April 18, 2007

busy + tiring + fun

last weekend was pretty hectic for me.
i didn't stay much at home.

i spend the night at syatul's + teh's + deq's house in tmn melati.
it was a whole lotta fun.
it feels just like the good old days in utp.
just hanging out with ur mates.

we end up sleeping at 3 in da morning bcoz of gossipin n stuff.
but we woke up early at 7 bcoz syatul, ija n i was hungry.
so went down to buy bfast and ate.
then we waited for fiena to arrive.
kesian kat teh..she has to wake up early bcoz of us. huhu. sorry teh.

in da afternoon we head out. first plan was to go to jusco wangsa maju.
x jd...then plan nak gi bts...pun x jd.then plan gi lowyat...almost jd half way.
well we end up in klcc. huhuhu...fiena wanted to go a digi's booth so we stopped at klcc.
while waiting for her...the rest of us waoted down in the putra station. then tired of waitin, we decided to just hang out here, klcc.
huhuhu..of all the place.....

we had lunch at avenue k.
then jln2 there.
syatul went up to da office to get the bags but end up coming down with 2 cups of choc-o-cino and nescafe.

after we all arrived safely at home, my dad called.
die ajak kuar mlm ni. nak gi ps.me being da good daughter said yes even though was tired.
after maghrib we all went out.

on a lovely sunday, i spend my day running around with errands.
here, there, every where.oh macdonald had a farm iya iya yo.....

nite when out for dinner at usual place...cozy corner ampang park.
then went to titiwangsa.
aziq n me went on eye on malaysia.
it was nice. seven rounds.the scenery okla...my office has a better view of kl though.
my advice to those planning to go to titiwangsa...bring ur own food n drink.

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