April 19, 2007

define LOVE

i've been tag by dina..

it's all about love baby..

i have to define love in my own words..hmmm..

it's the feeling of concern n care towards livings or non-livings
it's the feeling of likeness
it comes from GOD
some people says that it starts with the eye and falls down to your heart..that's how you feel it.
it makes the world a peaceful place and nicer place to live in.

sometimes love can be negative
it can create trouble
it can cause hate
it can give you sins
it can cause the world to start world war III
and love hurts...
i think i've heard this from a song..am not quite sure..
my momma say don't play with love
love is a dangerous thing..lalala...
so that's what i think...what do u think love is???
let me tag ija for it...


dYnA said...

it'S a vErY LonG dEfiNitiOn oF LoVe!
tHat iS tRuE tHo!

SaRaH said...

ehe...tu la psal..tetibe byk idea.huhu.