March 27, 2007

da week

last week i spend most of the day at work attending training.
da 1st and 2nd day was okay for me but when the 3rd day and so forth was sleepy.
i tried my best to not feel sleepy but failed. i drank a lot so therefore causing me to visit "john" once in awhile. da best part of training is when it comes to lunchtime. that's when i feel most energised.

we had lunch at :

1st day: a sudanese restaurant ==> indonesian food.
comment ==> the food was great. i like the dish called "the dancing fish"

2nd day: an indian restaurant ==> indian food.
comment ==> it was nice. not recommended if you have to do sumthing important after lunch cause it makes you very sleepy..huhuhu.

3rd day: a Thai restaurant ==> thai food.
comment ==> superb!!! all nice especially da tom yam soup..and the soft shell droolin already..hihih

4th day: a Chinese restaurant ==> chinese food.
comment ==> great! i like the dim sum was abit messy cause my tea kept spilling because the plate for the dishes accidently knock over my cup of tea...i think it happened twice.huhu.

5th day: lunch on my own with syatul ==> manhattan fish.
comment ==> okay. the minestrone soup is nice. we ate until we were too full to leave. so we sat there for a while.

saturday: dinner at bagan lalang ==> seafood
comment ==> NYUMMY!!! i love seafood. the price is also cheap. the scenery is nice..facing the ocean. when we arrived the sun was setting so imagine the beautiful relaxing n calming.

sunday: treat my dad at a&w. finally i got my hands on the rootbeer's been awhile since i had one.

so this blog is mostly about food and not about my training..ehe.nevermind just wanna share it with all..most of the restaurant is at klcc level 4. there's a lot of choices there from local to international cuisine...up to you to choose... =D

last saturday, ija, arina and i went out for a muvi.we watched was a sweet muvi. ija cried. i wanted to cried but then i end up laughing. huhuhu..the music is also nice ==> nina simone- ne me quitta pas(dont leave me). my rumet lovessss this song so much.huhu. it was nice to go out with my friends. not a lot of gossip but it was fun. we even managed to watch nicol david played. ija had her 1st starbucks. i was kinda down cause there's no iced cappucino..there's only a hot one so i hv to go for an iced mocha instead. didnt do much shopping. i bought a shirt for rm10 but havent wore it yet. it's kinda fitting...huhuhu..

well that's all.cya...and congrats to all my friends that got the dean's list award. =)

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