December 26, 2006

another day free

currently am at home
i have nothing to do for the past few hours
today i'm so free i decided to iron all the clothes that needs ironing. so free..
i wonder what i will do tomorrow
send another resume?
check email for the thousandth time?
read blogs?
play games?
or should i just stare at the computer?
maybe i should sing my heart out..ehe..
yo!!! somebody hire me!!geezz...i sound so desperate..uhuhu.
am sick of this this boredom

i actually have started my drivin class already
am waiting for my L license then only can start the next class.
yay!!!cant wait to have wheels in my hand
i drove already.
cant say i was totally good at but i managed to do a few laps at the drivin circuit.
i need to practice more

to my friends==>fatin, arina, fiena, syatul ==>what's up?
to ija==>bile nak bwk i jln2?kemslm kat ash
to fuz==>nak rase ur kuih la....
to da peeps in JARING==>allo rindu la...
to my baby==>get well soon baby
to me==>have a nice day tomorrow


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