February 26, 2007

a full weekend

i thot weekend is supposed to be relaxing and a lazy time but boy am i wrong.
on saturday and sunday i teman my mom shopping. in my opinion, i wouldnt call it shopping.
i would call it hunting.a better word to describe the adventure that i had.
my mom really want this table with a magazine holder.she's been talking about it for the last few weeks already.gosh...it sounds crazy but it's true.she really wants the table with a magazine holder. so last weekened, my mom n i went to search for it. here's list of where we've been:

1- one utama(all deco & furniture shops)
2- all furniture shops that's near my house
3- some furniture shops in k.l

my mom wanted to go to ikea but i was so damn tired already.mase tu dah sakit kpala bcoz it was hot and then drizziling...u know what's the weather is like right now...

then i told my mom why dont we just order it online.she shook her head.huhu..she likes the conventional n traditional way of buying things.haih....i guess next weekend will be the same.hunting for the perfect table.............................

oh yeahhh...while hunting,ehehe...i managed to do some window shopping. i saw this cute handbag from elle...nice,rugged and it's a new arrival.i thot of buying but my mom kata wait...tggu sale..bln 3 ni ade sale.so being a good daughter i am, i listened to her advice.so tggu ye bag...eheheh

and also i managed to buy some clothes.eheh. got 3 baju for rm93. i guess it's okla.no sale but managed to find the moderate price clothing.i hate to splurge on expensive clothing coz someday it will turn out old...i rather spend my money on things like bags and watches.ehe.

i just got a call from my mom.she said she wanted to buy braun buffle.then she offered my her old braun buffle bag..hmmm....bole la..jadila.mama beli bag baru n i take the old one. it's still in good condition.mcm baru lagi.eheheh..save duit.eheheh.

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