April 10, 2007

2 months

now i'm goin into my 2nd month here.
i'm getting used to having nothing to do.
lame lg ke kene tggu nak ade keje.
sume org kata better enjoy it while you can.
soon u'll have no time for urself and work will be at the highest rank.
so i'll just have to enjoy it for the time being.

my friend, ija, finally got a place at PET. congratulations dear!
now we can have lunch together.ehe.
and now u'll get the chance to finally feel the working world.

another friend of mine is still waiting for this to come true.
i pity her.
because of this, she has lost her confidence and just shutting herself from the world.

to my dearest friend,
i hope you have faith and be patience
i know there's a place for you out there but it's taking its own sweet time to get to you.
gain back ur confidence and don't feel sad.
take away the frown and tears from ur face.
i'll pray for you my dearie..

next week, fatin will be joining us.
keje leklok kay fatin.jgn nk tgk org je.
all da best to you!!

fiena is moving to shah alam.
good for her.
senang ckit nk gi keje.
nnt kite jumpe kay fiena..

syatul is happy here.
keep talking about how she's looking foward to the meeting with the handsome guy.
yesterday she called asking me for help.
bile leh kite gi mkn ayam sedap tuh???
kempunan la..ehe.

my dear guy is struggling with his projects.
this is the time that he is so vulnerable and sensitive.
so i have to be the strong one now.
don't worry baby..i'll try my best to be there when u need me.
take it easy and don't be too stress kay.
if stress, gi swimming with ur new goggle...nice one!!
be good there and please do eat.

bile nak ade cuti ni?
i'm looking foward to go to the family holiday.
far away from this busy city and closer to nature..haih~~~~
lame lagi la.....uhuhuhu..

sape nak tgk cite jgn pandang belakang with me??
rumet??jomla..xde sape yg nk tgk.awk je yg bole tgk...uhuhuhu..

tonite is the tenants nite at convention center.
if you see people dressed up in 70's, well they are goin to the party.
back to the oldies~~~~retro style...
i wanted to go but got no one to go with.
and another thing is...what to wear????

oooo..my aunt n uncle moved to rawang.
nice house with a creek behind.
very peaceful~~~

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dYnA said...

bEst nYer AdE kEjE stAbLe Cam u.
nOt LikE mE.. oTak pOn x stAbLe..