June 04, 2006

morning world

today i woke up with a smile..
i love hearing his voice early in the morning.
aaaahhhh..miss him so much.
and another thing..why i woke up with a smile???
well, yesterday i was full and i had a good nite sleep.hihi.
thanks to my roomate for the treat.

oh before i forget....

am still living my life here in UTP.
can't go back yet cause i still have a presentation to do.
haih....whenever i see the parking lot..i feel so sad..
it is sooo empty...everyone has gone back...huhuhu...
but it's ok...i should be spending more time here cause i'm almost done here..
so i should appreciate every little thing that UTP has offered.hahaha..

my finals was alrite. some paper was tough and some ok.
i ended my finals with the toughest paper, corporate communication..
huhu...i thought that was the paper that i could score but not anymore.

i can't wait to go back..
there's a lot to do.hihi
shopping...shopping...and shopping...
besides, my parents have already planned out the holidays..
aaahhh....can't wait to go on holiday!!!!!
no need to think about studies for awhile..yay!!!

da treat.....

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