October 13, 2006


finally my final year presentation is over...it's OVER peeps!!!!
now i can start to breathe and enjoy my life again..hahaha..

i struggled so hard to complete everything..
i stayed up to do my poster..huhuhu..just a simple one..boy...i hate doin poster..it requires a lot of patient, creativity, hard work....but YAY!!!!at last siap pun..

well da presentation wasnt as i planned..
my pc wont start so i cant demo my simulation...haiyaaa....letey je wat..tp x leh nk demo mase presentation..huhu..so i guess there goes my marks for demo...i hope that i will able to get good results for this.

my external, internal examiners and my supervisor was so nice.
they actually gave me support when i told them i cant do the demo...luckily i hv my test bed to present..at least it showed that i did something..uhuhu...
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........i feel so relieved!!!!!
here i would like to thank all my friends, the external, internal examiners and my supervisor for helping me out..nasib la x menangis.huhu...

i cant believe that i made it through....Thank God...
alhamdulillah..... :)


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