemput makan....


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