April 26, 2007

let's play

Type ONE Word only for each... And DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!!

Yourself: friendly
Your Hair: straight
Your Mother: the greatest
Your Father: the best
Your Favorite Item: bear
Your Dream Last Night: dreamless
Your Favorite Drink: juices
Your Dream Home: cosy
The Room You Are In: office cubicle
Your Pets: none
What You Are Now: consultant
Who You Want to be in Ten Years: me
What You Want to be in Ten Years: manager??
What You're Not: crazy
One of Your Wishlist Items: travelling
Your Gender: female
The Last Thing You Did: reading
What You Are Wearing: jeans & shirt
Your Favorite Weather: sunny
Your Favorite Book: life stories

TheLast Thing You Ate: nasi kerabu
Your Life: great
Your Mood: sleepy
Favorite article of clothing: cotton
Favorite color: blue
School: mrsm
Song: versatile

April 23, 2007

a meeting

yesterday there was a meeting
a very important meeting

well, the meeting was held at my house
ija, arina and dyna attended

what is the meeting all about???
oh yeah...all about diet n health.

it was funny when it was the time for evaluation.
cause you can know what is ur real age according to the health that u r in.
huhuhu...it was a shocking news to all of us.

how did this meeting set up in da first place???
well, it all started with arina.
her sis wants to try but dont know anything.
so she asked me to asked my friend dyna.
then the next thing i know is that the meeting is set up already.
ehehe.i invited ija along coz she also wanted to see what it's all about.

okay. so i'm the lab rat --> this is according to ija n arina.
i will try to use it and see what happens.
if it works, then they will use it.
so let's find out...

nway i havent started the program yet coz i'll be on holiday.
so after the hols will i only start.
wish me luck...

i told faiz about it...
this is what he said:

me: ade meeting ngan dyna, ija, n arina tadi..
faiz: psal ape?
me: ehem..psal this health stuff...
faiz: health???diet is it???
me: kinda ehehe...herbalife thing..many tried already and it works..
faiz: huhuhu..how much??
me: uwaaaa...dont ask...huhuhu
faiz: huhuhu...ni br keje..blom kawin lagi...nnt dah kawin lagi byk benda2 ni tau..huhuhu
me: (laughing)
faiz: okay..xpe..just try..maybe it works..eheheh ==>(trying so hard to believe that it will work)

so now, i have to prove to faiz, ija n arina that it works.

to dyna..please make sure it works...huhuhu...n thanks for comin to my house..it was great seeing u!!!

to faiz: all da best in edx, interview and tests. sy tau baby leh wat.jgn tension2 kay. i love you.

to ija n arina: nnt if berkesan korg kena gune tau..

to arina: make sure kakak awk beli...ehehe...

April 19, 2007


am permanent here already.
just got da letter.

ehe.my supervisor is happy about my work..
huhuhu...like i've done anything...
no la...byk dah blaja dlm ms probation ni.
a lot of new stuff.

well...i hope that i'll have fun doing this work.
all da best to me.

define LOVE

i've been tag by dina..

it's all about love baby..

i have to define love in my own words..hmmm..

it's the feeling of concern n care towards livings or non-livings
it's the feeling of likeness
it comes from GOD
some people says that it starts with the eye and falls down to your heart..that's how you feel it.
it makes the world a peaceful place and nicer place to live in.

sometimes love can be negative
it can create trouble
it can cause hate
it can give you sins
it can cause the world to start world war III
and love hurts...
i think i've heard this from a song..am not quite sure..
my momma say don't play with love
love is a dangerous thing..lalala...
so that's what i think...what do u think love is???
let me tag ija for it...

April 18, 2007

congrats rumet~~~

i forgot

to my rumet...


love ya!!!

busy + tiring + fun

last weekend was pretty hectic for me.
i didn't stay much at home.

i spend the night at syatul's + teh's + deq's house in tmn melati.
it was a whole lotta fun.
it feels just like the good old days in utp.
just hanging out with ur mates.

we end up sleeping at 3 in da morning bcoz of gossipin n stuff.
but we woke up early at 7 bcoz syatul, ija n i was hungry.
so went down to buy bfast and ate.
then we waited for fiena to arrive.
kesian kat teh..she has to wake up early bcoz of us. huhu. sorry teh.

in da afternoon we head out. first plan was to go to jusco wangsa maju.
x jd...then plan nak gi bts...pun x jd.then plan gi lowyat...almost jd half way.
well we end up in klcc. huhuhu...fiena wanted to go a digi's booth so we stopped at klcc.
while waiting for her...the rest of us waoted down in the putra station. then tired of waitin, we decided to just hang out here, klcc.
huhuhu..of all the place.....

we had lunch at avenue k.
then jln2 there.
syatul went up to da office to get the bags but end up coming down with 2 cups of choc-o-cino and nescafe.

after we all arrived safely at home, my dad called.
die ajak kuar mlm ni. nak gi ps.me being da good daughter said yes even though was tired.
after maghrib we all went out.

on a lovely sunday, i spend my day running around with errands.
here, there, every where.oh macdonald had a farm iya iya yo.....

nite when out for dinner at usual place...cozy corner ampang park.
then went to titiwangsa.
aziq n me went on eye on malaysia.
it was nice. seven rounds.the scenery okla...my office has a better view of kl though.
my advice to those planning to go to titiwangsa...bring ur own food n drink.

April 10, 2007

2 months

now i'm goin into my 2nd month here.
i'm getting used to having nothing to do.
lame lg ke kene tggu nak ade keje.
sume org kata better enjoy it while you can.
soon u'll have no time for urself and work will be at the highest rank.
so i'll just have to enjoy it for the time being.

my friend, ija, finally got a place at PET. congratulations dear!
now we can have lunch together.ehe.
and now u'll get the chance to finally feel the working world.

another friend of mine is still waiting for this to come true.
i pity her.
because of this, she has lost her confidence and just shutting herself from the world.

to my dearest friend,
i hope you have faith and be patience
i know there's a place for you out there but it's taking its own sweet time to get to you.
gain back ur confidence and don't feel sad.
take away the frown and tears from ur face.
i'll pray for you my dearie..

next week, fatin will be joining us.
keje leklok kay fatin.jgn nk tgk org je.
all da best to you!!

fiena is moving to shah alam.
good for her.
senang ckit nk gi keje.
nnt kite jumpe kay fiena..

syatul is happy here.
keep talking about how she's looking foward to the meeting with the handsome guy.
yesterday she called asking me for help.
bile leh kite gi mkn ayam sedap tuh???
kempunan la..ehe.

my dear guy is struggling with his projects.
this is the time that he is so vulnerable and sensitive.
so i have to be the strong one now.
don't worry baby..i'll try my best to be there when u need me.
take it easy and don't be too stress kay.
if stress, gi swimming with ur new goggle...nice one!!
be good there and please do eat.

bile nak ade cuti ni?
i'm looking foward to go to the family holiday.
far away from this busy city and closer to nature..haih~~~~
lame lagi la.....uhuhuhu..

sape nak tgk cite jgn pandang belakang with me??
rumet??jomla..xde sape yg nk tgk.awk je yg bole tgk...uhuhuhu..

tonite is the tenants nite at convention center.
if you see people dressed up in 70's, well they are goin to the party.
back to the oldies~~~~retro style...
i wanted to go but got no one to go with.
and another thing is...what to wear????

oooo..my aunt n uncle moved to rawang.
nice house with a creek behind.
very peaceful~~~

April 02, 2007

early bday celebration~~

last saturday i went out with my baby.
da reason is clearly to celebrate his bday and buy him his present.
i need him to follow coz i hv no idea what to buy for him.
we planned to go out at 11a.m but hv to go a lil bit late coz i hv to prepare lunch.
my parent went out so kesian nnt kat my bros if they blk lmbt, nnt my bros xde pepe for lunch.

in da car br kiteorg decide where to go.
at first igt nk gi midval but then mls sbb rase cam jauh.
so o.u la. tmpt fav kiteorg.hihihi..senang it's all there.
the thing that's weird on that day was the road was clear. i mean in a sense that there was no traffic. we even made a stop tp ttdi to go to the bank.
so okla kn. pegi bank tp xleh nk amik duit cz bank br nk isi duit. so kluar kat o.u je la.(actually mls nk kluar duit kat o.u cz the queue is long)

smpi o.u gi bank.
then gi studio r. he wants vans shoe. so pegi tp xde yg menarik.
then gi royal sporting house. no vans at all.
then die kata xpela...kasut converse la. so gi converse. still xde yg menarik.
so biar la.meanwhile die pk ape die nk, i did my window shopping. but then it turned out to be shopping.ehehhee.
got myself an elle jacket..and shoes...
best2..jacket yg sgt best.hihi.kasut yg biase je.tp comfy.

finally he figured out what he wants...

"perfume pun ok gak kn baby?"
"ok jom gi try mn yg baby suke"

after stinging our noses with variety of scent..he finally chose guess.
it's a freshing smell..nice. i oso like.
baby simpan kotak tu ek..i wanna it.hihihi.

then gi lunch.die blanje.ehehe.
sedap..mkn smpi x larat nk jln..huhuhu.
after shopping for some groceries, we then head back home.

smpi2 umah, my brother ckp my dad nk jumpe.
aiyokk...x sempat nk rest.
so mandi2 then siap2.
the rest of the nyte was talking to my dad n my bro..balik umah kul 3a.m
trus tdo...esk pagi bgn kul 10..hihihihi...

sunday i spend at home since dah kluar da whole day yesterday.

ooo..i forgot to mention..i took my mom n my bros to metro prima on friday. i drove.ehehe.
sume balik umah dlm keadaan yg slmat.