July 28, 2006

cameron highlands

yerp we managed to take our holidays before gettin into the hectic student life...it was really fun..

view of CH from rose center

one unique rose

smelling da roses

lost in dangling flowers

hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil....

smells like tea...

smile peeps!!!!

"tea anyone?"

we're free!!!!!

thanks a lot to my roomate, arina, for being the driver
thanks a lot to fatin, for being the photographer (most of the time)
thanks a lot to ija, for being my victim in the back seat...
it was a wholalotta fun guys!!!
love ya lots and may this memory remains in our hearts

July 11, 2006

car...oh car

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okay...eventhough i dunt have my driving license yet but i like cars..
hhihihi..i'm a total sucker for all cute cars..dunno why la..maybe bcoz am cute????
hahahaha.....okay suck it up sarah...get real aite..
i duuno...maybe it's easy to control it. and like you can fit it like in small areas.
u know how it is in msia..the parking here..haih...not enuff space and expensive is another thing.
so if i hv a small and cute car i can just slit thru those small2 space..ehehe.
actually i love volkwagen beetle...hmmm..they're so cute...but the cost...huuu..
so to wait until i hv enuff green leaves i guess this car will do.
but now i have to focus on getting a license first. it's not that i dont want to take it but i'm just lazy to attend the class.
is there anyway i can skip it?yeah...dream on sarah...
if only..if only.....the word "if".....such a powerful word..it can either be good or bad news to u.

ok peeps...have a nice day..remember to smile :)