May 31, 2007

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gamba je

arina's bag bought in Nilai

the butterflies

my burnt fish fillet

arina's nasi ayam with nasi lemak

May 29, 2007

the craziness early in da morning

today i was hoping that it would be a good day. seeing the sun shining brightly so ever, birds singing sweetly their melody, not stuck in traffic. everything went so smoothly until i arrived at PUTRA.

"oh..banyak nye people arini..", i said to myself. as i started to go down the escalator. from the view up here, i can see people lining up.
"oooo..ramai nye org nak beli tiket arini", again talking to myself. as the escalator moved towards the end, only i see the truth. people were gathering and no one was allowed to go down.
"lame nye!!!nape lame sgt ni????"these are the words that kept repeating in my head.
"penumpang ke kelana jaya saja sile turun ke bawah", shouted the pakcik PUTRA.
"knape kelana jaya???mn tren nak gi klcc???", asking myself again. i feel like a crazy gal talking to myself again and again.

i looked at my watch,'s 8.15 already.kejap lagi kot smpi.hatiku berbisik.

"sesiape yg hendak ke KLCC dan ade urusan penting, sile amik alternatif lain." again, pakcik PUTRA shouted.

eee...nak naik bas ke?camne nak naik bas dr cni? so i asked the pakcik PUTRA.
"alamak adik, pakcik pun x sure la. if nak naik bas kena gi kat HSBC pakcik xtau la if bas tu gi KLCC ke x.", he explained.

oooo..then how????again the announcement for passengers to kelana jaya can go thru.
xpela..tggu je la...kejap je lagi okla tuh..
another announcement for kelena jaya on air.
byk nye tren dr sane? tp nape tade tren belah cni?

finally at 8.45, i heard the announcement for KLCC passengers to go down..

YAHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tren dah smpi...nasib x amik cuti.if x rugi je.ehehehe.
turun2 igt bole naik..rupe2nye kena beratur lagi.
tggu la lagi.....
ooo...tren dah sampi...yay!!naik2...aaaaaaa..ade tmpt duduk.duduk la.letey diri lame2 td.

and finally at 9, i slmat smpi opis sy. dahaga yg amat..minum air satu botol smpi abis.ehehehe..

what other surprises would there be throughout the day???

que sera, sera,
the future is not for us to see,
que sera, sera....

again hoping everything would be fine...and
just pray that everything else would be fine for my family and friends........

~~the end~~

May 28, 2007

~~all da best~~


all da best in ur last exam...
wat leklok kay..jgn lupe bace doa and all.
i know sayang leh score dis sem.
dean's list nnt i blanje always.
i love you....

shopping fair

on saturday my roomate n i went out. even on a tight budget.
the actual plan was to go to nilai 3 only and buy her bro's wedding stuff. but as expected, when both of us go out, the plans changes.hehehe.after seeing almost every shop in nilai, we headed to O.U. we were window shopping till we drop.ehehe.

So we headed to Nilai around 11 or so and arrived at 1. it was raining so it wasn't really hot and nice to shop. we stopped at almost every shop there is in Nilai. we don't actually know what to buy except for the wedding stuff. after like going to a few shops, we stopped for lunch at marrybrown ==> it was like the most happenin and interesting food there was. i order a fish burger while my roomate ordered chicken rice.GUESS what??? my roomate's chicken rice was served with nasi lemak weird.pelik kan makan nasi lemak ngan sup?????eeeee....and for me, i got a burnt fish fillet..huhuhu...very crunchy.(rumet bgla gmba food tuh nnt leh ltk dlm ni)lepas dah kenyang(not really) so we went to the shop where we wanted to buy the stuff. nasib la cukup benda tu.cukup 100. kiteorg jadi cam pekerja kat kedai tu sbb siap dok bersile and cek satu2 benda yg nak beli tuh.dah settle ngan brg tuh gi round2 Nilai lagi. so what stuff that we bought's the list:

1. beg yg besar and cantik
2. alas mug (wood)
3. butterfly warna pink
4. slipper/sandal

1. alas mug (wood)
2. mr. bean pyjamas for my bro (it turns out to be small so gonna give to my nephew instead)
3. butterfly warna yellow
4. a lil vase for mama

bile dah abis ngan nilai, kiteorg headed for O.U. arina nak beli sandal utk gi Kerteh nnt.ehehe.
smpi O.U dlm kul 4 lebey. ramai nye org..huhuhu..nasib dapat gak parking. so jalan2 tgk sandal kat HP. pastu tgk price..hmm..okay.affordable.hahahha..=>sounds familiar x eija and arina???
then jalan2 lagi.round2. tgk magic makan(x lalu mkn maybe sbb letey kot). beratur utk beli tiket muvi tp bile dah kat counter tgk seat yg available sume x best so x jadi beli.hahaha...
akhirnye kami pulang at 10. and here's what we bought:

1. HP sandal brown in colour(very nice)

1. a backpack(sale- great deal)

2. grapes (nak bwk gi umah cousin)
3. soyrich (bekalan utk hl minggu ini)

so that was the day.balik mmg flat. x mampu nak wat pepe slain mandi n tdo.hihihi.

Sunday, byk gi wedding. pastu gi umah cousin in PJ.makanan kat sane sedap!!!!! i like...ehehe.
mlm kuar gi beli brg dapur.ramai sgt org kat carrefour.pening kpala.ehe.

monday: back to work. boss ckp today..ehe. and i got a lil kangaroo with a boomerang from australia...comel sgt!!!!thanks sya!!! =D

quiz ==>tagged by eija

Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following…

They must be REAL places, names, things…NOTHING made up!If you can’t think of anything, skip it.Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial.You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your name: Maisarah

1. Famous Athlete: Makelele
2. 4 letter word: Mata
3. Street name: McLean Avenue
4. Color: Maroon
5. Gifts/presents: Money $$$$$$
6. Vehicles: Mitsubishi
7. Tropical Locations: Malawi Lake
8. College Majors: Mechanical Engineering
9. Dairy Products: Milk
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Monkey ==> stuffed animals
11. Boy Name: Malique
12. Girl Name: Melissa
13. Movie Titles: Man of the House
14. Alcohol: Martini
15. Occupations: Managing Consultant
16. Flowers: Mawar
17. Celebrities: Madonna
18. Magazines: Media
19. Malaysia Cities: Muar
20. Pro Sports Teams: Manchester United
21. Something Found in a kitchen: Mango
22. Reason for Being Late (or dead) : Mati
23. Something You Throw Away: Milk(yg dan expire)
24. Things You Shout: Man..
25. Cartoon Character: MeteorMan
26. Tag, you are it !: Azani, Ainul

May 23, 2007

emotionally bored

just came back from lunch at A&W.
alhamdulillah kenyang.
lunch with eija, arina n azra.
while eating saw ms. of our lecturer back then.
she noticed us. i think she didn't remember me much cause i only attend her lectures once because she was replacing ms.zu.i guess she remembers eija n arina.glamour la lecturer knal.ekeke...mesti dieorg wat hal mase class dulu.ehehe.
sakit perut plak dah.
smlm pun sakit perut.arini lagi skali?

just want to say sumthing that's in my head..
if you want to ignore me, please do.i don't mind.
you don't have to pretend to be busy while you are not.
it's annoying aite.
today is your day but one day it will be mine.and i'm gonna make sure you deserve the worst.
then we will see, how you feel and how i used to feel.
a glorious day for me and a whole lotta s*** for you.

ehe.mesti org tgh wonder who da heck am i pissed of at..ehe.
lala.let's just keep it a secret. and it's mine.even the person i'm pissed off at doesn't know.hahah.

actually i'm not an avenger.but this person has crossed the limits of my tolerance and patience.
and i think this is one of the way to release my anger.

why don't i settle this face to face?
i know the person will try to change the subject and pretends to be innocent and nice.
let's not make a big deal out of's the normal sentence i will hear..and it goes yada..yada...yada again and puff...all gone.back to normal as if nothing happened.
well...for your information..u do not know how it feels like because i never do that to u..

ok..need to reply eija nye email.looks like important.ehe.
my roomate senyap je..xde email pun dr die.mesti die dah tdo..ehehe.

ooo..did i mention about my house got robbed.
and guess what is robbed????
all our shoes.since the robber can't get in they robbed our shoes..
huhu..all gone...
bye2 reebok
bye2 umbro
bye2 timberland
bye2 adidas
bye2 nike

well for one thing i know, my lil bro is happy cause he's been waiting to get a new one..
lucky him..

another thing..i have a lot of weddings to attend in JUNE.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....makan banyak..abisla..eheheh.

May 19, 2007

the sumo n the cap

today my guy n i went out for a movie date.
it's been awhile since we watched movie together.
but this time, it's a bit different. we watched sumo-lah.
a malaysian film by afdlin shauki. okay i heard that people don't want to see this movie but i think they're worng. the time that we went, the movie was almost a full house.and not only malays watched it but there are chinese as well as who said that cite ni x laku???
to my friends, go see's funny.

this's hillarious, it's full with culture and tradition, lots of moral stories in it.
my rating for it 4/5.
somehow after watching this movie, u'll get new knowledge...which is on sumo.
you know, i always thought that sumo was only for big people but after seeing this movie, even small people play it. it's interesting to see the small guys defeat the big guys.
besides that, u can also learn few words in that i picked up is nokotta!!!!
in a sumo game, u shout nokotta to tell the sumo wrestler that he's still in the ring...another one i think it's oosh..huhu..not so sure.
haih..see how much you can learn from watching this movie???ehe.nway i enjoyed it and i laughed my butt out during the show.

well..since we laughed and laughed and laughed..guess what happened after the show??
we forgot the cap that my guy bought.huhuhu. we only realized bout it when we were almost at my house.huhuhu.cian la...
i told him to go back and get it but he said nevermind.huhu..i feel so bad.
dah la mase singgah converse tuh byk plak kasut yg berkenan di hati...aritu mase bday baby x byk choice..huhuh..i like the brown with red line.damn nice.the black n green is damn cool.ehehhe.saba je la..

baby thanks for taking me out today. i really had fun!!
bile next movie date kite???ehehhe....

May 17, 2007

at last it's over for now

dear all,

finally all pening2 kpala is gone. i finally settle my probs.yay!!!!
i xtau pun that it was goin to be this hard.
nway am glad that it's over. now i can enjoy my life back.ehe.

smlm kluar ngan my sgt dpt jumpe die setelah sekian lame x jumpe. makin comel.suke2!!!
smlm dinner sedap.
thanks syg blanje me smlm.
lauk ape paling sedap???ehehe..sotong msk kicap!!!nyummmy!!!
lapa la..nak mkn lagi ngan baby.dah lame x mkn same2..rindu....ehehe.
since sy x yah gi dis week, jom tgk movie nak x baby?
ehehe.lame x tgk kan?
later i call you n see if can or not.

smlm my rumet nye 1st day.
die dah ade kwn kat sane so okay la.
she's not alone.
nway all da best rumet.semoga awk bahagia.ehe.
smlm mkn lunch ngan die.waited for eija x dtg2.huhuhu.her short discussion turns out to be a long's ok eija.i forgive u.lain kali bwk hp skali ek.
smlm mkn nasi lemak.adesss..sedap nye...eheheh.ayam die sedap sgt.

i keep saying sedap rite?
i'm actuallu hungry skang..waiting for the clock to show's tickin ever so slowly...
saba sarah..saba...hehehe.
perut dah nyanyi2 lagi.let's sing along to

boy..terkejut sy sekejap.

chief=>pegi makan?
me=>kejap lagi. pukul 1.
chief=> i understand only 1..
me=>later at 1.
chief=> ok.bagus.
me=>aite.yes.bagus. conversation with chief.ehehe.aka my boss.he's gettin good with his BM. and that means we can't talk bad in front of him anymore..coz he understand..huhuhu.. kul 1234..lame nye lagi...
saba sarah.saba.

the end.

May 07, 2007

monday blues~~

i'm havin monday blues
ooo..monday blues..
lalala monday blues..

i think got a song for it...erm..stormy monday blues??

to start off the lazy monday,
i turned off the alarm thinking that it was still sunday.
then suddenly bang! bang! on the door...
"xnk gi keje ke???"
"huh??keje??cuti kan??arghh"
lazily i dragged my butt off the bed and head towards the toilet.

tp arini x gi opis pg..instead pegi jabatan imigresen negara wangsa maju.
i like the service there.
nice..relaxing..the people there very helpful and friendly.
making me feel like it's a good day today.ehe.
again nice service..
i thought i need to wait a few days but u can get ur passport within the same day.
only have to wait 1 hour.
very convienient..<==mcm pelik je ejaan nih..sure salah. tp mls nak cek.
after gettin passport gi opis.
Smiley courtesy of
settlekn sume benda yg perlu di settle.
ooo..on saturday i drove all the way to sogo k.l.
really proud of myself for being brave.ehe.
then on sunday..i drove to sunway batu caves.
again proud of myself.
hahah..but i still fail parking.huhu.
x reti la nak agak.truk xpe la.
i'm still learning.

May 03, 2007

i like thhis

fossil "allie" mini wallet

fossil watch

w610i sony ericsson

gosh..i'm like a fossil freak now...aaaa...the bags are soooo damn nice...

natural beauty heh??

You Are a Natural Beauty!
You're the kind of beauty that every guy dreams about...One that looks good in the morning - without a stich of makeupThat's doesn't mean you're a total hippie chic thoughYou have style, but for you, style is effortless


what a long day today.
i feel like the time is passing so slowly today.
help sleepy.
dunno what to do.
i want my bed here and my pillow and my bear...

last few days, i was on a holiday with my family.
yes..i went to langkawi again.
i like langkawi.
it's nice. very relaxing n i like da hotel we stayed in.

dis time around, i didnt get to much shoppin coz money constraint..
gaji x masuk lagi...camne nk shoppin..huhuhu.
i borrowed money from my parents but still no mood to shop cz not my own money.
i bought few chocs..and some stuff.
x mandi laut pun coz ade case org lemas.
so mandi pool je.

on da way back singgah padang besar.
panas gile...x shopping sgt.
beli kemeja 2 helai...i need sluar bkn baju..huhuh.

happy belated bday to my baby.
i love you sayang...gado2 pun baik balik.
i miss you...bile nk blk kl??

smlm dok umah je.
letey holiday x abis lg.
tgk tv..tdo n mkn.

arini diet start.
am taking hl today.
for bfast n dinner.
wish me luck.
hope i can discipline myself.

arini ija stat keje.
all da best. same tower as i am.
tp die kat bwh je...senang hidup die..xyah naik tinggi2.

arini my dept ade 2 org je kat opis. yg lain training, on site, travelling...
so bored.x tau nak watpe.
rase cam nk tdo je..cepat la kul 5...nak blk.
my tmpt arini panas la..
mr. sun arini shine kat tmpt sy.
die dtg melawat sy.ehehe.
heloo mr.sun.

sy xde keje jd sy main phone.
geram tul asyik kuar you have voicemail je.
tp bile cek xde pun..huhu..
mesti org sblm ni punye.

n liverpool menang aritu...
cian to m.u
kalah smlm.
xpela nak wat camne.
cian to my boo coz stayed up tgk..huhu..mesti die seday.
huhu...skang ni die tgh tdo..aaaa..bestnye tdo...