February 21, 2007

some updates in my life

it's been a long time since i've updated my blog
sorry ek.

these are the updates in my life n those related to me as well:

1-currently i'm employed by a company known as Halliburton Landmark Graphics
so thank you for hiring me..

2-my friends are on the way of getting hired...all busy goin interviews here n there..
so i wish them all the best

3-am currently enrolled in driving class..gonna sit for the test this friday..all the best to me

4-health wise: am okay..still healthy :)

5-money matter: still waiting to get my first pay..ahahaha...

6-love life: am still in love with Ahmad Faiz...miss you baby

7-holiday trips: early feb i went to langkawi...a great place to shop for chocs. so u can imagine how happy i was there. in december i went to Penang. also a great place to shop for imitation products...dvd sold there are the good quality ones...ehehe...and also a great place to eat...laksa...NYUMMMy!!!!!!!!!!!

8-weddings: recently i went to syilla's wed.fatin and ija also attended. we arrived late cz got stuck in traffic...after 5 hrs being in da car, we were still in behrang....haiyooo...da longest trip ever....we ate a lot cz we were so damn hungry. syilla was adorable and so pretty...her husband..very charming..ehehe...congrats syilla... :)

okay...i need to go out for lunch now...maybe i'll cont some other time..daaa~~~~

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