February 05, 2006

letting out my heart

it's 10.30 on Subday morning.
weather is nice.
my view now is the green trees on the hill in front of my room.
nice view..very soothing n relaxing.
today i woke up with a little bit of sadness.
my heart is missing someone very much.
i almost felt like crying but gotta be strong.
this is the only way i an express my heart out.
i dont think i can share this with my friends cause it will only end up in tears.
fuh..fuh...fuh...even now my eyes are filled with water.
hope that my roomate won't realize it...(cover..cover..)
aaaaa...syatul plak masuk...huhuhu....(wat2 menguap smpi terkluar air mata)
okes line is clear again.
baby. rindu kat baby.
tadi dah msg. baby kata kena go thru it.
baby kata be strong.
i'll try honey.
i'll try to be strong.
i love you..


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