February 15, 2006

still hanging on

argh...so many things need to be done.this week only i got like four assignments need to handed in by this Friday. i have got my fyp topic but am so blurrrrrr...what da heck am i suppose to do???finally today i went to see my supervisor.he explained what actually i have to do.i have to redefine my proposal and add some things in it.i think i get the idea but still 50-50..it's due this friday...oh yeah..yesterday there was a dean's list award for all the ICT/BIS students a.k.a ICT/BIS Dinner. it was okay.not so grand..it was so-so. the food was not that bad.the deco was superb..ehehe.no la..it was just normal.the deco team which i joined was nice.yeah coz mostly my friends were in it.haha.when am i gettin out of this circle and make new friends???nah...my friends are great.i can make friends later..actually come to think of it..i've made some new friends during this event..there was Ching, the flower lady, some juniors, and some friends of my friends. we spend da whole day decorating the hall.the result was okay.managed to get the fountain that my friend wanted so much..gosh...i can't believe it.ehehe.even the lecturers were impressed with the deco.eheh.thank god for that.as usually we took a lot of pix.we love to pose.
girls....ehehe.nway lets get back to the studies.i got a presentation tomorrow.i have no idea what we're supposed to do coz i didn't go to class yesterday.aha.i think we're suppose to present our answer for the case study.huhu.than got VR assignment on trackers and etc.haaa...the STRE assignment...all about assumptions on how reliable da software is...what da heck???got like 6 sections to think about the answers for the question.huhu..set severity classes?set failure intensity objective?equations here and there...huhu..nway today i didn't go to VR class.i was having da flu attack.i kept sneezing throughout CE and STRE classes..my head was spinning and da weight of it...gosh heavy..and to worsen the condition was that during STRE, we got a pop quiz...huhu..still can answer but dunno if it's right or not.haha.nvrmnd.right now it's already 8pm.waiting to eat my dinner.hungry already...daa~~~


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