February 04, 2006

life as a student again..

olla.i'm back to being a full time student here in UTP.the weather rite now it's freakin' hot..the sun shinning ever so bright and da sound of cars passing by.well it seems great to be back but then again i miss JARING.yeah..i know i shouldn't be missing it.i guess it's the people there that i miss.huhu.kak mira n abg firdaus n yeah abg samad.great people to know.
the 1st week here was as usual.jumping here n there to the classes.shopping around to find which class can fit in the schedule.getting kicked out because you're not supposed to be taking the subject but just feel like goin..ehe.erm what else..owh gettin homesick eventhough you have lived in UTP for years.ehe.

the 2nd week was a bit slow. you already know what class to take.but then you have to register for the labs and the tutorial.huhu...another headache.so the 2nd week was mostly begging the lecturers to open a new slot for the tutorial or lab.ehe.oh..i forgot to wish the chinese..HAPPY NEW YEAR and not forgetting the muslims SELAMAT MENYAMBUT MAAL HIJRAH

the 3rd week..n the futurehaaa...what can i say.life will go up n down.round n round.crazy n hectic.this is the week of the real life as a student begins.assignments, projects, FYP....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.the best way to describe it.

this is to my boo..i miss you baby.i wish you were here.thanks for your time with me last Sunday. it was great.thanks for the bag.i luuurrvvvvveeee it ssoooo much!!!!!ehe..the stars here are so bright.wish you could see it.nway.dont be notty kay. dont forget to eat.ehe.i love ya munchkin...muakkksss.

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