April 02, 2007

early bday celebration~~

last saturday i went out with my baby.
da reason is clearly to celebrate his bday and buy him his present.
i need him to follow coz i hv no idea what to buy for him.
we planned to go out at 11a.m but hv to go a lil bit late coz i hv to prepare lunch.
my parent went out so kesian nnt kat my bros if they blk lmbt, nnt my bros xde pepe for lunch.

in da car br kiteorg decide where to go.
at first igt nk gi midval but then mls sbb rase cam jauh.
so o.u la. tmpt fav kiteorg.hihihi..senang it's all there.
the thing that's weird on that day was the road was clear. i mean in a sense that there was no traffic. we even made a stop tp ttdi to go to the bank.
so okla kn. pegi bank tp xleh nk amik duit cz bank br nk isi duit. so kluar kat o.u je la.(actually mls nk kluar duit kat o.u cz the queue is long)

smpi o.u gi bank.
then gi studio r. he wants vans shoe. so pegi tp xde yg menarik.
then gi royal sporting house. no vans at all.
then die kata xpela...kasut converse la. so gi converse. still xde yg menarik.
so biar la.meanwhile die pk ape die nk, i did my window shopping. but then it turned out to be shopping.ehehhee.
got myself an elle jacket..and shoes...
best2..jacket yg sgt best.hihi.kasut yg biase je.tp comfy.

finally he figured out what he wants...

"perfume pun ok gak kn baby?"
"ok jom gi try mn yg baby suke"

after stinging our noses with variety of scent..he finally chose guess.
it's a freshing smell..nice. i oso like.
baby simpan kotak tu ek..i wanna it.hihihi.

then gi lunch.die blanje.ehehe.
sedap..mkn smpi x larat nk jln..huhuhu.
after shopping for some groceries, we then head back home.

smpi2 umah, my brother ckp my dad nk jumpe.
aiyokk...x sempat nk rest.
so mandi2 then siap2.
the rest of the nyte was talking to my dad n my bro..balik umah kul 3a.m
trus tdo...esk pagi bgn kul 10..hihihihi...

sunday i spend at home since dah kluar da whole day yesterday.

ooo..i forgot to mention..i took my mom n my bros to metro prima on friday. i drove.ehehe.
sume balik umah dlm keadaan yg slmat.


msApple said...

waa die dh bwk kete dh... bagus2... nanti leh aa bwk gi jln2.. sian sy takde kete... tak reti bwk kete

SaRaH said...

ehe..bole2.elh awk ade kete n awk leh je bwk..awk kn dah bwk sy gi jln2 aritu. =)