February 19, 2006

morning world

am back to tell the world what my life have been goin thru for the last few days.
i think there's something that i managed to accomplish. i feel good bout it. i thot that i wont be able to do it on time but i did. when you put ur mind and soul into it then u can do anything..but have to add some force into it also or else it wont go anywhere.
ok..first of all i finally turn in my fyp proposal to my sv. he sid i need to change  a few things especially the part where i criticize UTP.haha. okay i changed it and handed it in before 5 pm. then my vr assignment. yeah completed and handed in on the same day as my proposal.i think my group did a good job on it. erm...right now im still working on my stre assignment. this is the most annoying assignment of all..so many things need to be done.but look on the bright side....we managed to answer 2/3 question already.yeah...go team!!today we will probably spend da whole day answering the last question of the assignment...no by hook or by crook we need to complete it today because it's due tomorrow.aaaaaa......
yesterday, my dad finally made the decision of not letting my bro into technical school.gosh....after looking and hearing people's opinion..he decided that my bro will stay at the same school. hmmm...i wish he had just let my bro go there. at least he will learn how to be independent. and also he wont need to take biology. he hates that subject so much.pity him..stuck there..sorry bro can help you out. dont worry kay..you'll be fine..
my boyfriend finally got his new handphone yesterday. ehehe..i wish i could see his smiling face...haaaaa....so cute!!! sorry baby..miss you la. he is still trying to be familiarize with the navigation and etc. he changed to sony ericsson...forgot what model but the one that has a camera..i guess it's da k750i...he took about 5 mins.to write a short sms to me...ehehe..cian baby..takpe syg...take it one at a time..nnt lame2 baby biasala...
ok peeps..gtg..wanna hv my bfast..have a nice day world..


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