December 31, 2007

welcome 2008

the new year will be comin soon. i mean really soon like about 13 hours.ehe.
and i still really havent figure out what to include in the new year resolution.
well let's just start this post and if i can think of anything as my new resolution i'll include it in here.

on saturday, it was a very tiring day. i went out with arina. we shopped till drop.ahaha.that's da problem when we are together and we have $$ with us. :)
we went out from 10am to 7 pm. and it was all spend at o.u. we didnt know what to buy at first and just thought we do window shoppin but then after warming up, the adrenalin really starts to pump and we were all over. choosing here and there. fitting here and there. it was lotta fun. eventhou there was a shockin news to arina but she managed to put it aside for awhile.huhuhu..i do hope she's recoverin and that she's happy now. we bought a few stuff. arina bought 2 pants and 2 shirts. and for moi, 3 shirts and pants. we thot of catchin a movie but forgot about it cause end up with shoppin.ehe.thanks arina! it was fun! a good shoppin mate and roomate. :D

new year resolution #1: save more money for kahwin ==> about 200/month

when i got bck from shoppin, my room was a total mess. because ayah bought new air con and old one put in my room. i told him i dont want any cause i'm asthamatic and i wont use it. but he said if people dtg, they use my room to pray and etc so you can turn it on then.huhuhuhu. so feelin tired already, i had to drag my tired legs and arms to clean my room. i managed to clean everything at about 9 pm. my brother was like...kaklong..meh la makan dulu...sedapp ni...ehehehe..i cant eat cause i was furious that my room is still messy. i have to settle it first then have my dinner.ehe.

new year resolution #2: go holiday oversea either with family or friends

sunday, i woke up late cause i was so exhausted. ehehe..then spend da day doin nothing except for eating and watchin tv.ehehehehe.

new year resolution #3: change of style..wear sumthing proper and try to use a lil' makeup...uhuh ==> tough one cause i dont like the feel of it..

new year resolution #4: be more charitable. maybe do some volunteer work on weekends.

new year resolution #5: hang out with friends more often

new year resolution #6: need to be more active & productive and also have a better life after office hours...

well, that's some of it. hope can do some of it. i had a great life in 2007. i've transformed from a student to a graduate to an employee. what's next?maybe a wife to someone???eheheh ;)
i'm thankful for having a wonderful group around me, families, friends, colleagues and etc.

happy new year to all. and have a great holiday tomorrow. :D

December 28, 2007

the one week off

i have been on hols for one week and now i'm back at my little cubicle.
it's back to work.huhuhu...dulu mase kecik and muda2, it's back to school...haish..those days..miss it.long around.those were the young days.
well it doesnt mean that i'm old now. eventhou my age is increasing every year, my soul is young at heart.ehehehe..i sometimes feel like i'm a bit childish but what da heck.

so the one week was a total enjoyment for myself.when else could i get a one week hols from work? ehehehehe..thank you for the public holidays. Thank you Malaysia for being a multi-nation country. so thursday was raya haji. it was moderate. my ayah was busy with the slaughterin on the bukit in front of da house. my bros helped in see only and no touching.huhuhu..apola korang ni. then evening, off to makngah's house. eat nasi dagang.sedapp!!

friday?em...i was out with my baby!!!!yippie ness!!!ehehehehehe..well we went to dgmall at PJ.thanks aliza for showing us the way. it was great!i bought an 160gb external hdisk for 245 and the casing was paid by my boo.thank you sayang.ehehehehe.what else we bought? bought 2 pendrive (for his friends) and aliza bought a digital photo frame and pendrive for her nephew.setelah abis shoppin there, boo n me went to our favorite shoppin place, o.u. aliza went home to see her brand new curtains..eehehehe..she's so excited about thanks for spending time with me. and thanks for all da gifts u bought. best sgt dpt jumpe syg...malu2 gak sbb rase cam first time kuar gediks la me. :P

saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday ==> cherating!!!! mandi pool, mandi laut and makan je...ehehehe..best2 sbb kali ni makngah, pakngah, boy and kak zuhara join. next time gonna ajak da whole bunch with da little ones..ehehe..

wednesday==> was supposed to be bck at the office but got some emergency matters. ehehehe. :D

tomorrow i have a date. a date with my roomie...ehehehe..miss her..nak borak2 and spend time together.ehehehe..

new year resolution???hmm..need to think bout it.for the past resolution i managed to do some weight and erm..ganti pose sebelum end of i go on with my life, i'll think of what i can do to be a better ummah here and after.and above all if God's willings.

December 13, 2007

updates on my life and people that surrounds me.

last week was nice.
went out twice after work.i usually dont go out after work cause too tired..~~~~~~so this is kinda weird..hehehe..

one was with ija, arina and fatin. we went for a movie. enchanted was a funny one. at first i feel like i'm in the wrong cinema cause it started with cartoons. i feel like when i was a kid watching sleeping dreamy is to dream for..ehehhee...i dunno what actually attract me to like him.his looks, not a look to die for.maybe it is his charisma.

another outing was with my old schoolmates. yup a time where gossips flew around non-stop. it was fun seeing them - dyna, azani, wani and the far away one is aifaa. she's workin in Langkawi so it's hard for us to meet her. nway we got our chocs. ehe. thanks babe. it was an enjoying moment listening to all chatting bout works and stuff. i think it was like just yesterday we sang backstreet boys and eating our favorite nasi lemak while aifaa is crying because can not tahan the we are actually grown up to becoming a women..not girls anymore.
nway we ate at ss2, a place called william. it is a gerai mkn yg low cost nye. like the one yg tepi jln..ehe..actually it is tepi jln.ehehehe..but then when it comes to the menu..........GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
they don't have a menu actually but if u ask the tauke, william, this is what he will reply:
"we have rice, noodles, bread, pastas and etc..."
"u want chicken, meat or seafood"
"u want it western, malay, thai n etc..."
aaaaaaa...aifaa, azani n me were like confused.we have no idea what to last this is what we ordered. btw, azani n me shared our food. oh yeah..i forgot to mention that one plate, 2-3 people can share. yup, the portion is huge.

wani = seafood cabonara ==> we cant see the pasta because it was covered with lobster,mussels,prawns and lots of seafood that i don't even know.ehehhehe..damn nice!!!
aifa = nasi goreng ayam ==> ayam was a quater and the rice was one huge one..very delicious
adik aifa, alia = nasi goreng seafood pedas w/out ketam ==>same portion,
azani n me = spaghetti bolognise and mashed potatoes ==> serving was huge, uncle william gave us extra plate straight away..
dyna = chicken fonde...ape ntah it's chicken with cheese filling and white cream pasta...nyummy..

that's about food and now about drinks...aaaaa.. there's 1 litre or 325 ml drinks.ehe.if u dont mention the size, they will give u the huge one. aifa, alia, n me ordered normal drinks, teh o, limau ais and etc. azani ordered mango(325 ml) ==> two whole mango blended. wani had ribena longan (1 litre )and dyna had longan (1 litre).

well the cost???i say it was considered cheap. for 6 people i think it was more or less rm100...

weekends went to PD. my mom's family day.relaxing one.nice........all i did was lepak at the beach, eat, sleep and lepak at the beach.ehehehe.

another 1 week and he'll be back. i miss him. everyday talk on the phone but i still miss him.....
cepat la balik..x saba nak jumpe...

congrats to fuz n dyna ==> at last they got a job.

happy birthday ija!!!

bandung, here we come.....soon...ehehehe..

December 04, 2007

i love this song now~~~

Bubbly - Colbie Caillat

I've been awake for a while now
You got me feeling like a child now
'Cause every time I see your bubbly face
I get the tinglies in a silly place

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

The rain is falling on my window pane
But we are hiding in a safer place
Under covers staying safe and warm
You give me feelings that I adore

It starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

What am I going to say
When you make me feel this way
I just mmmmm

And it starts in my toes
And I crinkle my nose
Wherever it goes
I always know
That you make me smile
Please stay for a while now
Just take your time
Wherever you go

I've been asleep for a while now
You tuck me in just like a child now
'Cause every time you hold me in your arms
I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth

And it starts in my soul
And I lose all control
When you kiss my nose
The feeling shows
'cause you make me smile baby
Just take your time now
Holdin' me tight

Wherever wherever wherever you go
Wherever wherever wherever you go

wherever you go
I always know
'Cause you make me smile
Even just for a while

December 03, 2007

da unexpected

she felt goosebumps growin on her skins.
she must have been imagining things..some weird and creepy things.
she didn't dare to share it with her friends nor fmaily cause she's afraid of accepting the comments they will say about her dreams and imaginations.
then the guy came closer and she saw his mouth was moving and saying something but she just couldn't figure it out.she tried to concentrate but failed. what da heck is that man trying to tell her?


well that's just another old stories that was just in my mind. must be from some books that i read..ehehe..

within 17 days, he'll be comin home and will be closer. yippie!!
i can't wait to see him. i don't care how long or short. i just wanna lay my eyes on him and just stare at his face. i'm all excited inside. it's like being on first date. eheheh..this is good.'s good. it doesn't make me feel bored cause i only get to see him once in a blue moon. and then suddenly i will get to see him. this is wonderful..i love this..i think i can go on like this.ehehe..but if we are married darling, i don't think i like this idea of being apart.

so weekend, spent it in melaka. we're attending my ayahs family day. it was free so why miss the chance to get free holiday? ehe. the place was nice. we kinda have to rushed a bit cause my next door neighbour held a wedding ceremony so we need to help. it's all about manners of being a good neighbours. the ceremony ended at 4++. then we started to load the car with our bags. short holidays so few bags. it was a relaxing drive and we made a few pit stops here and there. when arrived, we headed straight for dinner. my ayah got his award. congrats! a nice watch...suitable for me too..hahahaha..

the next day after bfast, i tried the sauna. it was not that bad or good. comci-comca~~
then we left and headed for the town to hve lunch. ate the nicest asam pedas other than my ayah's and the price was time we eat here! went shoppin a bit then headed for kl. went for dinner at ampang and got bck home after a long day.

on 28th nov, i blanje my dad, as in daddy, and the whole bunch for dinner at bora asmara. very nice and relaxing place. it was for his bday. happy bday daddy! we even had a lil surprise for him. a slice of cake and the band sang bday song for him. after he blew the candles, the band sang Allah selamatkan was embrassed a bit.but we liked it!my mum requested a song dedicated to my daddy.ehehe.nice2. the food was alright. we ordered ala carte. maybe there, the specialties are the tom yam and bali dancing fish. next time we can try it.

miss my rumie...she went for training. can't wait for her to get back.eheheh.

and on friday, had a wonderful lunch with ainul at feels like the good ol' times...just sittin and sharing feelins....

me & ashraf

November 22, 2007

Dedicated to Him

Alicia Keys - No One

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry ‘coz
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything’s gonna be alright
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I’m feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don’t worry cause
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything’s gonna be alright
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I’m feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
I’m telling you that
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I’m feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
oh oh oh ...

November 20, 2007

just some writings.

the girl sat at her desk and stares blankly at the screen.
her body is there but her mind seemed to trailed off some where outside..
she's feeling so far off. she wants to be away from people and just have a moment just to herself.
a time to ponder and give a thought about her life.
what happened?
how did she end up here? at this place and at this time?
who was she??
her questions starts to by one...what if she had done other things? how would her life be right now? would it be as mixed up as it is right now? would it be good?fair?bad?what if that and what if this....
hmmmmm.........the power of what if...people can wonder far...

exactly one month from now, he'll be comin home.
cant wait to see him eventhough if it's only for a glimpse. at least my miss him feelin would be cure. he's doin a lot fine now. more stable and he's happy. i like him happy. :)

another day of doin my work. i feel better today cause someone said something that soothes me.
the word makes a huge impact on me today.i was feeling a bit down and stressed but this guy came and just asked me "how's things, sarah?" then i don't really know what happened, i just let out my feelings. it feels great! then to make it better...he said..."i really appreciate the effort u put in. this is like the hardest customisation we've encounter.."
haa....that really make my day i feel better and can work better.

syatul dear: happy birthday!

i pray to God to give me the strength to finish this project..amin.

November 07, 2007

safe and sound

he's off to labuan on 1st nov at 8.55 am.
we bid our goodbyes by sms.
he send his mms before he took off.
and now we are finally far apart.
he touched down at 11.55 am.
and sms me to tell me he's safe and sound.
i felt relieved and sad.
i was confusing myself with emotions.
i said to myself everythings gonna be alright.
i keep humming that particular song in my head.
he dozed off.
hope he's dreamin of me.
i wish him all da best.

it's been a few days already and he has settled down.
he got his apartment and car.
everything is costly there.
he smsed me to tell me that he got his bed.
now he needs to buy a fan.
money is pourin out like rain over there and i wish i could help but he said no.

i'm igonoring my miss him feelin so that i could live my day happily
and it's kinda hard.
i dare not to think about him but i still do.
there's nothing i nor him can do
except to just go with what God has planned for us.

we pray for this relationship to last
and pray that God will give us the courage and strength.

October 26, 2007


arini saya rase sangat gembira and excited sebabnye for the very first time, i went to work by bus. i woke up to sahur today and i was too full to go back to sleep. so i smsed ija and asked her if i could join her to go to work today. by 645 we were on the way to kl. the road was pretty smooth, not a lot of cars yet. it was calming to see the streets of kl clear and smooth especially when you are using the jln. kucing. it's hectic if you leave for work at the wrong time. nway ija's dad dropped us of at titiwangsa and we hopped on our bus. bus number 103. i was all jiggy inside cause it's been a while since i rode a bus. the one thing i think it's better when you are riding a bus, you will be able to sit down and no pushing2 (experienced from today).ehehhe..

another story, alhamdulillah, my dad is gettin better. he's gonna be discharged today. when we visited him last nite he was out with his friend at a mamak stall already.geezz...

October 24, 2007

my tummy hurts

today i came to the office a lil bit late. there were accidents and traffic was piling up almost everywhere. so my dad and i was in a lil bad mood. to top it off, i got a tummy ache. i don't feel like visiting the loo. it hurts so much i suddenly feel like it's the period pain. huhuhu...but i'm not having my period right now. and also i don't know how period pain feels like. my friends said that it is really painful. it's like 1/3 of the giving birth pain.huhuhu...damn that hurts.
(i'm imagining myself givin birth and feelin da pain....ouuucchhhh!!!!)

perut jangan la meragam...huhu..please get well soon. i got a long day today.

so yesterday, i break fast my baby. guess what we had? yup..totally no other than sotong masak kicap.ehehe. this time we tried a new restaurant at the same place. the food seems ok to me but baby said that it wasn't.maybe bcoz i was so hungry. he said the last 2 restaurant was better. the price was actually cheap cause we had like tomyam campur, kangkung belacan, sotong kicap, kerang bakar, keropok, limau ais, barli ais, two white rice for rm18. the portion of the lauk was just nice for two. but the kerang bakar was kinda small.rase cam x cukup je.

hold on a sec....where's everyone in my department????? i all alone today??mane sume org pegi?'s gonna be a very long day today~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

owh ok..aliza ade.yay!

btw, this weekend i'm gonna be busy. first i hv to attend a few open house (my friends, relatives, my parent's friends)then i need to teman baby buy his stuff before he leaves. byk nye makan nnt..hihi..xpe dah puase so no hal. :)

today my dad is goin for medical check up again. it seems that his fever is back again. aritu blom sembuh sepenuhnye so dah dtg blk. last time the doc said it maybe dengue but then it was not. it was called a virus fever. it makes ur body weak and it aches all over. then during sunrise and sunset, ur body start's to shiver eventhough the temperature was quite hot and dry. you loss ur appetite and it makes you spend da whole day in bed. sumtimes u can sweat a lot too. geezz..this fever is people beware. i'm not sure how it spreads but the doc said that it's da season. many people have caught it already.

October 22, 2007

1 more week

i'm counting down da days where we will be apart..far away from one another but close to the heart always. wakakakka...i'm giggling to myself cause i feel so geli with myself for being jiwang.

so starting from today, i only have one more week to spend time with him while he is still near. next week he'll be flyin off. he's goin overdac to la jauh sgt..but still far la kan.kena cross laut.sigh~~~blom gi lagi dah rindu...

my weekend was very interesting. different from any raya holidays i had before.
what's so special about this raya? hihihi..well, his family came over and beraya at my house then the next day, my family went over to his to beraya. it was kinda funny when i think about it. i have no idea how to layan his parent when they came so i left everything to my parents.hihihi..apela kan?nway, thank you baby for wearin da black shirt...i like it very da much!!ehehehe..and hopefully u like whatever dishes that we cooked that day.ehehe.

mase gi umah die plak, guess makan ape? of my favourite dish of all..nasi kerabu...sedap la sgt sampai arini pun leh lg mengidam..hihihi..nak mkn byk2 time tu segan la plak.ade ke beraya to bakal mentua's house and melantak.sgt la x senonoh.hihihi..then i told him i nak mkn lagi nasi kerabu yg umi masak tuh...he just laughed. he said nnt kay syg...

unplanned activity, my dad suddenly invited all da neighbours mom n me dah panic sbb takut mknan x cukup.huhuhu..but at last everything was just nice.sume abis. senang keje. and of course makngah also came over. best dapat jumpe my nieces and nephews.. and huda also came with x jumpe huda..rindu...nnt kay day we go to shah alam.nway thanks to those yg dtg. i'm not sure if this is called an open house cause it's meant to be for families but it end up like an open house.

baby ==> jom mkn sotong kicap before u leave... :)

fuz ==> huda ajak gi umah die kat shah alam...jom la..

ija, arina, fatin, fiena, syatul ==> jom mkn ramai2...rase cam dah lame x kena tggu syatul blk dr PIPE dulu la kan...huhuhu...

guess what???arini i dpt saree from ainul!!!..ehehe..thanks babe! :)

October 11, 2007

SeLamAT HaRI RaYa AidIL FiTri

i would like to wish all muslims around da world
"Happy and Safe Eid Mubarak"
let's celebrate with joy and happiness,
care and love,
with all.
maaf zahir & batin.

October 08, 2007

great weekend =)

how's weekend everyone?
everything went well as planned? hope so. mine was totally superb!!!

as planned, my main activity was baking cookies for Raya..and da cookies turned out great.ehehe..there was some burnt ones but all gone already..hihi..thanks to my brothers for eating it all up. i feel like i want to make more...huhuhu...but there's no time anymore.

well on Saturday, i went for my skool's bbuka puasa a.k.a small gatherin at Villa Felda. i joined Dyna and Mala there. Wani and Azani came together. it was a blast!!!best yg amat!!hehehe..there was more guys than girls, as usual la kan. the girls yg dtg...let's see if i can remember...dyna, mala, azani, wani, zila, kelmi, sity, dina, mina, fiza, suzi, patah's gf, faizul's gf, and me. as for the guys...hmm...a lot..i cant remember much...erm...adri, adzroul, faizal, nazrul, izwan, faizul, hafzi, arif, skate, ifan, wafi, naim, lemang, ikhwan, sham.. aaaaaa...x igt dah...hihih..sory guys.. i will upload all da pix once i get them all.hihihi...anyway it was nice seeing all of you and nice knowing those that i just knew and bout another reunion??

so today, it seems that only the 3 of us will bbuka puasa together, ija, arina n me. others got plans already and can't make it. if aku wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib datang, if aku x wat open house... ija, arina, fatin, syatul, fiena wajib gak dtg. i plan one day for da 6 of us kay...hihihi..

have a nice day y'all..cheers and sugar!

October 03, 2007

i tag him so here's his anwers

5 Things In My Bag (Pack)
1. my PROTON notebook
2. my students (1 Maju) photocopy IC
3. list of students who aint submit their Folio Geografi yet
4. calculator
5. whitebod marker pen

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. $$$$
2. atm cards
3. IC
4. driving license
5. business cards

5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. bantal 4segi ku
2. selimutku
3. jam kuningku yg comel
4. perfumeku
5. ubat nyamuk letrik

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. umrah n haji with my fam n 'her'
2. tour to south korea n japan with my fam n 'her'
3. bungee, scuba n snorkling with 'her'
4. i wanna be 'her' hubby
5. i wanna take 'her' to Labuan

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. menahan 'hajat besar'.. hik hik~
2. thinking what should i write for the rest of the ques
3. hmmm~~
4. garu idong
5. nak mkn kueh arab n spagheti n macaroni goreng n kueh choc chip

October 02, 2007

free at the moment

so now i'm currently free. yes i have no work. at the moment all work is done.

just msg my him...

so what have i been up to lately?

let's see:
  1. paint da house
  2. paint da gate
  3. shoppin for my brothers
  4. shoppin for mua
  5. shoppin for him
  6. shoppin for bakin later
  7. bbuka puasa everywhere:
  • insaf with my friends: ija, arina, fiena, fatin, syatul
  • aseana: no sure if the spelling is's one..thank you...
  • madam kwan's: department's function...thanks a lot boss..

soon i'm gonna go bbuka puasa at dewan perdana felda. it's my skool gatherin. yay...dpt jumpe my friends!!!!tp x ckp quota...aifaa xde sbb nye die jauh...huhuhu...

weekend ni i'm gonna bake cookies..yay!!!x saba nye...

oooo..surprise story that i got previously:

  1. my boo accident..he's fine..syukur..but the car nope.
  2. my friend (not tellin who) is gettin marry soon.
  3. another friend i met is pregnant.
  4. my boo got a job already but far away in labuan.
  5. his family is comin this raya to la..ehehe..they are comin just for raya...hihihi..

the end.

September 24, 2007

for those who feels down....

Rascal Flatts - MY Wish

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you wanna go,
And if you're faced with a choice,
and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.

And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside,
show the world the warmth of your smile,
But more than anything,
more than anything,

My wish, for you,
is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big,
your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you,
and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

I hope you never look back,
but ya never forget,
All the ones who love you,
in the place you left,
I hope you always forgive,
and you never regret,
And you help somebody every chance you get,
Oh, you find God's grace,
in every mistake,
And always give more than you take.
But more than anything,
yeah, more than anything,

My wish, for you,
is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big,
and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you,
and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.

My wish, for you,
is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.
This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big

[ Lyrics provided by ]

Ija tagged Me

Haliza tagged me. So here it is:

5 Things In My Bag
1. wallet
2. handphone
3. tower & office pass
4. house & drawer keys
5. inhaler

5 Things That Are In My Wallet
1. $$$$
2. cards....Jusco, Bonuslink and etc
3. IC
4. receipts
5. business cards

5 Favourite Things In My Bedroom
1. the crib
2. bear
3. scarffy
4. pix of us
5. dressing table

5 Things I Wish To Do
1. i wanna go bungee jumping
2. i wanna go diving
3. i wanna go Bandung
4. i wanna be 'his' wife
5. i wanna follow 'him' to Labuan

5 Things That I Am Doing Now
1. sniffling & coughing
2. typing & answering this
3. testing reports
3. searching for some music
4. missing 'him'

5 People I Would Like To Tag
1. Ainul
2. Azani
3. Dyna
4. Syatul - bile la awk nye blog nak publish nih??
5. Baby - ikut Ija la...sayang wat nnt sy post kat blog sy...ok?

September 18, 2007

StoP and ResT

i'm takin a break from doin what i'm supposed to do.
i need a rest after goin thru all the reports.
hopefully everything will go well after this..please no more changes.
if i were sleepin i betcha that i'm gonna dream bout these reports.

nway i think that 2009 would be a fine year to go for a holiday. where to? Bandung. Ija n me wanna go holiday. if can with da rest of us....but then it only ija n me are excited about it. so from here we already know who's goin n who's not. well, that's just the typical old same us. never havin da chance of enjoyin sumthin different together. pity us.yep a saddening story.

i can't wait to go to terendak's so called reunion in october. finally can meet and gossip with my long time no see friends...hopefully azani will be able to go. wani, dyna n me confirmed goin. too bad aifaa can't join us. she's in a far2 away island called Langkawi..ehehe..hope u r doin fine there..keje leklok tau.bile blk ke KL jgn lupe chocs for us.hihihi.

today a happy news for some of my collegues. they have been awarded the MVP. congrats to them. u guys deserve it. pastu aku pun dok berangan bile la aku nk dpt MVP award ni? huhuhu..bangga nye if dpt.xpe2..saba2. da day will come for me. i will make this as a motivation for me.ape lagi...amik sume project yg ade...wakakaka..i'm goin nuts..forgive me for my insanity today.

blom kul 12 lagi.cepat la masa berlalu.semalam tdo awal.very da awal.x senonoh tul.hihihi.ntah nape rase cam very tired and very bored. i need to do sumthin exciting.hihii...nasib la november nnt nak gi water nye...sape mau join?hihihi...

i pray for my friends yg tgh tggu offer keje dr PET. saba kay. this shout out goes especially to Fuz n Faiz. double da Fs..ehehe.Fuz come back la..miss you la dear...jom la kuar berbuka bersama2 sblm Fuz kena gi overc. (in case she's readin my blog..hopefully she does) and ohh..lupe plak slmat mengajar syg..hv a nice day.jgn tension2.

September 11, 2007

request to update blog

there's this one gal, bored to death, asked me to update my blog.
because i love her so much and i dun want her to die of boredom, i helped her...eventho i have no idea what i want to write bout.
so here goes nothin....

my weekends were mostly full because i, myself, yg tersgt rajin mencari keje. i can't sit down n just lepak n watch's just not me unless i'm da sick what keje did i got myself into? well no other than paintin...yerp...last time i've painted my room, then i've painted my bro's room and now i'm paintin the gates...wakaka...i love to paint...mane dpt gen nih pun i x sure. my dad likes to fix stuff not paintin, my mom loves decoratin not paintin....i guess it's just my own..hihi..

well i didnt spend my whole weekends paintin aite...i did da most important thing dat a gal must!!!yess..i do love shoppin especially not spending a single cent of my own.ahahaha..i'm such a devil..well, it was kinda like a reward from my parents bcoz i was so rajin with paintin n making da house looks ok la kan?so teman my mom gi Jalan TAR, she bought new carpets, i bought food...shoppin for carpets makes me hungry...dont ask me what's da relationship between carpets n food aite...i dunno.

last friday, my friend, syatul, bwk i jln2 kat pasar mlm jelatek. n yepp..i did buy some stuff. i was waitin for my boo to pick me up so he said go jalan2 dulu and at 7 i pick u first i thot nk gi galeri with ija tp die punya la bosan thp max smpi balik awl. x sempat nk memujuk die. then igt nk lepak umah syatul..suddenly syatul kata jomla ikut kami gi psr mlm kat jelatek tuh...i pun ape lagi..agree je la..terima kasih syatul n gjo sbb bwk sy jln2. nway syatul n me bought shirts for rm10 je..n then i bought some balls-fish ball, ketam ball n etc. and drink. i bought some brooch which cost only rm1.50 for 2. and i bought anak tudung. ini hasil syatul memperdaya ku. nway it's comfy la syatul.thanks blk jumpe my boo, had dinner 2gether b4 ramadhan starts. and managed to go parkson and bought some air freshner and photo frame..ehehe...byk nye sy was a fun day that friday.

then last last weekend, i lepak at my cousie's house in templer. byk gile bergossip especially when mum and kak iny and emmy ade..imma x blk umah weekend tuh.huuhuhu...bersemangat mum bergossip..ehehe...i loike...the house is almost complete..aritu dieorg psng lampu kat luar and then my uncle bought a lil fish pond..tuh x tau la bile nk pasang...hopefully sume ok. i also drove my mom to o.u. she wanted to buy her bag that she's been eyeing on for weeks..pastu bile smpi punya la ramai org smpi kena parkin kat bwh one world hotel...ntah ceruk mane da pak guard lead us to.nasib la sume selamat and dpt park kete ngan senang...i hate parkin coz i suck at it big time.huhuhu.she bought her bag and i bought food...hihih..again lapa gak.ntah la asyik lapa je...pelik la.huhuhu.i cant remember what else i bought...huhuh..

my graduation was ok..not a blast. i'm soo glad that all the pictures turned out good. i like.even ayah like them..especially da family was great and tiring. not enuff time i guess. we didnt get to take pictures of da six of sad.lucky we had da dinner picture...waa..i miss them.........terribly.......bile nk hang out da 6 of us?korang x rindu ke?huhuhu...i met boo nye family. they were nice. took pictures with them oso...i was kinda malu sbb i dunno..ehehe..apola sarah ni..da convofair was so was all muddy...n i only hv 1 jeans..huhu..x best sgt la convofair tuh...i only pegi mlm time ade concert je..nasib la padang tuh x lecak sgt. bbut still blk kena basuh sluar or else i dont hv any sluar to wear..huhu..then kluar ngan sgt..we went to eat at all our fav restaurant there in ipoh..haih...best2...mase nak blk, gi tuka tyr sbb masuk paku yg amat la panjang n besar. and then gi bwk ija mkn kat mee rebus ramli..hihi..nasib sedap kan? rase nak travel back in time mase blaja nye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok..i dah letey..xtau la nak cite ape dat gal, i hope i was able to kill ur boredom b4 it kills u...hihihi..take care ya..

adios..roger n out.

September 06, 2007


Menjelang Ramadhan, Maafkan Saya


Do'a malaikat Jibril menjelang Ramadhan:

"Ya Allah tolong abaikan puasa ummat Muhammad, apabila sebelum memasuki bulan Ramadhan dia tidak melakukan hal-hal yang berikut:

* Tidak memohon maaf terlebih dahulu kepada kedua orang tuanya (jika masih ada);
* Tidak berma'afan terlebih dahulu antara suami isteri;
* Tidak bermaafan terlebih dahulu dengan orang-orang sekitarnya."

Maka Rasulullah pun mengatakan Amiin sebanyak 3 kali.
Dapatkah kita bayangkan, yang berdo'a adalah Malaikat dan yang meng-amiinkan adalah Rasullullah dan para sahabat, dan dilakukan pada hari Jumaat.

Oleh itu saya terlebih dahulu memohon maaf jika saya ada berbuat kesalahan, baik yang tidak di sengaja maupun yang di sengaja, semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dengan khusyuk, diberkati dan dirahmati Allah S.W.T, insyaAllah.

Selamat Berpuasa.


September 03, 2007

graduated at last

da day.....

my bro and i

my parents and i

August 17, 2007

memenuhi waktu yang terluang

singin' tra la la la
hummin along
as stated in da pix
clouds over k.l
mr.sun shinin'
tasik titiwangsa..
all da pix was taken with my collegue's sumthing...da one with da touch screen...damn cool~~~

August 16, 2007

updates on company's dinner

best dressed for couple

best dressed for male

best dressed for female

smileeee..pose girls..

treasure hunt~our table could have won..huhu

damn..the flash is too bright..i won lucky draw..yeehaa~~

i'm still waitin for more pix from my collegues..i'll upload it once i hv them.

August 15, 2007

lesson learnt

today's lesson that i learnt from my work:

one man's problem is another man's solution... sumone asked me how to change sumthing. i helped him out and it turned out to be da solution to a problem that was not solved for a few days already.

i feel happy!!!

the end.

August 14, 2007

occupying myself

i'm gettin bored already. geez...i wish i had work to do.see, this is normal human being. when u have sumthing to do, you don't want to do it. but when you have nothing to do, you gatal nak cari things to do. why can't we just be grateful for whatever is happening to our lives?

~~interupt jap~~i just remember bout baby ally..what cute..with her chubby cheeks and rolling her eyes while saying whateva~~~

so this entry is yet another entry to fill in my leisure time. my friends are currently working very hard because again they have things to do.huhu.and i have an entry to complete.hahha..yeay!!at least i got sumthing to do.

most of my colleagues are not here. they're either way over in london for training or way over at client's site doin work + enjoying travelling.hihihi..when will they send me again for training?hmmmm....

anyway i did attend a training here at the office. last friday.i just have to walk to the meeting was supposed to be a 2-day course but they shoved in to be in one was fun.not the usual listen n look training. this time it was more hands-on activities. well i got awarded.hehe. da best actress.yee haa!!!it was informative and fun.we even have a photo session and cert give away ceremony at the end. the not so cool part was no food n food...

nway last saturday was da company's annual was held at prince was kinda funny cause everyone was confused which hotel it was.obviously there are too many hotels with the word 'prince' here in k.l.luckily i got to the right hotel and that was after sms-ing for confirmation.kuikuikui.da dinner was great! nice performance by our GM. the performance was cool...all da guys got something to drool for other than food.hihi.da food it was simple.normal food, nothing special except for the dessert.lots of cakes!!!!puddings!!!fruits!!!and whatever falls under dessert i mention da theme was wild wild west? yerp so everyone was dressed either like a cowboy, cowgirl or red a jacket as the door i don't have to think about buying one when i need to travel.hihi.i guess i da table dat i sat was a lucky table coz almost everyone at the table got the lucky draw. i got jusco voucher rm100. not i can go n shop..ehehhe..primavera shoe here i come...nway primavera klcc is having sale..i just passed da shop during lunch and it was filled with 50% banner here n there.hihihi...can i use the voucher there??i guess not...huhu.nvrmnd i'm gonna drag my bro there later..hihi.

so dis weekend am off to my dad's hometown, malacca.long time x balik.then can eat seafood.yay!!!my baby is off to cameron with umi n abah already.have fun baby!then tomorrow he's coming back and thursday he's off to his hometown, want to pesan some stuff la.ehehe..can???am sure can..hihihi..gediksss.well i wish him safe trip to n you..muakkksss...

another interruption~~teringat kat eija ckp ngan ash td..lalalalala~~~ week convo..excited ade..normal pun ade..confused pun ade..yesterday i had a chat with my far friend, dejah. well, she advises me to wear pink for dinner and green for convo.huhuhu..i'm so confused~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i can't make up my mind so maybe da day before the event only will i decide.

the end.

August 10, 2007

update on Dinner PDB

me, ija n fiena

da menu for da nite

ms. fiena & ms. nad

ms. sarah & ms.haliza

smile galz!!!

da four of us at da entrance

August 06, 2007

whatta weekend

all my weekends are fully booked thru out this month..

hihihi..busy nye cik maisarah ni...wakakakaka..

nway last weekend i was invited by my bestfriend, Haliza, to accompany her to PDB 25th Dinner which was held at Sunway Resort and Spa...huhu...i think that was the name. so we spend da nite at cik Siti nye place in Shah Alam. Thanks fiena for making us feel at home..and also thanks to all fiena's housemate.. and to fiena's roomate Nad.hihihi..sori la Nad sbb sepahkan bilik..huhuhu...anyway it was nice knowing u. :)

smpi je kat shah alam pegi shopping..konon nye fiena nak beli kasut sport but end up ija yg lebey2 just givin my pendapat nice or not and trying a few heels..i wanted to buy boots for my dinner tp size xde..huhuhu...

the dinner was great! the place was nice. we were entertained by amy mastura n sheila majid. had a blast. met aimi, ija's friend in soksek.the food was excellent...damn kenyang after dinner.

the next day, sunday, fiena n nad bwk jln2 around s.alam.mkn abc yg special which had hot chocolate on top...n tgk umah cantik n umah hantu.huhuhu...

bile balik umah, i felt so tired. main monopoly ngan aziq then gi wat chores. balik dr wat chores, x sempat nak siap2 kluar with dad n mum. kifi's bday party at mum's mum place at sri damansara. mkn mcm2 smpi rase nak meletup perut.huhuhu. blk dah mlm..after refreshing myself trus tdo..keletihan....

the end.

gmba later la ek..ija x bg la..nnt bile dah bg i put some..anyway can view a few pics at Ija's blog (msapple)

August 02, 2007

HaPPy FriendShiP Day

Taken from Dejah:

"I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me. I'd like to be the help that you've been always glad to be; I'd like to mean as much to you each minute of the day, as you have meant, old friend of mine, to me along the way."

by Edgar A. Guest


July 30, 2007

autobots rollout...

hihihi...yerp u guessed it.
i finally managed to watch transformers last saturday and also managed to get good seats..

i so much want to watch this muvie..i booked tickets for saturday as well as sunday. in case i can't make it on saturday then i can watch it on desperate kan?so what?i don't care just as long as i got to watch it.

nway went to see it with baby.sape lagi yg nak teman was a full house.there's this one kid sitting in front of us wtaching it alone...cian die.but he's cool with it.he got the whole row to kan?

transformer was awesome..i loike it very much. the sound effects, the story line and yada..yada..yada was all great. meets my satisfaction.eheheh..i have to buy the dvd.if sape2 nak blanje tgk lg bole je...hihihi...

sunday as usual lepak at home. i painted the tv area.hihihi...and now i'm suffering from aches in my arm, neck and back.huhuhu...none stop work yesterday.then at night, because of the non stop work, i had a minor asthma attack.huhuhu...can't sleep until 1am.huhu.i thot of gettin mc today but i got a dateline to no mc.hope it doesn't get any worst today..

July 25, 2007

another saying and some rantings..

"absence makes the heart fonder"

n a lil reminder

things easily gotten are easily replaced....

so play hard to get peeps...

i'm weng~~~~~~~~~~~~waitin for reply from client...lalala

hey peeps..tomorrow metrojaya sale...extra discount if u r a member. ;)

saturday nye plan ayah suruh bwk faiz aka baby gi tailor utk wat coat...muakakaka...kecut perut syg ayah ikut skali....hihihihi...lantak la...hihihi

hoho..xtau nak pki kasut ape utk pink...kasut warna ape yg sesuai???

July 23, 2007

how far is da truth?

u know, i went out with my baby yesterday.
he told me that he has to save up since the convo is coming.
i said to him..not to worry...i'm sure u'll have enuff.
why u need to save up that much?
well, there's gonna be a lot of things that needs to be paid.
so, i kept quite...thinking to myself..what do we have to pay?

then he suddenly said this..

"baby tau x?"
"ade org kata, if ade lelaki yg bg bunga mase convo, that will be ur husband"
"heh???iye ke?are u sure syg?so that's why u hv to save up? coz u need to give me flowers?"
"ye la..kena's my main priority..."
"owh..ok..but what if sy dpt bunga dr laki lain????what does dat mean?"
"eleh..persan la tu...ade org laki lain nk bg die bunga..."

???????uwaaaa......ade ke ckp camtu???sampi hati...huhuhu.

so ladies, is it true???if u received a bouquet of flowers from a guy during ur convocation, he will be ur husband?anyone experienced da truth out of this yet?

to huda: hey sis, what number are u using now?i tried to call but x dpt...nway, i was thinking of goin to dis place called bora's near mofaz on da way to O.U.maybe we can have dinner gimme a shout if u hv any other suggestion aite..luve ya lots!!!!!

July 19, 2007

unanswered thought

today i felt weird.guess i'm not in my best mood.
have you ever wonder???how people are really like??i mean really, really like??how they really are??cause i realized that some people can have different personality when they hang out with different friends..what's botherin me is that i can't take it..
how can you be different when u r in one group and in another?is it natural?or is it just for showing off?

do we have to change who we are so that we feel belonged???how do we enjoy and be content with what we really are and who we really are?
why can't we just be who we are and still enjoy life?why do we need to impress the others?

i wonder??

nway it's my feelings and my thoughts..
it's so hard to find someone that we can really get along with.but yet, it's so easy to loose one too.
i'm not saying i lost any but i feel very lucky to have found friends, family that i can rely on and they are them..and not anybody else..

but i'm still you have to be someone u r not to feel happy???

July 16, 2007

back to blog

i'm finally able to blog today..ehehe..
this is due to the fact that it's monday morning and i'm singin da blues.
i'm sooo...lazy today.
dunno what got in to me..hihihi..maybe bcoz of the work pile..lallalala..
i can't complaint much coz it's my responsibility.

nway i like to wish my couzie..emmy..gudluck babe on ur 1st day of work.
n also like to say welcome back my dearest friend eija...and not forgettin fatin.
can't wait to see u guys.miss u so damn much!

i spend da weekend stuffing myself with lots of food.gosh...there goes my diet.hahaha.
but i'm fasting.hihihi.good gal sarah..

i miss baby..huhu..but don't worry..he's coming back soon. all da best with that washington thingy...impress those judges aite sayang..cepat balik...nak tgk transformer!!!!!!

oh yeah...thanks to dzal n was great to see u guys. it's been awhile since we had talked and gossip.the gossip was mostly done by arina n was fun last thursday.too bad wad can't join.

i dunno if huda is readin my blog or not but i need to say sumthing..hihi..
hey sis, hold on tight aite...i haven't plan for our outing yet.but what i can say is make ur weekends available.i think it would be nice for us to just sit and chit chat..kan???mesti byk cite..hopefully..hahaha..just hold on kay sis..nnt i plan ngan ija bile nak kuar.fuz pun busy gak..die dah stat bisnes die so weekend je la bole kuar.

i heard justin is comin here..hehehe..i wanna go!!!!!anybody care to join me??bape ek harga ticket???if gwen is like 120++ so i guess i need to save up.n josh gorban also is coming..ija nk tgk??i think josh gorban kat cni je..dewan filharmonik...rase nye la..october nnt.lalala...mari kengkwan...kite wat gathering ngan gi concert.hihi.

and another news...i heard rumors sayin dat the convocation will be held for 2 days....sigh~~~~
bile la dieorg nk confirm????i need to know so bole la apply cuti...kang dieorg bg keje kang susah...huhuhu..

aaaa...kena stat keje dah..huhuu.malas nak cari field name..lalala...
have a nice day to all!! :)

July 06, 2007

wedding song..

okay i know i'm not gettin married yet but what da heck..i found a song that will be suitable on the wedding's so nice and sweet

michael buble- everything

You're a falling star, You're the get away car.
You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
And You're the perfect thing to say.
And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute.
Ah, When you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true.
Cause you can see it when I look at you.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
You're every minute of my everyday.

And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man,
And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.
Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,
And you know that's what our love can do.

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La
So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La

And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
You're every song, and I sing along.
Cause you're my everything.
yeah, yeah

So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La
So, La, La, La, La, La, La,

July 03, 2007

quiz peeps.

1. Where were you 1 hour ago?
In PUTRA, on my way to the office.

2. Who will be your next kiss?
Geez..I can't tell.

3. What is the largest amount of money you spent in one store?
Urm...I have no idea.But I'm sure it's less than RM1k.

4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yup. Pink butterflies.

5. When is the last time you went to the mall?

6. Are you wearing socks right now?

7. Are you a virgin?
I should be, right?

8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
Erm..last weekend.But my Dad was drivin. I was sleeping.Ehe.

9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
Nope.No one to watch with.

11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
Plain water.

12.What are you wearing right now?
Baju kurung pemberian baby.

13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?

14. What was the last fast food you ate?
Shakeys. On Saturday.

15. Where were you last week at this time?

16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
Surprisingly, no.

17. When is the last time you ran?
Huhu.I can't remember.

18. What's the last sporting event you watched?
Squash at BTC.

19. What is your favorite class? computer security??

20. Your dream vacation?
Around da world would be nice.

21. Last person's house you were in?
My parent's.

22. How old are your parents?
My dad is 50 and mom is 49.

23. Are you in love?
Yes, deeply.

24. Do you miss anyone?
Yes, terribly.

25. Last play you saw?
Haha.When I was 11 yrs old.

27. What are your plans for tonight?
Go home and lepak with my family.

28. Who is the last person you sent a message to on Myspace / Friendster?
Dunno. Lame x cek friendster.

30. Ever went camping?
Yup. Pangkor.

31. Are you an honor roll student in school?

32. What do you want to know about the future?
What is my future like?

33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
Amor Amor..

34. Are you hungry?

35. Where is your bestfriend/s located?
One is at level 63 KLCC tower. One is at induction, Bangi. One is at Cyberjaya. One is at Taman Ehsan.

36. Who are your best friends?
Haliza, Fuzziha, Huda, Arina.

37. Do you have a tan?
Tan that i got accidently adelah.

38. How old do you want to be when you have kids?
How bout 30?

39. Do you collect anything?

41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
Woho..lame dah. Zaman UTP.

42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?

43. How do you like your drinks?

44. Do you like hot sauce?
It depends.

45. Last time you took a shower?
6.30am this morning.

46. Do you need to do laundry?
It depends. Usually my bro does it. It's one of his chores.

47. What is your heritage?
Erm..let's see. A mix of Chinese, Jawa, Arab and Malay. I'm a rojak.

48. Are you someone's bestfriend?
I hope I am.

49. Are you rich?
No. I wish I was.

50. What do you think of the person whotook this survey before you?
A lot on her mind....

July 02, 2007

Reading Quran in a month

How to finish reading Quran in one month???

Here's da tips.

Read 4.5 pages after each prayer....easy kan???So start reading. It's good for ur body, mind and soul...

4.5 pages * 5 prayer times * 30 days = 604 pages = the number of pages in the Quran

so what ya waitin for....start now!

June 24, 2007

Banff Canada

date: 23rd June 2007

destination: banff

duration of trip: 1hr and 30 mins

weather: sunny + slight windy

we stopped at canmore. and had breakfast at tim's. it was a delicious bfast. i had an egg salad wrapp and hot choc.nice.and very kenyang.

here's some pics in banff...

it was a nice trip.

we headed to the airport after we did some shopping at the malls there. i spend almost 7 hours at the airport because i have to wait for my flilght which is at 8.30 p.m. luckily i bought a book. at least i have sumthing to read and occupied my time with. but most of the time i think i spend on looking at people there.ehehe...

well, i managed to survive the whole trip back home. i even slept at the airport soundly.hihihi...

i'm back!!!!!

June 23, 2007

at last chicken...

of all da days i'm in Canada, finally i was able to have chicken!!!!eheheh..

sedap sgt!hahah..mcm sethn x mkn ayam je. we went to this restaurant called the chick pea. they only have chicken or beef. it was more like a kebab but here they call it sandwich.huhu..nevermind...i dont care what they call it as long as i have my chicken.

today is my last day here.tomorrow i'll be goin home.aaaaaaaaaaaaa....cant wait to go home!!! i miss everybody there!!!hihihih..

yesterday, ming and i took a walk around the town. it was fun because the weather was so damn nice. not too hot nor too cold. just nice. we talked about some stuff and i still havent finished shopping for guys, please forgive me if i dont have anything for you when i get sorry. havent got the time to shop yet. because the shops closes early. i finished my training late so there's not a chance to go to i'll try my best to go..
wanna see some pics? here u go:
reminder: all da pics were taken at nite...ehehe..summer time

at a park...not sure what is the name..ehehe..ok i got the name: olympic park

devonian garden

city hall

jake, ming and me at devonian garden

with the statue at the park

June 20, 2007


me want snickers one....looks very tempting...nyyyyuuuummmyyy!!!!!!!

June 19, 2007

Tanda lelaki benar2 jatuh cinta

Bila lelaki benar-benar jatuh cinta dan setia pada kekasihnya dengan ikhlas,perubahan sikapnya amat mengejtkan. Hati lelaki yang dianggap keras selama ini, tiba-tiba secara semulajadi menjadi selembut kapas apabila sudah jatuh cinta dengan relanya. Bahkan lelaki yang mabuk cinta sanggup berkorban dan buat apa sahaja untuk kekasihnya.Sekeras manapun hati lelaki ia akan mengalirkan air mata apabila hatinya dilukai. untuk melihat lelaki menangis amatlah payah. Diantara tanda-tanda lelaki yang jatuh cinta dengan hebat ialah:

1. Dia bersungguh-sungguh melakukan sesuatu untuk kekasihnya dengan rela bukan kerana terpaksa.

2. Dia sentiasa ingin menghiburkan kekasihnya dan berubah menjadi orang yang kuat bercakap.

3. Dia banyak menasihati kekasihnya kerana dia amat menyayangi kekasihnya.

4. Dia berusaha mengongkong kebebasan kekasihnya kerana perasaan cemburunya yang meluap luap.

5. Dia sentiasa takut kehilangan kekasihnya.

6. Dia sentiasa mengawasi pergerakan kekasihnya kerana dia sentiasa berasa curiga.

7. Dia tidak suka ada lelaki lain rapat dengan kekasihnya.

8. Dia mudah merasa cemburu dan sensitif apabila kekasihnya tidak menumpukan sepenuh perhatian kepadanya.

9. Adakalanya dia seperti seorang anak kecil yang meminta perhatian kerana dia mahu kekasihnya melayannya lebih dari orang lain.

10. Dia menjadi orang yang paling rajin dan sanggup membantu kekasihnya melakukan apa saja.

11. Dia pandai merajuk hati kerana ingin dipujuk oleh kekasihnya.

12. Dia akan mengelabah apabila kekasihnya berjauhan daripadanya terlalu lama.

13. Dia sentiasa mempastikan keselamatan kekasihnya.

14. Dia mementingkan kekasihnya daripada dirinya sendiri.

15. Dia kerap bertanya adakah kekasihnya mencintainya kerana dia merasa kasihnya lebih kuat daripada kekasihnya.

16. Dia tidak akan melayan perempuan lain yang tidak ada urusan penting dengannya...

17. Dia cuba meluangkan lebih banyak masa dengan kekasihnya walaupun terpaksa menunggu kekasihnya dengan sabar.

18. Dia membanggakan kekasihnya di depan orang lain.

19. Kalau ditinggalkan oleh kekasihnya, ia akan berasa serik dan tidak percaya dengan cinta perempuan lain namun dia sentiasa mengharap kekasihnya kembali kepadanya.

20. Apabila timbul orang ketiga, dia akan hilang akal dan sanggup berbuat apa saja untuk merebut kembali kekasihnya.

21. Dia menganggap kekasihnya sebagai orang yang paling dipercayainya dan sanggup menyerahkan harta walaupun nyawanya sendiri.

22. Dia tidak akan berlaku curang kepada kekasihnya namun jikalau dia dia berbuat demikian itu bererti hatinya belum 100 peratus mencintai kekasihnya.

23. Bukan semua lelaki sanggup menitiskan airmata hanya untuk seorang perempuan.


June 18, 2007

Wishin Bday to Myself...


Thanks to all who wished happy birthday. I feel so terharu.....nak nangis pun dah nangis.ehe.
Sorry can't reply ur trying to save up on my credit..huhu.

Thanks again...

I'm gettin old....did i mention that i got my bag opened?ehehe...nasib...

silly old me

what a day to start off my birthday.
geezz...i'm seriously getting old.

so this is what happens early this morning.
i locked my luggage and da keys are inside it!!!!!!!!!!

is this a sign of me gettin old?
uwaaa...this is sad...

after class i need to be a theft and pick my own luggage.
hopefully it works..

well hope the rest of the day will be fine.

17 signs u love sumone














You were so busy thinking about thatperson, you didnt notice number twelve was missing

You just scrolled up to check & are nowsilentely laughing at yourself.


Long journey in a small world

today i started my journey on my own...all by myself.gosh it was body is aching all over.
am typing this as i waited for my final flight to calgary.can't wait to arrive at the hotel and take a long bath.and of course my rest.
my roaming works fine. but it is so expensive. RM 2 for sms. call i dunno but i bet it's gonna cost more. i think my wireless for my pc doesn't much of asking da I.T guy.he said that it is working so i didn't bother to i'm typing this using notepad then later only will i post it on my blog.

i met nisha today at HK airport. so it wasn't really boring for me while waiting to get on board. we talked about a few things..u know girls stuff. and it is a small world after all. she's my senior in UTP.hahaha..geezz wheezzeee...she started to make this face when i told her that i was from looking at the face i thought that she and i might have sumthing in common..and yeap i was right.
ok yesterday, saturday, i arrive at the airport at 7.00++ pm. i got on the early flights to calgary.hihi. the taxi from airport to hotel cost cad38. everything cost.haih.....takut nye saya...

lps mandi n was 9pm already. xtau nk watpe. nk kuar jln2 takut sbb xtau nk gi mane plus i'm end up dok dlm bilik je..huhuhu..seday...pastu bile dah dok sorg2 dlm bilik asyik nangis jer...uwaaa.....i wish sumone was here with me...rindu nak balik cni sorg sgt la x best...huhuhu..i nangis smpila tertido...bgn2 kul 3am..huhuh...nak watpe? tgk tv jap.lompat2 atas katil..then tetibe nangis lagi...then tertido blk. bgn2 kul 10 am..itupun terjaga sbb housekeeping dtg.

cuaca kat cni xdela sejuk sgt..rase cam dok dlm opis kat msia je..or air con yg suhu die 16 celcius.
kat cni asyik hujan nk jln2 tgk scenery xleh la sgt.

ni br blk dr jln2. td gi mane ek? jap kena tgk thing yg best kat cni is that die ade tunnel sambung dr one building to another. so cam td..main hentam je jln2...smpi i dah gi dlm 5 tmpt utk shopping.hihi..klaka tul..ade kdi winners kat sbb die bargain store.ade beg nine west for cad59. normal price is cad110...hihi...ade byk beg, baju, aaa...mcm2 ade.kdi buku kat cni pun best...ade buku hard cover harga cad2.99...haih.....sume harga below cad20..

then got this funny story.mase jln2 kat sears, i dpt sms dr mama. die kata nape xleh nk call i. then i pun cek..rupe2nye xde credit.huhu.then i pun rush back la. pegi 1dollar store.beli idd card n payung.hujan x berhenti lagi. then singgah winners lagi skali sbb nk amik gmba beg nine west n tunjuk kat mama. okla dah abis amik gmba i pun kuar and rushed back to hotel. mase blk tu..tetibe i perasan yg i pegang bag dr kdi winners td...huhuh..dgn slambe je kuar..nak kat smpi hotel dah tuh...pastu i panic jap...oh shit...nak watpe ni? my good side kata pulangkn blk bag tu..x baik..kire mencuri tu...pastu side jahat ckp..ala amik je..sape suruh machine detection tu x detect mase kuar?dahla lawa bag tu..huhuhu...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...guess what i did????..hihi...i baik.i pulangkn bag tu. mase masuk kdi tu alarm pun bunyi..huhu..trus gi cashier and ckp:

me: "excuse me, i accidently took this bag out just now. i didn't realize about it."
cashier1: "oh...that's ok..thanks for returning it."
cashier 2: "hihihi...i did that once..huhu...i panicked you know..luckily they didn't take any action on me."
me: "yeah..anyway sorry and thanks again."

haih....sarah..oh sarah....what la u ni?????tu la..bahaya bile kat negara org pastu jln sorg2.

arini je dah jln kat sears, calgary eaton square, td square, devonian gardens, scotia center, the gmba xamik pun..kelam kabut la..huhuhu..xpe..nnt leh gi blk n amik gmba.lgpun hujan so nk amik gmba building pun xleh.hihihi.

here's some pic i amik smlm...

June 12, 2007


i'm not sure if i have done this before, but what da so damn bored right now..
so let's play.

1.Honestly, what color is your wallet?
brown n gold

2. Honestly, whats on your mind?
wanna go home

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
typing my answers for this

4. Honestly, do you think you are attractive? so vain~~

5. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
urmmm..yes.will i get in trouble???

6. Honestly, who are you thinking of now?

7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?
yes..lots of fun

8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone? bad of me..

9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?
hanging out with love ones

10. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
sumtimes..when it is irritating

11. Honestly, do you have an eating disorder? healthy.

12. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?

13. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret??
oooo...of course..everybody has a dark makes life interesting..dont ya think so??

14. Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?
hmmm...i dont think so..

15. Honestly, are you confused with your feelings?
right now??? feelings is I WANT TO GO HOME!!!

16. Honestly, who would you wanna bewith right now?
baby please..

17. Honestly, do you like someone?

18. Honestly, does anyone like you? baby likes me..hihihi

19. Honestly, are u an easy going person?
hmm...i guess so

eh...mane soklan ke-20???ala....hilang plak..xpe let create my own:

20. Honestly, do you want to go back?


June 11, 2007

rainy days~~

yesterday i went out with my ayah n mama.
gi beli kain baju melayu for my dad..nnt nak pki utk function ape ntah.
so gi kl, jln TAR. i happy gak sbb nnt leh cari tudung utk my baju skali..

mule2 gi Gulati's. ayah dah berkenan with the kain n color. then mama nak carik bj yg matching ngan cr kain utk mama..then cari kain lining for my kain lace...eee..i still feel like da lace is meant for bertunang or kawin..too fancy la for me..hihih..xpela..dah ade so pki je la.abis sume shopping sakan kat Gulati's, kena re energize. so gi dinner kat insaf.nasib x kena mkn A&W..huhu..muak dah. and da thing was raining heavily in kl...lebat smpi banjir...

i nak beli tudung tp kena cross da other side..aaaaaaaaa...ayah kata lari je la...then mama n i looked at my ayah with the expression 'gile ape??'.ehehe..die senyum je..then mama gi blk kta Gulati's to pinjam payung.hahaha...bagus la Gulati's pinjam payung..

then gi la across..basah kuyup walaupun ade payung..see how bad it was raining????ehehe..sluar mmg basah la...shopping2 tudung then gi sogo...beli groceries plak. punya la cari ayah kat sogo tu x jumpe2..rupe2nye die ade kat bahagian sabun2 ni..slalu nye die x penah pun gi to dat section.hihi...ape ayah wat kat ctu????
die senyum.."kaklong mane satu best???" i was like "huh??????ape hal ayah ni???buat tabiat ke??"hihihi..luckily i dont have to answer his question bcoz my mom dah jawabkan.lalala..

a very big surprise was waiting for us at the carpark..jeng jeng..BANJIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nasib x pki kasut if x kena bukak stokin sume n kaki ayam la...n nasib x parking da other side coz then it would be worst...kluar parking n went out the road...

waaa......bajir sgt dahsyat...waaa....sungai klang air dah melimpah...waaa....truknye!!!!!
what happened to da no more flood in KL if got SMART?????hihihi...
oh yeah...did they mention that it wasn't functioning????? now who should we blame??????yeah u know who... much for the smart when it is not SMARt at all...
kesian la org kat sg.besi tuh...gerenti banjir. n those in Klang..if cni dah melimpah sane camne??
we pay taxes and all but this is what we get damn sad.............................
no matter how genius our hi tech the world maybe..there's nothing could overcome God's this a sign?????

spring/summer cleaning

dis weekend i did sumthing different.
i dont know what got in to me but i feel like cleaning sumthing.

after having breakfast - nasi grg ikan..sedaappp sgt..eheh..mama masak, i looked around da house.snooping my nose here and there.
my mom tanye "kaklong watpe tuh?mcm pencuri je.."
ehehe..i x jawab my mom nye soklan but i asked her "mama, kucing ni wat umah kat tmpt kasut la..abis bau kat ctu. abis sume kasut ade bulu kucing.kaklong kemas la cni."
my mom senyum lebar...bukan senang anak dara die nak kemas kat luar.hihihi...
so i went ahead n clean. at first i thot just sweep everything..but then bau die..haih...i can not stand i end up washing the whole laman depan.
dah kemas2, cuci2 sume, my mom came out.."cam serabut kan kat luar nih??"
i replied "aah...ape kata kite cabut je fisherprice ni mama...bukan nye ade sape2 nak main pun..kucing je yg least if simpan, cucu mama leh main nnt."
my mom replied "hmm..ok gak..jom cabut ni..."

after struggling n pulling n hammering n pushing n screaming n laughing (a few hours), we finally managed to take the 4 parts apart.then susuh2 sume benda...igt kan dah abis la blom lg...huhuhu...

mama: "kaklong kete sport ni nak ltk mn?mama syg kete ni...bole simpan kasi cucu main nnt.if ltk luar nnt org curi..."
me: "simpan kat dlm stor la if camtu...ade ke space?"
mama: "ade kot.."

so masuk dlm n clean out stor plak..bukak stor...mak aiiii...byk nye brg dlm ni..hihih..then suddenly i realized most of the boxes is filled with my books..ahahaha...adeh..berat tul kotak2 ni...

ok my mom got this one habit..she likes to keep stuff. i mean benda rosak pun die nk simpan. die ckp nnt leh gi anta repair when in reality the chances of the thing to function is none actually. so i took one huge box and threw everything yg xde tujuan utk simpan, rosak, n etc.after dah buang i need to figure out how to put the sport car mase nak amik kete tu xde plak.mane ntah kete tu pegi..i rase cam dah bwk masuk tp xde..rupenye my bro, aziq tgh naik kete tuh..imagine a 10 yrs old boy naik kete fisherprice...huhuhu...kesian die...dulu die x main sbb die dah expose to games so skang teringin nak sumbat2, tolak2, kete kat dlm..and yay!!! berjaya!!!!

then my dad balik..mandi2 n siap to go to makcik's house. ade org dtg nk merisik anak my other aunty..hihihi..skali gus anak2 dara die di risik...hihihi..kelam kabut gak la.sbb rombongan 1st utk adik smpi lmbt so rombongan yg kedua- kakak kena gi smyg sume dulu sbb hal adik x settle lg.
i makan x ingat dunia..sume benda i stor td...but now is my tummy.ehehe.
balik dr kenduri trus flat.hanya mampu tgk tv and tdo...

June 04, 2007

sick old me...

today i'm on medical leave.
i'm sick.i got the flu and asthma.

today arina and ija started their HL.
comments from them:

arina: rasa nak muntah plak..cappucino xsedap sgt

ija: pekatnye..x abis2 lagi minum. asal aku still lapa? aku bancuh ngan oats skali.

to ija n arina: maybe x biase lagi kot.lame2 okla.aku mule2 stat pun rase nak muntah tp skang dah ok. and sy rase sy dah trun 2kg kot.hihihi..mengikut penimbang sy la..xtau la if ikut Dyna nye penimbang lain plak. best la..mkn HL sekali sehari pun leh turun 2 kg.lalala..and i got no problem to visit "johnny".hihi.

arini eventhough i'm sick, i finally made wanton.ehhe...not shrimp wanton but chicken wanton..i modified a bit the ingredients.hihi.comments from my bros:

jazz: x rase pepe pun kaklong..

aziq: sedap.

jaan: kena letak garam lagi ckit kot..igt nak wat mee die bole ke mkn camni je?

azeem: makan je..ape2 kaklong masak sedap je..

hihihi...dieorg ni nak jaga hati kaklong dieorg ke???ckp la btul2 if x sedap..hihi..simpan utk mama, ayah and abg ckit..tgk ape dieorg comment plak.

esok my baby will be doing his last presentation as a student. all da best to him.
ans hopefully can see him b4 i go for my training.

wanna get comfy heels???try Cole Haan. i just knew about this from watching Oprah this morning. the secret for comfy heels????well, they use the same technology as in Nike Air shoes. an air sponge thingy...not sure what it is's some pic on the can check more out at

the lead singer for alleycats passed away today. my condolences to his family.

May 31, 2007

take the test

Create your own Friend Test here

gamba je

arina's bag bought in Nilai

the butterflies

my burnt fish fillet

arina's nasi ayam with nasi lemak

May 29, 2007

the craziness early in da morning

today i was hoping that it would be a good day. seeing the sun shining brightly so ever, birds singing sweetly their melody, not stuck in traffic. everything went so smoothly until i arrived at PUTRA.

"oh..banyak nye people arini..", i said to myself. as i started to go down the escalator. from the view up here, i can see people lining up.
"oooo..ramai nye org nak beli tiket arini", again talking to myself. as the escalator moved towards the end, only i see the truth. people were gathering and no one was allowed to go down.
"lame nye!!!nape lame sgt ni????"these are the words that kept repeating in my head.
"penumpang ke kelana jaya saja sile turun ke bawah", shouted the pakcik PUTRA.
"knape kelana jaya???mn tren nak gi klcc???", asking myself again. i feel like a crazy gal talking to myself again and again.

i looked at my watch,'s 8.15 already.kejap lagi kot smpi.hatiku berbisik.

"sesiape yg hendak ke KLCC dan ade urusan penting, sile amik alternatif lain." again, pakcik PUTRA shouted.

eee...nak naik bas ke?camne nak naik bas dr cni? so i asked the pakcik PUTRA.
"alamak adik, pakcik pun x sure la. if nak naik bas kena gi kat HSBC pakcik xtau la if bas tu gi KLCC ke x.", he explained.

oooo..then how????again the announcement for passengers to kelana jaya can go thru.
xpela..tggu je la...kejap je lagi okla tuh..
another announcement for kelena jaya on air.
byk nye tren dr sane? tp nape tade tren belah cni?

finally at 8.45, i heard the announcement for KLCC passengers to go down..

YAHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tren dah smpi...nasib x amik cuti.if x rugi je.ehehehe.
turun2 igt bole naik..rupe2nye kena beratur lagi.
tggu la lagi.....
ooo...tren dah sampi...yay!!naik2...aaaaaaa..ade tmpt duduk.duduk la.letey diri lame2 td.

and finally at 9, i slmat smpi opis sy. dahaga yg amat..minum air satu botol smpi abis.ehehehe..

what other surprises would there be throughout the day???

que sera, sera,
the future is not for us to see,
que sera, sera....

again hoping everything would be fine...and
just pray that everything else would be fine for my family and friends........

~~the end~~

May 28, 2007

~~all da best~~


all da best in ur last exam...
wat leklok kay..jgn lupe bace doa and all.
i know sayang leh score dis sem.
dean's list nnt i blanje always.
i love you....

shopping fair

on saturday my roomate n i went out. even on a tight budget.
the actual plan was to go to nilai 3 only and buy her bro's wedding stuff. but as expected, when both of us go out, the plans changes.hehehe.after seeing almost every shop in nilai, we headed to O.U. we were window shopping till we drop.ehehe.

So we headed to Nilai around 11 or so and arrived at 1. it was raining so it wasn't really hot and nice to shop. we stopped at almost every shop there is in Nilai. we don't actually know what to buy except for the wedding stuff. after like going to a few shops, we stopped for lunch at marrybrown ==> it was like the most happenin and interesting food there was. i order a fish burger while my roomate ordered chicken rice.GUESS what??? my roomate's chicken rice was served with nasi lemak weird.pelik kan makan nasi lemak ngan sup?????eeeee....and for me, i got a burnt fish fillet..huhuhu...very crunchy.(rumet bgla gmba food tuh nnt leh ltk dlm ni)lepas dah kenyang(not really) so we went to the shop where we wanted to buy the stuff. nasib la cukup benda tu.cukup 100. kiteorg jadi cam pekerja kat kedai tu sbb siap dok bersile and cek satu2 benda yg nak beli tuh.dah settle ngan brg tuh gi round2 Nilai lagi. so what stuff that we bought's the list:

1. beg yg besar and cantik
2. alas mug (wood)
3. butterfly warna pink
4. slipper/sandal

1. alas mug (wood)
2. mr. bean pyjamas for my bro (it turns out to be small so gonna give to my nephew instead)
3. butterfly warna yellow
4. a lil vase for mama

bile dah abis ngan nilai, kiteorg headed for O.U. arina nak beli sandal utk gi Kerteh nnt.ehehe.
smpi O.U dlm kul 4 lebey. ramai nye org..huhuhu..nasib dapat gak parking. so jalan2 tgk sandal kat HP. pastu tgk price..hmm..okay.affordable.hahahha..=>sounds familiar x eija and arina???
then jalan2 lagi.round2. tgk magic makan(x lalu mkn maybe sbb letey kot). beratur utk beli tiket muvi tp bile dah kat counter tgk seat yg available sume x best so x jadi beli.hahaha...
akhirnye kami pulang at 10. and here's what we bought:

1. HP sandal brown in colour(very nice)

1. a backpack(sale- great deal)

2. grapes (nak bwk gi umah cousin)
3. soyrich (bekalan utk hl minggu ini)

so that was the day.balik mmg flat. x mampu nak wat pepe slain mandi n tdo.hihihi.

Sunday, byk gi wedding. pastu gi umah cousin in PJ.makanan kat sane sedap!!!!! i like...ehehe.
mlm kuar gi beli brg dapur.ramai sgt org kat carrefour.pening kpala.ehe.

monday: back to work. boss ckp today..ehe. and i got a lil kangaroo with a boomerang from australia...comel sgt!!!!thanks sya!!! =D