February 08, 2006


alo peeps!
today i feel like telling you a story.
ehehe...i dont even have a story to tell.
well actually..i wanna say thanks to some peeps who have helped me lot
and i mean it.

firstly..of course my parents and my whole family
where else to tell ya probs other than ur parents.
they might scold me a lot but i'm thankful for it.
i miss them...huhu....miss da feeling of being scolded...hahaha..
weird eh??
love them lots!!
thanks mama, ayah, dad!

secondly.. thanks to my boyfriend.
thank you for being there when i need you da most.
thanks for ur ongoing love for me
ehehe..i know that i'm such a baby when i'm with you..
can't help it la sayang..huhu..
thank you for all da advices..i'll keep in mind what u have said kay.

next..my friends
i love my friends so much...they keep me all bubbly n happy inside and out
thanks for helping me thru with dis life with such wonderful colors
and i really mean FRIENDS..
not those people who says that they're ur friend but they stab you in da back
i REALLY HATE those kind of people..
well i know who they are, so please dont pretend aite..
dont go around being nice to me then behind me a different story
i dont mind if you hate me..i still have other people who loves me..
i dont care how long we've known each other..

erm..who's next??
i love myself.
i truly do..
yeah...i'm a crazy and weird..so what?
there's still a life to enjoy
n i want to live it to da fullest
adios people....

~~~still serching for fyp topics......~~~~~

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