October 13, 2006


yesterday i had an interview for Technip
i was surprised when Syatul told me that i was listed for the interview..huhu..
the interview was at 2..letey sgt smlm..
abis present FYP kena gi interview plak..
dahla tak cukup tdo...mata bengkak2 pun pegi jugak interview..
mata sume org yg ade presentation n interview smlm mcm panda..

well it started out with a brief intro of the head IT,then kena jwb soalan2 programming server management, and network..
adoi....otak sy x dpty nk bfikir smlm...huhuhu..sume org cam huh???ape ni??x phm...
dah la programming..dah lame x blaja prog...rs nye cam dh sethn kot..haih...perah la otak smlm utk menjawab soklan2 itu...
then lps tu head IT tu explain about the company..then kiteorg kena wat personality test..
from the test my result is==> i'm a people person...hihihi..

then after tu br la go for the interview..ade gak org yg gi wat programming test kat bilik sblh...tp i x berminat so nvrmindla..dok je la tggu turn for da interview..

mase interview kena bang...sbb die kata whyla u dont want to go for network?
ur internship n ur fyp is related to network..n bla..bla..bla..
huhuhu...letey sy nk menjwab soklan itu..abis sy explain sume benda..
then die kata...if we send u to go for the cca ok x? then we'll see what lies after...
so i pun agree je la..orait ape..leh amik cca nye test...hihi..

abis je test balik la..cian kat org yg after me...lmbt kot dieorg abis smlm...saba je la..
xpela..sumthing happens for a reason right??manela tau..rezeki u all is there...dpt la keje kat technip..

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