September 02, 2006

Life As It Is

rite's 830 am on a Saturday morning
the weather outside is just as so relaxing as ever
can hear da birds chirping and bees swarming here n there
where did they come from???i hv no clue about it.
my stomach dont feel to good and that's the reason for this early morning rise
hihi..yerp this is consider early for a Saturday..if not it would be like 9 ++.ehe.
lil' miss beauty here got to hv enuff beauty sleep no complain kay.

so yesterday i got to chat with my dearest father...
so many new and hot stuff is happening and i'm out here in Tronoh being left out..
it makes me wanna UWAAAAAA..
hihi...ooooo...i cant wait to go home..then i wanna gossip with my bro..
hehehe...wait for me kay bro..
then wanna see da "surprise" from my dad...remember ur promise kay dad..

right now..da only song that is stuck in my head is michael buble==>>guess what??ehehehe...===>>HOME
but then again i feel bad also cause nnt blk it's like i'm able to enjoy the hols.there's so many stuff to do yet so little time..sigh...sigh...sigh
i need to bring my whole comp back home.adoi....the thot of carrying my cpu up and down the flght of stairs....sigh..sigh...sigh...
but it's ok.i'm strong.need to ignite my mood to start doing all my work..
COME ON SARAH!!!! shout out to some peeps:
to abg firdaus and abg samad...tade ke souvenior dr bali?

to dejah
...nnt i amik da slipper kay?nway got what u wanted already?nnt tunjuk kat i k.

to kak mira
...cian kak mira kena dok Jaring kak mira why so quite?byk keje ke skang?do reply so i know u r still out there.pastu kn...RINDU KAK MIRA!!!!ehehe..over tak?nnt tlg kemslm kat sume kat PI.

to my boo
...all da best in ur test. i know u can sore in it. i love  you.

to all my friends with FYP stuck in their head
..GANBATE!!!hard work is da key to success. jgn tension2 sgt.

and to all September gals and guys out there..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!dont forget to thanks ur parents kay..

ok tooodalloooo~~~~
have a nice day everybody.


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