April 23, 2007

a meeting

yesterday there was a meeting
a very important meeting

well, the meeting was held at my house
ija, arina and dyna attended

what is the meeting all about???
oh yeah...all about diet n health.

it was funny when it was the time for evaluation.
cause you can know what is ur real age according to the health that u r in.
huhuhu...it was a shocking news to all of us.

how did this meeting set up in da first place???
well, it all started with arina.
her sis wants to try but dont know anything.
so she asked me to asked my friend dyna.
then the next thing i know is that the meeting is set up already.
ehehe.i invited ija along coz she also wanted to see what it's all about.

okay. so i'm the lab rat --> this is according to ija n arina.
i will try to use it and see what happens.
if it works, then they will use it.
so let's find out...

nway i havent started the program yet coz i'll be on holiday.
so after the hols will i only start.
wish me luck...

i told faiz about it...
this is what he said:

me: ade meeting ngan dyna, ija, n arina tadi..
faiz: psal ape?
me: ehem..psal this health stuff...
faiz: health???diet is it???
me: kinda ehehe...herbalife thing..many tried already and it works..
faiz: huhuhu..how much??
me: uwaaaa...dont ask...huhuhu
faiz: huhuhu...ni br keje..blom kawin lagi...nnt dah kawin lagi byk benda2 ni tau..huhuhu
me: (laughing)
faiz: okay..xpe..just try..maybe it works..eheheh ==>(trying so hard to believe that it will work)

so now, i have to prove to faiz, ija n arina that it works.

to dyna..please make sure it works...huhuhu...n thanks for comin to my house..it was great seeing u!!!

to faiz: all da best in edx, interview and tests. sy tau baby leh wat.jgn tension2 kay. i love you.

to ija n arina: nnt if berkesan korg kena gune tau..

to arina: make sure kakak awk beli...ehehe...


dYnA said...

iT wiLL wOrK iF u dO aS i SaY,
n bE diSpLin oK dEaR.

iNfOrM mE aS LonG aS u gEt stArted.
NicE mEeTiNg yOu tOo dEaR!
we'LL bE SeEiNg eAcH othEr oFtEn =)

SaRaH said...

i'll try my best to follow ur advice.