October 01, 2006

oh my gosh...i think it's been a month since i last blog..
am so sorry peeps.
huhuhu..lots of things have happened..
so let me just summarize it up for ya all

ok first...tau tak tarikh present FYP dah tunda...thank GOD!!!now i have more time to do my project

second: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO FIENA n my brother AZEEM!!!!
aritu celebrate bday Fiena kat Johnny's and went shopping for the fasting month..bought lots of stuff and had a blast when it's celebration time..hihih..here's some piccas for ur eyes:

da bday gal....

delicious steamboat...nyummyy~~~

done eating

third: suke gi pasar ramadhan kat bt.gjh bcoz da food there seems to be cheaper and much more interesting...da one kat bota is kinda expensive and not so interesting but can la accept..

fourth: got da chance to bbuka pose at casuarina..it cost rm46..lots of food there..from itlay, japan, india, china and not forgetting our local cuisine. our belove prime minister was also there...but didnt get to meet him or anything..just met his car..huhuhu..then got to meet adibah noor also.actaully not meet as in talking to her or anything but juat looking at her from far..hihii..she was registering for a room..i think..well we ate till our stomach wanted to blast..huhu..kenyang sgt2!!!!alhamdulillah...here's some pix again:


waitin to break fast~~~~

fifth: sad story.....my hp rosak!!!!!well partly rosak....uwaaaaaaa!!!!xleh nk dgr org ckp unless i use handsfree or speaker mode.. :(

sixth: i nak gi shopping bj raya!!!!!tp bile??!!@#!@#$sape nk support???hihii.

seventh: arini i akan bbuka with my boo...cant wait to see him..miss him so much!!!nak tgk hairstyle baru die..ahaks.hope it's cool..

eight: aritu kiteorg masak nasi grg nenas, kerang rebus, tomyam, grg pisang, sotong grg tepung for bbuka on friday. it was heaven!! best nye mkn mase tu.hihi.then smyang terawih kat bilik yg tlh diketuai oleh fiena. thanks everyone for da great ramadhan feast here in UTP.hehehe.

~~fresh watermelon juice, pisang grg, sotong grg~~

~~tomyam, kerang rebus, watermelon~~

ninth: i feel sleepy already...rase nk tdo la..tata.

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