May 17, 2007

at last it's over for now

dear all,

finally all pening2 kpala is gone. i finally settle my probs.yay!!!!
i xtau pun that it was goin to be this hard.
nway am glad that it's over. now i can enjoy my life back.ehe.

smlm kluar ngan my sgt dpt jumpe die setelah sekian lame x jumpe. makin comel.suke2!!!
smlm dinner sedap.
thanks syg blanje me smlm.
lauk ape paling sedap???ehehe..sotong msk kicap!!!nyummmy!!!
lapa la..nak mkn lagi ngan baby.dah lame x mkn same2..rindu....ehehe.
since sy x yah gi dis week, jom tgk movie nak x baby?
ehehe.lame x tgk kan?
later i call you n see if can or not.

smlm my rumet nye 1st day.
die dah ade kwn kat sane so okay la.
she's not alone.
nway all da best rumet.semoga awk bahagia.ehe.
smlm mkn lunch ngan die.waited for eija x dtg2.huhuhu.her short discussion turns out to be a long's ok eija.i forgive u.lain kali bwk hp skali ek.
smlm mkn nasi lemak.adesss..sedap nye...eheheh.ayam die sedap sgt.

i keep saying sedap rite?
i'm actuallu hungry skang..waiting for the clock to show's tickin ever so slowly...
saba sarah..saba...hehehe.
perut dah nyanyi2 lagi.let's sing along to

boy..terkejut sy sekejap.

chief=>pegi makan?
me=>kejap lagi. pukul 1.
chief=> i understand only 1..
me=>later at 1.
chief=> ok.bagus.
me=>aite.yes.bagus. conversation with chief.ehehe.aka my boss.he's gettin good with his BM. and that means we can't talk bad in front of him anymore..coz he understand..huhuhu.. kul 1234..lame nye lagi...
saba sarah.saba.

the end.

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