April 02, 2006

long long long week

what a week...or should i say weeks
lots of things happened in the past few weeks
i'm proud that me n my friends were able to make it
it started with stre project..do a program..
for 3 days straight, our life was upside down.
no enuff sleep, makan pun x btul, rest oso not enuff.
all we did was sit in front of the com to get the project done.
on the presentation day all of us were like zombies..half asleep during the presentation.
then we had test on the next day and oso on the following day.
didnt have da energy to study but gotta study.
only after wednesday we were quite stable coz no more test n presentation
on friday, went to kedah.
need to interview sumone at pfk...PETRONAS Fertilizer Kedah
da whole day we were on the road.
stop at penang to eat while on the way back.
we spend more time shopping than doing the interview..haha..
truk la we all.
then on saturday....ija, fatin, my rumet n me went for a picnic at ulu cepor..
mandi air terjun..the water was damn cold!!!!it was all okay at first till it was the time to go back.
after packing up all the food and clothes..we crossed the river to go on the other side.
then suddenly the food bag ripped and everything fell out...
we were all shouting and trying to get back all the cups, plates. food and etc..
luckily there's another group of girls below us and they helped us..everything managed to get back..it happened so fast coz all the things was being brought by the rapid flow of the water...huhu..
after everything was back to normal..we went to kc and did some shopping.
i bought a shirt..it was cheap so what da heck..
next week we're going to tambun...yea!!!!!

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