May 23, 2007

emotionally bored

just came back from lunch at A&W.
alhamdulillah kenyang.
lunch with eija, arina n azra.
while eating saw ms. of our lecturer back then.
she noticed us. i think she didn't remember me much cause i only attend her lectures once because she was replacing ms.zu.i guess she remembers eija n arina.glamour la lecturer knal.ekeke...mesti dieorg wat hal mase class dulu.ehehe.
sakit perut plak dah.
smlm pun sakit perut.arini lagi skali?

just want to say sumthing that's in my head..
if you want to ignore me, please do.i don't mind.
you don't have to pretend to be busy while you are not.
it's annoying aite.
today is your day but one day it will be mine.and i'm gonna make sure you deserve the worst.
then we will see, how you feel and how i used to feel.
a glorious day for me and a whole lotta s*** for you.

ehe.mesti org tgh wonder who da heck am i pissed of at..ehe.
lala.let's just keep it a secret. and it's mine.even the person i'm pissed off at doesn't know.hahah.

actually i'm not an avenger.but this person has crossed the limits of my tolerance and patience.
and i think this is one of the way to release my anger.

why don't i settle this face to face?
i know the person will try to change the subject and pretends to be innocent and nice.
let's not make a big deal out of's the normal sentence i will hear..and it goes yada..yada...yada again and puff...all gone.back to normal as if nothing happened.
well...for your information..u do not know how it feels like because i never do that to u..

ok..need to reply eija nye email.looks like important.ehe.
my roomate senyap je..xde email pun dr die.mesti die dah tdo..ehehe.

ooo..did i mention about my house got robbed.
and guess what is robbed????
all our shoes.since the robber can't get in they robbed our shoes..
huhu..all gone...
bye2 reebok
bye2 umbro
bye2 timberland
bye2 adidas
bye2 nike

well for one thing i know, my lil bro is happy cause he's been waiting to get a new one..
lucky him..

another thing..i have a lot of weddings to attend in JUNE.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....makan banyak..abisla..eheheh.


dYnA said...

wiSh yOu CaN ComE WiTh uS tO MaLaCca...
mKn bYk xpE..jUst dOn'T LeAvE tO dRiNk yOu sHaKe :p hiHi...

SaRaH said...

huhu..wish i could come to..u guys have fun aite..ehehe..i'll remember your advice.

~ blossom ~ said...

erm..sape nye kenduri yer mai...???

SaRaH said...

blossom..kenduri crush aku dulu.wakaka..die nk kawin dah..