August 15, 2006

lazy lazy lazy

three words to describe my situation today.
actually tonite.
am soooo lazy..
i dunnola...maybe i ate too much.
byknye keje x siap agi.
camne ni..
aaaaaaaaa...i feel like i want to pay someone to do all my work.
truk kn???

am goin back this thursday.
x saba nk blk.
bole mkn sedap2.hahaha.i think that is all i talk bout nowadays.
food..makanan..good for life and oso bad for life if over consumed.

bile la nk siap assignment ni...lamenye..
esok award day.
dunno what bj to wear.
i guess just bj kurung kot.
mls la nk pk.
letey otak.
otak kena rest.
otak kena rest.

i think i need to end this asap b4 it turns into sumthing crappy.



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