July 11, 2006

car...oh car

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okay...eventhough i dunt have my driving license yet but i like cars..
hhihihi..i'm a total sucker for all cute cars..dunno why la..maybe bcoz am cute????
hahahaha.....okay suck it up sarah...get real aite..
i duuno...maybe it's easy to control it. and like you can fit it like in small areas.
u know how it is in msia..the parking here..haih...not enuff space and expensive is another thing.
so if i hv a small and cute car i can just slit thru those small2 space..ehehe.
actually i love volkwagen beetle...hmmm..they're so cute...but the cost...huuu..
so to wait until i hv enuff green leaves i guess this car will do.
but now i have to focus on getting a license first. it's not that i dont want to take it but i'm just lazy to attend the class.
is there anyway i can skip it?yeah...dream on sarah...
if only..if only.....the word "if".....such a powerful word..it can either be good or bad news to u.

ok peeps...have a nice day..remember to smile :)

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