April 23, 2006

tick..tick..tick..and it goes on

yay! finally got da chance to update ma blog.
last few weeks tade idea n da mood to blog.dunno why.
and then slalu jer ltey yg teramat sgt.
my body feels so tired. just so damn tired.
it got worst last few days..huhu..sumtimes i feel like am an old granny...
pain here and there.ehe.
maybe i need to drink more milk and get back my calcium.then my bones can be strong again.
now my eyes plak yg sakit..all red and watery.huhu.
i feel like ripping it out when it's soooo itchy..
take it out and put it under da cold running purifying water..only if..
tape biar sakit skang and not during the finals.
last few days got to chat with some of ma old firneds back in da good ol' days in terendak.
huhu...lets go back in time.......

i was surrounded with good people and very nice one too.
my chain of friends started out with azani, wani, aida, aifaa n me.
da 4 of us registered on da same day..i guess da last to entered.ehe.
as usual there will always people hating ur guts in the few weeks and months.but in time..
people liked us.ehe.feels good eh...
then i started to spread my wings of friends..my roomate, dayah s. dayah h. dina aifa, hani, aini...well and da list goes on and on.soon i made friends with my whole batch.
eventhough never spoke to some of them but at least i had smiled to show that i know them and acknowledge every single one.
memories of having class partiesss....oh yeah we love tp party back then..PARTY FREAKS!!ehe.
the memories of homeroom parties and picnics.....ehe...our homeromm got da best mom ever!!
thanks ms. linda. never forget you..haaa...miss all of them...
i miss da debate team..i miss all da teachers..i miss da feeling of skipping prep hours and some classes because of debate..haha..best2!!!
i miss da times where my friends pushed me to get my lazy butt to study...ehe.thanks u guys!!
uwaaa.....miss da old time sooo bad!!
to those who are planninf for a reunion..hope da reunion will be on a date where everyone can go to..huhuhu....keep up your good work in planning da reunion..it's hard to gather back all da people in a batch because we are all over da world and time..ehe.

aite that's about it for my past...lets focus on ma future...
haa....my final exam ttable are out..phewww....it is one hell of a ttable..

vr = 15/5
ce = 16/5
nms = 18/5
epi = 20/5
str = 22/5
cc = 27/5

this is only da 1st draft...hope if there's changes it wont be bad than this one..pray for ma success peeps..
my fyp.....am still lost...haha.i really dont know how to use OMNET++..aaaa
can sumone help me pls.........
it's freaky coz there's like da .ned .cpp .whatever files that u hv to create...uaaaa.....takotnyerr...
if only we didnt hv to take da fyp...if only...

rite now, my friends and i are planning to go to all da interesting places in perak..
bile nak abis br nk gi jln2....ehe...
so far here's what we have done

  • ulu cepor

  • lost world of tambun

  • teluk batik

geeezzz...br ckit ni je...
here's our future plan...

  • pangkor
  • kellie's castle
  • mee udang
  • mandi air panas
  • zoo taiping

eee...bole ke nak abis kan sume tmpt ni???
no matter what kena gi gak..sbb nnt takleh nk gi dah..mesti susah

orait..tata world..my roti is waitin..ehe..

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