April 27, 2006

funny day

what a funny day today is.
can u imagine this..
okay there's a few empty spaces to park ur car..
so okay..u go in and reversed ur car to go in that space..all u need to do now is turned off the engine..n u'r done..rite?
but what if...
suddenly u see another empty space..
would u go and park to that new empty space or would you just stay??
i guess most peeps will just stay..i mean why need to go to that space when it is still under the bright and hot sun..and is the same distance to go to ur room...
but still today...my friend...she did change..after trying so hard to do a reverse parking and managed to do it beautifully, she still wanted to go to another parking...haih...haih...haih...
i was like confused for awhile...i was like..."what da fish???"-->tiru dejah.
i thought i was da only who is emo or sumthing but it turned out that my other friend was oso confused....
then we started to ask her why???why???why???and why????
aaaaaaaa....x dpt terima ape yg die wat...huhuhu...we can only laugh..

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